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MSDN Blogs 

Nominate Today! Microsoft 2015 Partner of the Year Awards

Awards = Recognition, Prestige and OpportunityThis has to be one of my favourite times of the year, as this is when I hear all about the amazing work you have done with our mutual customers via your worldwide partner award submissions. I must admit that I am always in awe of how talented the Microsoft Australia Partner Ecosystem is.So, here is your opportunity to vie for awards that can sh

Updates to ASP.NET 5 yeoman generators for beta 3

Hi everyone, the blog post below is written by Shayne Boyer, who is a community member that has been working on the ASP.NET 5 yeoman generators. I hope you enjoy it. - SayedWith the most recent version of Visual Studio 2015 CTP, CTP 6 this past Monday, there were some great improvements not only in the IDE but also ASP.NET 5. See the article here from Jeff Fritz, or Introducing ASP.NET 5 on S

Daftar Submission Imagine Cup 2015 Indonesia

Halo rekan-rekan peserta Imagine Cup 2015 Indonesia! Terima kasih kepada rekan-rekan yang telah mengirimkan video sebelum batas waktu 28 Februari 2015 23:59 WIB. Berikut adalah daftar nama tim dan nama proyek yang kami terima sebelum batas waktu, lengkap dengan statusnya.Untuk tim yang video nya tidak bisa kami akses, harap mengecek kembali status permission/private dari video tersebut. Pasti

Facebook Login with Web Forms

One of the core functions of any modern app is the ability to leverage Social Authentication (also known as Social Login).  Social login is a form of single sign-on using existing login information from an identity provider such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft to sign into a third party website or app in lieu of creating a new login account specifically for that app.  The mechanism is

Creating your Azure Linux VM without a SSH cert

From a security standpoint configuring your Linux VM without a cert isn’t to secure, but at a hackathon simply using a user id and password is expedient.  How you setup a user id and password?  Don’t use the quick create as you won’t get this option, but instead use the gallery.  The images below will walk you through this process.If you want to configure your ssh cert look at this article: h

Problem Video Submission Imagine Cup 2015 Indonesia

Hi teman-teman pelajar, baru-baru ini saya mendapat banyak laporan dari peserta Imagine Cup mengenai kendala ketika akan submit project video untuk Imagine Cup 2015. Berikut ini saya akan jelaskan penyebab dan solusinya seperti apa.Problem Masalah yang terjadi adalah ada beberapa peserta yang tidak dapat submit project video khusus di kategori game dikarenakan belum munculnya tombol “Submit”

Expandable & Portable Frameworks

BackgroundDuring years I wrote articles in which I talk about architecture problems that are so common that are many times used as "good practices", especially because they are present in big and well known frameworks.In those articles I usually get one of those well-known frameworks to explain the problems and to propose solutions but I rarely give those solutions working, simply because I

Dynamics Partner Readiness For You!

MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM MARCH TRAINING BLITZSocial listening! Customer care! Marketing! It’s all coming in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM March release. Get an overview of the upcoming release through the Readiness Blitz. These three-hour online events will include market positioning, licensing, overviews and demos of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and incorporate recorded content and live chat-based Q&A

Introducing Get-AzureVMDscExtensionStatus cmdlet for Azure Powershell DSC Extension

Initial test blog post

Initial test blog post.

DevScope's awesome PowerShell module for Power BI API's

Check out DevScope's awesome PowerShell module for Power BI API's on GitHub: PowerBIPS.psm1A powershell module with cmdlets to interact with the PowerBI developer APIs.Have a good bye!   - Ninja Ed

Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Ricardo Serradas

Who are you? I am an ALM Consultant at BR Soluções Integradas, a Microsoft Partner here in Brazil. I hold a bachelor’s degree at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul for Computer Science. I work with Technologies since 2002, where I first worked as a developer with Visual Basic. I had my first contact with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, also called Team System at that time in 2007. Since t

AngularJS intellisense NuGet package added

Using the work of John Bledsoe, a NuGet package has been added that takes a dependency on AngularJS.Core – and provides the angular.intellisense.js file to your project.Via here: approach takes the ‘per’ projec

Call C# code from your legacy C++ code

For many decades, folks have been quite productive in creating C++ code. These “legacy” apps have been quite useful. However, as most software developers know, software needs to be maintained. Business needs change, and the applications need to change with it. Sometimes a complete rewrite of an application is needed. Writing code in a managed language like C# or VB is much more productive than C++

Tap, Tap, Tap - Is this thing on ?

