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MSDN Blogs 

Готовим ASP.NET5, выпуск №1 – поговорим про статический контент

Этой статьей я открываю авторскую колонку про технологии, секреты, советы и лучшие практики новой версии ASP.NET5. Платформа .NET стремительно движется к кроссплатформенности и ее веб-часть – ASP.NET – в том числе. Вы уже слышали и можете найти массу информации в сети и в том числе на Хабре о том, что .NET становится opensource, о выпуске новых версий и официальной поддержке .NET на OSX, Linux. Вм

Integrating Cortana in your Universal Windows App using Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft has introduced Cortana in 2014 Build Event. With just one year now Cortana has become one of the best personal assistance. Initially using Cortana the user can activate systems commands, but now using Cortana the user can activate any applications either by foreground or background voice command. In this blogs let’s see how to launch the universal windows app using Cortana.Let’s und

Cloud Computing and the SMB (Guest Blog)

Picture your business…now think about cloud computing…what are you thinking?___“Cloud computing’s designed for large corporates isn’t it?”…”Oh, no we don’t need cloud computing, we’re only a small business.”…”Cloud? Oh, no we couldn’t afford a big solution like that.” …_Right? Wrong.While it’s true that cloud computing is indeed a corporate grade solution, the beauty of it is that it ma

Azure Resource Manager Templates with Visual Studio 2015

This post will show you how to create an Azure Resource Manager template using Visual Studio 2015.BackgroundIn a previous post, I talked about Creating Dev and Test Environments with Windows PowerShell and showed how to create a virtual network with 3 subnets, and how to create 3 environments that each have 2 virtual machines in an availability set to each of the subnets.I got some hones

Post Event Download Links: TechTalk: Developing in Windows 10 and IoT Overview

About the EventThursday, July 2, at Microsoft in WallisellenThe Universal Windows Platform provides developers with a real opportunity to create meaningful, familiar, and tailored apps that run across a wide set of device families. To help with that, XAML UI took a big step forward in Windows 10 with new controls and new features to simplify tailoring app experiences across devices. In addi

Der perfekte Entwickler-PC – remote auf Azure

Acht Kerne, 28 GB RAM, 400 GB SSD? Klingt nicht schlecht! Wer ein MSDN Abo hat und im Zuge des Abos ein Freikontingent an Azure Rechenleistung bekommt, aber nicht weiß wohin damit, dem möchte ich mal folgende Idee ans Herz legen: Wie wäre es sich einfach einen "Traum-PC" in Azure als virtuelle Maschine zu konfigurieren? Dadurch hat man hat die Möglichkeit mit neuen/alternativen Betriebssystem

Sichere Verwahrung von kryptographischen Schlüsseln in Microsoft Azure

Kryptographische Schlüssel sind heutzutage extrem schützenswerte Güter. Nicht selten hängt die Reputation und Sicherheit von Firmen davon ab. Sei es, weil damit Softwarepakete signiert, Zertifikate innerhalb einer PKI erstellt oder sensible Informationen verschlüsselt werden. Die Frage ist also, wo diese sicherheitskritischen Schlüssel verwahrt werden sollten.Wer es mit der Sicherheit von Sch


[原文发表地址] 检查格式说明符 [原文发表时间] 2015/6/22 5:47PM 征询公众的要求, 我们已经在Visual Studio 2015 RTM 中 实现了关于printf/scanf 函数以及C 标准库中其他变体的相关传入参数的检查。您可以在我们的 在线编译 器中进行尝试。 摘要 在下面的列表中包含了我们引入的所有关于格式类型的警告: 状 态 等 级 序 号 内 容 打开 W1 C4473 '<function>' : 对于要求的格式化字符串而言,参数个数不够 打开 W3 C4474 '<function>' : 对于要求的格式化字符串而言,参数个数过多 打开 W3 C4475 '<function>...(read more)

Save the Date: Visual Studio 2015 lanseres 20.juli!

Datoen er klar, og vi gleder oss til Visual Studio 2015 endelig lanseres! Sammen med Team Foundation Server 2015 og .NET Framework 4.6 blir Visual Studio 2015 tilgjengelig for nedlastning 20.juli.   Visual Studio 2015 er en stor lansering. Vi åpner opp Visual Studio for utviklere som jobber mot andre plattformer. Alt fra kryssplattform mobil utvikling til iOS, Android og Windows til spillutvikling

Integrating Testing into the CI and CD pipelines

Tuesday we are doing a DevOps Lab for MSIT and wanted to streamline/tune the walk through for this internal audience. _In this lab, you will learn about the four of the five major DevOps Enablers: _*_Continuous Integration_ *_Continuous Deployment_ *_Continuous Testing _ *_Application Monitoring _ Testing in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment WorkflowsAt a high l

Setting up a continual deployment with Visual Studio Release Management

Tuesday we are doing a DevOps Lab for MSIT and wanted to streamline/tune the walk through for this internal audience. _In this lab, you will learn about the four of the five major DevOps Enablers: _*_Continuous Integration_ *_Continuous Deployment_ *_Continuous Testing _ *_Application Monitoring _ _This lab will be the second in that series-setting up Continuous Deployment using V

