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MSDN Blogs 

Azure Power Shell: Azure Virtual Network for the Command Line Junkie – Part 4.1

_Web UI looks good and pretty but if you really want to get work done at scale, manage, automate and administer: command line is your way. As a command line junkie from the UNIX world I thought of exploring what Azure PowerShell had to offer. And boy, I was quite blown by the ease of use, functionality and flexibility it comes with. Through this tutorial series, I will take you through various s

Project Server 2013 Updating Task level Lookup based custom field Using CSOM

Below sample code is to update the task level Lookup table based custom fields for a given project:         try{                projectName = "ProjectTest";                pwapath = "http://Servername/pwa";                              projContext = new ProjectContext(pwapath);                projContext.Load(projContext.Projects);                projContext.ExecuteQuery();           

Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)

In this post, I will demonstrate the user experience of Office 365 Message Encryption, both for the end-user using OTP and the administrator (setting up IRM Licensing and all necessary ExchangeTransport Rules etc).We will create a transport rule that will enable Office 365 Message Encryption on messages with a Sensitivity level set to Confidential.ENABLE IRM LICENSINGIf you attempt to u

Recruiters - how to keep your agency on the right side of the law!

According to Mercury XRM, the ever-changing recruitment industry legislation is becoming increasingly complex.Coupled with changes from HMRC introduced last month, compliance is a broad issue and poses a number of risks to recruiters, both in terms of industry-wide legislation and the financial risks recruiters face as a result of being found non-compliant.Find out if you are following rec

Troubleshooting - Helfer für den WebService

Ich möchte Ihnen heute ein nützliches Tool vorstellen, welches mir schon oft geholfen hat, einfach, schnell und unkompliziert Probleme mit Web Services zu analysieren und zu beheben.Das WebServiceStudio ist ein Tool, das die Verwendung von Web-Services vereinfacht, ohne dabei Visual Studio .NET zu verwenden. Der Benutzer kann eine Web-Service-Beschreibung in Form eines WSDL-Anbieters angeben.

Azure Updates: Custom Domains für Web Apps allgemein verfügbar und Partnerschaft mit Zend Z-Ray

Es gibt wichtige Neuerungen für Alle, die Webanwendungen auf App Services Web Apps betreiben. Zum einen ist die Nutzung von eigenen Domains jetzt allgemein verfügbar (general availability). Durch eine Partnerschaft mit dem bekannten Domain Hoster GoDaddy, können nun Domains direkt im Azure Management Portal erworben und eingerichtet werden. Aktuell können .com, .net,, .org, .nl, .in, .biz,

Bulk assign Office 365 Licenses to users

I recently had Partner wanted to Bulk assign Office 365 Licenses to DirSync users. In that regard I started looking around for some PowerShell scripts that would allow me to do this (Although Office 365 portal helps assign license in bulk). Users were already populated on Office 365 using DirSync.So after much trial and error I have come up with a Script you can run against a email address lis

Gerald Haigh’s Reflections on Transformation within Education

_The following is a guest post by Gerald Haigh. _---‘My friend says she went to Ypres Castle,’ said someone the dance we were at the other day. ‘But surely there’s no castle at Ypres because everything really old was flattened in the Great War?’So out comes my Windows phone, and I establish that, yes, there is an Ypres Castle, but it’s in Rye, Sussex, not Ypres, Belgium. Its name derive

Gerald Haigh’s Reflections on Transformation within Education

_The following is a guest post by Gerald Haigh. _---‘My friend says she went to Ypres Castle,’ said someone the dance we were at the other day. ‘But surely there’s no castle at Ypres because everything really old was flattened in the Great War?’So out comes my Windows phone, and I establish that, yes, there is an Ypres Castle, but it’s in Rye, Sussex, not Ypres, Belgium. Its name derive

Lync 2013/Skype for Business で PPT ファイルを XPS 形式で保存できない

Japan Lync Support Team です。Lync 2013/Skype for Business 2015 でパワーポイント(Power Point)共有の動作に問題があることが確認されております。ご迷惑をお掛けしますが、以下、状況について本Blogにても公開させて頂きます。[現象]Lync 2013/Skype for Business 2015 でパワーポイント共有を実施後、パワーポイントの閲覧者が下記の操作を実施しても PPT ファイルを XPS 形式で保存することができません。1. 画面マークをクリックします。2. [プレゼンテーション用コンテンツの管理] をクリックします。3. [詳細] - [コメントとともに保存] をクリックします。4. 任意のパス、ファイル名を指定して保存します。5. エラーなどは発生いたしませんが、指定したフ