Hello there !I've long been an active participant in the various SharePoint communities, forums, conferences and the like but have never really been an active blogger. In my new role, I think it would be useful for me to maintain a blog to be more open and responsive to the community with content that is more than 140 characters :-)I look forward to using this blog as a stream of conscious

A Tricky “Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel”

My customer is attempting to setup a WCF service behind a SSL balancer. The WCF Service will not have a SSL certificate installed so it will be insecure transport between load balancer and the WCF service. The SSL device requires SSL connection and a client certificate. Customer wrote a simple client application which could not make even an HTTP GET to the service page. The error was The requ

Moving TFS to cloud cadence and Visual Studio Online

We get quite a few questions from customers on how we made the transition to shipping both an on-premises product and a cloud service. We moved from shipping every 2-3 years to shipping Visual Studio Online every three weeks and TFS every 3-4 months. You’ve probably seen the great set of vignettes at Scaling Agile across the Enterprise. It was also recently covered in a report from McKinsey and

Issues with VS Online - 2/27 - Mitigated

Final Update: Fri, 27 2015 22:30 PMOur DevOps team has worked with our partners in the Microsoft Account team to resolve this issue. Customers will no longer see any sign in failures while trying to access Visual Studio Online.We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.SincerelyVS Online Service Delivery Team------------------------------------- Initial Update: Fri

How to delete corrupted, hidden inbox rules from a mailbox using MFCMAPI

This is useful when you receive duplicate messages or any of the inbox rules are corrupted or not working as expected. Below is the original KB article. Export all rules from you Outlook so that you may import them back after deleting all rules via MFCMAPI.    On your Outlook client, go to “File”> “ManageRules & Alerts”.  2. Under

Project Server February 2015 Round-up

That was a short month literarily as well as metaphorically – it flew by.  One of the highlights of the month was Adrian reaching an amazing milestone of 25 years working for Microsoft – and here he is getting presented with a very large crystal by our manager, Larry.Also in February, the first of the ‘Public Updates’ in place of the Cumulative Updates happened - Microsoft Project Server 2010

Security descriptors, part 2: principals, SIDs and PowerShell

<< Part 1Now let's get to the code examples.Dealing with the security descriptors requires dealing with the identities of users and groups (i.e. principals), and it's a pain. In a lot of places they have to be represented as SIDs in either the binary or text format, and these conversions are long, difficult, and just plain extremely annoying.By comparison, on Unix the dealing with the u

Microsoft Azure Readiness - DevCamp Content Update - Feb 2015 Release

You can find and download the latest Azure readiness content (presentations, hands on labs and source code) for DevCamp at Git Hub passes are now funded and available for all Dev Camp events. You must request _DX Dev Camp _passes through the standard Azure pass request process here.

DirectX 12 at GDC 2015

Are you ready to bring the power of DirectX 12 to your game?Hear Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, talk about The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft EcosystemAttend our technical sessions to learn the latest about DirectX 12Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance (Wednesday 2-3pm, West Hall 2008): This technical session goes deep into the DirectX12 APIs you can use to reduce CPU rendering

Free online Azure Partner training!

Microsoft Azure is the Industry leader in the cloud technology space as depicted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Getting up to speed on Hot SI opportunities and grabbing most of it in time, is critical for survival of every competitive partner.We are proud to announce the upcoming workshops exclusively for organisation like yours. You will get exclusive content and delivery schedule of these vir

Hack Illinois–Microsoft Resources

Take the survey to win Surface Pro 2 – Resources for Hack Illinois *Need to see logs or debug type console messages for your Azure web site?  Easy diagnostics for your Azure Website *Want to setup MongoDB for free as a hosted service (no need spin up a VM)? Quick Start Challenge- Python and MongoLab *Need to create a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) - Create a Linu

No bones about it: Kinect for Windows v2 skeletal tracking vastly better

You can read about the improvements that Kinect for Windows v2 offers over its predecessor, but seeing the differences with your own eyes is really, well, eye-opening—which is why we’re so pleased by this YouTube video posted by Microsoft MVP Josh Blake of InfoStrat. In it, Blake not only describes the improvements in skeletal tracking provided by the v2 sensor and the preview SDK 2.0 (full rele

Creating SharePoint VM Templates for Azure SharePoint Deployments

Running “on-premises” SharePoint farms in Azure is becoming a fairly common configuration now, given how much flexibility Azure gives in terms of scaling for the price. However, deploying new SharePoint servers in Azure can be a confusing if you’re new to this “run SharePoint in Azure” game – for experienced Azure engineers there’ll be nothing new or interesting here but hopefully SharePoint adm

#GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: IoT For the Game Developer

IoT and Game Dev? While it might not come to mind immediately when thinking about game development, the internet of things could be the next emerging space for game devs.On this episode, ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) rants about the idea that game developers only code games and talk about the possibilities of this hot IoT topic. He then shows off some popular controller boards and provides s

Quick news: Last day to save up to 50%

Last day to Buy 1, Save 35% | Buy 2 or more, Save 50% off the list price of all books and eBooks. Enter discount code SAVEONPRESS during checkout to apply savings. See what’s new below or shop the entire store. Find complete details here.Extend Microsoft Access Applications to the CloudMicrosoft Office for iPad Step by StepScenario-Focused EngineeringTraining Guide Configuring Advanced W

Solving the problem rather than answering the question: How can a non-administrator modify a registry key that requires administrator permission?

A customer opened with a question, which the customer liaison forwarded to the product group with _High Priority_. (Because, apparently, their customer is more important than any other customer.) Our program needs to modify a registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE even when not running as an administrator. We tried setting an entry in the registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current­

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