Continuous Integration Lab for MSIT

Tuesday we are doing a DevOps Lab for MSIT and wanted to streamline/tune the walk through for this internal audience. _In this lab, you will learn about the four of the five major DevOps Enablers: _*_Continuous Integration_ *_Continuous Deployment_ *_Continuous Testing _ *_Application Monitoring _ __Step 1. Getting started with the standard steps for getting started with GIT*

Cumulative Update 9 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has been released

Cumulative Update 9 includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.  The cumulative update includes hotfixes that apply to all countries and hotfixes specific to the following local versions:*  AU - Australia *  AT - Austria *  BE - Belgium *  CH – Switzerland *  CZ – Czech Republic *  DE - Germany

Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 新機能: Web API 開発者プレビュー その 12

みなさん、こんにちは。前回に引き続き Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 で提供される Web API 開発者プレビューを T4 テンプレートで作成したクライアント で利用する方法について紹介します。連載記事になるため以下の記事を 事前にご覧ください。Web API 開発者プレビュー その 1 Web API 開発者プレビュー その 2 Web API 開発者プレビュー その 10 Web API 開発者プレビュー その 11今回は T4 テンプレートで作成したクライアントを利用したレコードの 作成、更新、削除を紹介します。レコードの作成1. 前回作成した Visual Studio ソリューションを開き、Program.cs ファイルを開きます。新しく以下のメソッドを追加します。public void

MVVM VIII Uso de IValueConverter para la transformación de datos en las vistas

Siguiendo con la serie de post de MVVM en este post vamos a hablar de cómo trabajar con los convertidores de datos . Los convertidores de datos son elementos que nos permiten hacer cambios en la forma en que son presentados los elementos en la vista more...(read more)

Crea tu sistema de aprendizaje automático con Azure ML Studio

Si el mes pasado os contábamos cómo añadir paquetes de inteligencia a vuestras apps a través del proyecto Oxford, en esta ocasión vamos a ver cómo crear nuestros propios sistemas de aprendizaje utilizando la plataforma Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.El objetivo del aprendizaje automático es conseguir un algoritmo que a partir de un conjunto de datos pueda resolver un problema definido. Cuan

IntelliTest - One Test to rule them all

In traditional unit test suites, each test case represents an exemplary usage scenario, and the assertions embody the relationship between the input and output.  Verifying a few such scenarios might well be enough, but experienced developers know that bugs lurk even in well-tested code, when correct but untested inputs provoke wrong responses.Generating traditional unit testsIntelliTest ge

Azure Web Apps - 如何針對特定錯誤進行除錯

對於Azure Web Apps的使用者來說, Azure App Service Support 是我們的好朋友,還不知道該如何使用,請參考 這篇。若Azure Web Apps 持續出現特定錯誤,可利用Azure App Service Support 中的Analyze功能快速找到問題點:使用方式:先至Azure Portal - Web Apps - Diagnostics Logs - Failed Request Tracing 功能設定為[On]。圖一, 在Azure Portal中,將Web App的log功能開啟待問題重現後,訪問 Azure App Service Support site - Analyze - FREB Logs ,就可以找到對應錯誤log。圖二, Azure App Service Support site中

OpsMgr: Sample Object Health Dashboard with “RAINBOW Bar” Columns

This article features another sample dashboard that consist of a state widget with Rainbow Bar columns created from a custom column generator component. In each row, there is a monitored server object, the total number of its related monitoring objects, how many of these objects are in Critical state, Warning state, Healthy or Not Monitored.       I also added a book plug with this summary dash

如何針對 Azure Web App / Azure Websites 進行除錯

過去我們都會運用Azure Web KUDU console 進行問題排除或除錯,目前有更好的工具提供給Azure Web App 管理及開發人員: Azure App Service Support使用方式:訪問*若已經登入Azure Portal,則可以自動登入Azure App Service Support 網站。 *若尚未登入Azure Portal,則可以透過,進行登入。 圖一, 選擇要進行除錯的Web App功能一: 效能觀察目前有提供平均每秒訪問數量(Avg. Requests/sec) 及平均每秒伺

Surface 3 / Pro 3 の 2015 年 6 月ファームウェア更新プログラムが公開: Surface 3 版は初公開

こんにちは。Surface 法人向けサポート担当の岩松です。日本時間 6 月 24 日(米国時間 6 月 23 日)、 Surface 3 / Pro 3 の最新ファームウェア更新プログラムが公開されました。Surface 3 については、今回が初めてのファームウェア更新プログラムの配布になります。更新内容については、下記の公式サイトをご覧ください。Surface 3 update historySurface Pro 3 update historyまた、米国時間 6 月 26 日付けで、Surface 開発チームによるアップデート内容の解説が "Surface for ITPros" ブログにアップされています。June Firmware and Driver updates help you get more from your Surf