Microsoft a Otevřená Wokna

Nedávno jsme díky aktivitě sdružení SiliconHill vystoupili na konferenci Otevřená Wokna a představili v sérii prezentací a workshopů zajímavá témata – srovnávali jsme Azure a Amazon, ukazovali virtualizaci, nasazovali Docker do cloudu, představovali vývoj pro Windows 10 a Raspberry Pi a vyvíjeli hry v MonoGame. Všechny přednášky nyní můžete shlédnout ze záznamu. ...(read more)

April/May Featured Articles on BI

We have more great articles on BI tools and trends.Microsoft Breathes Life back into SQL Server On-PremJen Underwood reviews the investments being made in SQLServer 2016, namely a noticeable commitment to on-premise SQL Server technologies such as the relational database, SSAS, SSRS and more. As she writers, “we are seeing life breathed back into both cloud and on-premises Microsoft BI. I

Dynamics CRM 設置型のパフォーマンス: 静的コンテンツがキャッシュされない

みなさん、こんにちは。今回はパフォーマンスに影響する設定について、US チームのブログより以下の記事を紹介します。Static Content not cached properly in Dynamics CRM due to Vary:* header背景と概要 Windows Server 2012 で Dynamics CRM 2013 を使用している場合、Web ブラウザーで静的コンテンツがキャッシュされない場合があります。 Internet Explorer などの Web ブラウザーは、W

Small Basic - Numbers Triangle

A Triangle of NumbersThis next example has a nested loop where the inner loop’s counter depends on the outer loop. Try out the Listing.Listing: Nesting For loops to draw numbers displayed in a triangle1 _' Triangle.sb_2 _' Draws a triangle of numbers_34 For R = 1 To 5   _' Loops for 5 rows (R)_5   For C = 1 To R  _' Loops for R columns (C)_6     TextWindow.Write(C + " ") 

[Sample Of May. 28] How to add a table with rows to PowerPoint using open xml

May. 28 Sample : The sample demonstrates how to create a table with rows into PowerPoint document using Open XML SDK. Using Open XML SDK 2.0, you can create document structure and content using strongly-typed classed that correspond to PresentationML elements, you can find these classes in the DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Presentation nam

6/4(목) 유니티 윈도우 포팅랩이 열립니다!

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> 유니티로 만든 게임을 Windows 스토어 앱으로 포팅하는데 도움을 드리는 행사인 유니티 윈도우 포팅랩이 6월 4일(목) 오후에 한국마이크로소프트에서 열립니다.포팅랩 당일 가져오신 유니티 게임이 윈도우 스토어용으로 정상 구동되는 경우는 윈도우 태블릿을 3개월 동안 대여해 드리며, 윈도우 스토어에 해당 게임을 올리실 경우에는 해당 윈도우 태블릿을 반납하지 않으셔도 됩니다.좋은 유니티 게임을 개발한 업체 분들의 많은 참여 부탁 드립니다. 아래 참여 신청하기 링크가 작동을 하지 않는

Free coding kits from Microsoft Imagine

Free coding kits from Microsoft ImagineWant to learn to code? Know someone who does? Microsoft Imagine has just launched our new website and we’ve got a bunch of great learn-to-code kits suitable for beginners of any age. They use free visual coding software such as Kodu Game Lab, TouchDevelop and Project Spark to help anyone get started.Each of these kits enables you to make your first ga

Events from mailbox activity

One with developing code for messaging development is to have code run when a specific event happens.  Each mailbox API has its own ways of handling calls.  Below is an overview of APIs and other mechanisms which support events on the mailbox.Exchange Web Services (EWS):Exchange Web Service notifications are widely used and has several models for notifications.  Be sure to read-up on each

What's New in Azure

Sometimes it's the most obvious things that are the easiest for me to miss. I can see being in a usability study with the folks that designed the new Azure portal and giving feedback like, "you know, this is great and all, but it would be really more...(read more)

Creating an HTML Application to Convert Text Files to Audio Files

I'd like to take a brief departure from my normal collage of web-related and server-management examples and share a rather eclectic code sample.Here's the scenario: I am presently working on another college degree, and I was recently taking a class which required a great deal of reading.  These assignments were all in digital form: I was using PDF or Kindle-based versions of the textbooks, an

Quick news: Walk through a Kanban exercise with Eric Brechner

There's a way to organize your work, stay focused, avoid mistakes, and be hyper-productive that you can learn in five minutes using sticky notes and markers. It’s called Kanban, and Eric Brechner, an Xbox development manager and author of Agile Project Management with Kanban__, has been using it with multiple teams for the past four years. In this video, Eric talks about his book, how he intr