自分で「最近ちゃんとできないかもー」って反省の意味を込めて。まぁ、自分の周りにこのネタで何冊も本を出している人が何人もいるので、あまり書きたくないというネタですが、基本はたぶんそんなに変わっていないと思う。それぞれの人はその作り方、考え方をいろいろおしえてくれます。プレゼンテーションがうまくなる手順仕事からたくさんの人のプレゼンを見てきた。聞いてきた。自分も話した。その中でのエントリーレベルの人が本番を迎えるまでに、うまくなるために望ましいと思うプロセス。この環境にいることが難しいかもしれませんが。1.スライドの作り方の本1冊で学ぶ 2.まず作ってみる 3.話し方の本1冊で学ぶ 4.うまい人に聞いてもらってレビューしてもらう 5.直してみる 6.自分で録画して直してみる 7.うまい人に聞いてもらってレビューしてもらう 8.直してみる 9.普通の人

SharePoint Check Permissions on site permissions page works intermittently with SAML claims Auth..

Came Across an interesting situation , where when we use "Check Permissions" to find out permissions of user on a SharePoint site , it would Show as "None" & then work occasionally work without any changes being done to permissions in SharePoint or User account . This started happening after customer Implemented ADFS for SAML authentication on this Specific Web-application . Here is the scena

Speaking at Live! 360 Orlando

I’ll be speaking at Live! 360 Orlando, November 16-20. Surrounded by your fellow industry professionals, Live! 360 provides you with immediately usable training and education that will keep you relevant in the workforce. I’ll be presenting the following sessions: Windows 10 Deployment with Config Man OSD - Planning and Strategy Workshop: Application Deployment - The Configuration Manager Way SPECI

Certificates not visible in Server Certificates console of IIS 7/IIS 8 Manager

You are planning to deploy SSL certificate for your website. You go ahead and get the required certificates from the Certificate Authority (CA) and install it in the Local Machine store via Certificate Manager.Next, you go to Server Certificate feature to check for the installed certificate before you can bind the certificate with the website.But the Certificate you just installed is not s

修改域密码后对Windows Azure Pack 的影响和解决办法(虚拟机云)

在Windows Azure Pack (后简称WAP)的实际使用场景中我们无法避免的会遇到各种密码到期需要更改的情况。而在WAP的环境中又有许多的组件都依赖于域密码,那么究竟改动一次密码后会有多大影响我们来做一个测试。在我的测试环境中我使用BC-TEST\WAPadmin作为所有组件的管理员密码(包括:Admin Site ; SCVMM ; SPF ; Automation;SQL)在确保Windows Azure Pack 当前运行状态正常的前提下,我将WAPadmin的密码更改.(如下图)之后我再次登录和检查了WAP admin site , SCVMM admin Console ,SQL server都可以正常登录和使用,由此可见大部分的组件是支持和DC同步密码的。而问题主要出现在Automation(自动化) 组件上有报错。(如下图)尝试在Admi

Visual Studio 2015 讓 JavaScript 編輯器更威了!

想要在多種不同的平台上進行開發,像是 web、mobile app 和伺服器程式設計,JavaScript 可以說是相當重要的技術。在 Visual Studio 2013 上,我們已經支援 IntelliSense、查看定義、語法上色和 JavaScript 程式碼的格式化以及其他功能。這些功能我們都將帶到 Visual Studio 2015 上,另外,為了讓 JavaScript 開發人員可以有更好的開發體驗,我們針對以下三大關鍵領域做了強化:*在使用 JavaScript 函式庫時可以有更好的開發體驗 *AngularJS 1.x 和 RequireJS 的支援 *JSDoc 文件註解 *添加對新 JavaScript ECMAScript 2015 (也被稱為 ES2015 和以前的 ES6) 語言和 web 瀏覽器的 API 支援 *ECMASc

Connect Cloudera to Azure ML Hive Reader

Azure Machine Learning supports Hive as a data source using WebHCat API.  In this post, I will show you how to configure Cloudera to connect to Azure ML through WebHCat.  These steps have been verified on a Cloudera cluster created from Azure Marketplace.  If you don't already have a cluster, you can follow this blog post to deploy one.  We will use Cloudera Manager to configure the cluster.    

Updates to ASP.NET 5 yeoman generators for beta 5

Hi everyone the blog post below is written by Peter Blazejewicz, who is a core contributor to the yeoman generators for ASP.NET 5. Peter took care of the majority of the updates for beta 5. I hope you enjoy, please leave your thoughts below in the comments.Hi folks!This week marks the release of ASP.NET 5 Beta5 and the related update to Yeoman generator for ASP.NET 5! There are many new th

Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

_This post originally appeared on my old blog, dirtyDogStink, which has since been removed. I'm adding it here for reference purposes._Freakonomics _by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner_I could not believe how fast this book read. I started it last Thursday and finished it Saturday afternoon. Especially for a book on economics...I am completely astounded at how easy this was to read and com

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