Azure プレビュー ポータルに Cloud Services のサポートを追加

このポストは、5 月 13 日に投稿された Azure preview portal support for Cloud Services の翻訳です。 数週間前になりますが、マイクロソフトは Azure プレビュー ポータルに Cloud Services のサポートを追加しました。Cloud Services のサポートは、皆様からのご要望が特に多かったものです。これにより、今後はプレビュー ポータル内で直接 Cloud Services の作成、参照、管理、モニタリングを行うことが可能になりました。 今回プレビュー ポータルに追加された機能の詳細については、以下の動画をご覧ください。Julio Casal Terreros と Marck Robinson と私が、RDP やVIP スワップの作成、証明書のローテーション、オートスケールとアラートの構成の方法について説明しています。

Power BI による出力のパブリック プレビューが Azure Stream Analytics で提供開始

このポストは、5 月 7 日に投稿された Power BI output now a public preview feature of Azure Stream Analytics の翻訳です。 Power BI による出力が Azure Stream Analytics のプライベート プレビューとして提供開始されてから約 2 か月が経ちました。たくさんの方からご好評の声をいただきたいへん感謝しています。そして数週間前には Stream Analytics の 一般提供が開始 されました。今回これに合わせて、 Power BI による出力のパブリック プレビューも開始 されたことをお知らせします。Power BI による出力を使用すると、デバイス、センサー、アプリケーションのデータがリアルタイムにダッシュボードに表示され、簡単に最新のデータを取得することができます。Power BI に

Trouble deleting Azure Active Directory (AAD) due to "Visual Studio Online" item in AAD "Applications" list

SYMPTOM : You have an Azure Active Directory (AAD) you'd like to delete. This directory was at one time used to back a Visual Studio Online (VSO) account. You cannot delete the AAD because there is still a VSO entry in it's APPLICATIONS list and you see this message when trying to delete the AAD: RESOLUTION : Assuming you've already removed the AAD backing from the VSO account and satisfied all ot

RyuJIT and .NET 4.6

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here, and a lot has happened with RyuJIT since the last post.First and foremost, RyuJIT is the default x64 JIT for .NET 4.6! As a result, there is no need to use a RyuJIT CTP to try out RyuJIT. If you install the .NET 4.6 Preview (included in Visual Studio 2015 Preview), or later build, such as Visual Studio 2015 RC, you will be using it. See here or the .

マイクロソフトが、ガートナーの IaaS、アプリケーション PaaS、クラウド ストレージの各マジック クアドラントで唯一ベンダーとして「リーダー」に選出

このポストは、5 月 22 日に投稿された Microsoft – the only vendor named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrants for IaaS, Application PaaS, and Cloud Storage の翻訳です。 Azure に限界などありません。マイクロソフトは、Azure がハイパースケールでエンタープライズ クラスのハイブリッド クラウド プラットフォームとして最高のものとなるように鋭意努力しています。そして、お客様のニーズに応えるために、Azure を全世界で提供するという私たちのビジョンを実現させることに全力で取り組んでいます。現在 Azure は 19 のリージョンでサービスを提供しており、それぞれで複数のデータセンターを運用しています。これにより、お客様は顧客や従業員に近い場所でアプリケーションをデプ

Using PowerShell to Ping Test a VM

I have been spending some time creating PowerShell snippets to help when you need to troubleshoot / debug a Hyper-V environment.  Here is a handy one-liner that I recently created:Get-VM "File Server" | Select -ExpandProperty NetworkAdapters | Select -ExpandProperty IPAddresses | %{Ping $_}When you run this you get the following output:As you can see - it gets every IP address from the

Why everyone should set up an email delay rule in Microsoft Outlook

Have you ever sent an email then wished you hadn’t?  Or thought “whoops”, just spotted a mistake?It’s easy to set Outlook to give you a safety net, where emails sit in your Outbox for a few minutes before being sent – you can fish them back out, make changes and resend if necessary.Scott shared this lifesaving tip “Everyone should set up an email delay rule in Microsoft Outlook” to help yo

Standalone Win2D samples now available

Win2D sample code is now available separately from the full Win2D source: repository provides a separate Visual Studio solution per sample, and it references the Win2D package from rather than compiling the samples as part of Win2D itself like we did before.  This makes it easier for people using Win2D to download, build, run, and expe

C# Code to Zip Files and Upload to Azure Storage

If you need code to zip some files into an archive and upload it to Azure blob storage, here is a sample for you. Once the data is in Azure Storage, you could use the WebJobs SDK to trigger your Azure application to work on it (for example, ETL into Azure SQL Database).Create a new console C# application project in Visual Studio, add references to System.IO.Compression and System.IO.Compressi

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