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BBC News - Technology - UK Edition 

NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs'

The Tor Project says it believes some NSA and GCHQ agents are surreptitiously leaking it information to protect anonymity on the net.

Social network cannot stop IS posts

The creators of a social network being used by Islamic State militants have admitted they cannot prevent the spread of extremist material.

UK's 'most generous town' revealed

Data gathered by donation site JustGiving has revealed what it says is the UK's most generous town, based on donations to its website.

Aircraft to have 'human-like skin'

A British defence firm is working on technology that will give aircraft a "skin" of sensors, allowing it to feel in a similar way to humans.

UPS branches hit by data breach

Branches of the US parcel delivery company UPS have been hit by a security breach, with payment card information stolen.

Spy camera cash machine gang jailed

Four fraudsters behind a sophisticated bank card scam involving a "dizzying array of gadgets" are jailed by a judge at the Old Bailey.

Samsung-made Nook tablet announced

Barnes & Noble unveils a customised version of a budget Samsung tablet that replaces a model it used to make itself.

Lineker hits out at Twitter trolls

Football pundit Gary Lineker has criticised Twitter trolls who are abusing him about about an infamous accident at the 1990 World Cup.

Taxi firm Uber to deliver groceries

Taxi firm Uber is trialling a same-day delivery service for more than 100 grocery goods in Washington DC.

Hospital hack 'exploited Heartbleed'

A leading security expert alleges that hackers made use of the Heartbleed flaw to steal the personal details of 4.5 million healthcare patients.

Google removes 12 BBC News links

Google has now removed a total of 12 BBC News stories from some search results in response to controversial EU "right to be forgotten" laws.

Amazon in Shanghai e-commerce pact

US online retail giant Amazon steps up its presence in China with a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

HP's sales inch up but profit falls

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard has reported a sharp fall in profit despite a rise in revenue helped by improved computer sales.

HTC unveils cheaper Windows M8 phone

The handset maker HTC has unveiled a new smartphone that runs a Windows Phone operating system - the first in more than two years.

Google cars 'designed to speed'

Google's driverless cars are programmed to occasionally exceed speed limits by up to 10mph, says the project's lead engineer.

Pentagon researches hi-tech tank

The research arm of the US military is looking into designs for new, hi-tech tanks, focusing less on armour and more on mobility and speed.

Internet-hit near miss biker guilty

A biker who uploaded a film of a high speed ride in which he almost hit a car head-on is found guilty of dangerous driving.

Camouflage sheet inspired by octopus

Basing their work on the techniques used by octopuses and cuttlefish, US engineers have produced a flexible, colour-changing material.

VIDEO: 'Whizz up hills' on fast e-bike

A prototype electronic bike (e-bike) which has a battery pack integrated into the frame has been developed.

VIDEO: How to become a virtual bird

Click is at London's Barbican for Digital Revolution, an immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and video games.

VIDEO: Tor Project 'gets cyberspy leaks'

The executive director of the Tor Project alleges that agents at GCHQ and the NSA are going behind their colleagues' backs to leak it information.

VIDEO: Stadium rail seat design explained

Jon Darch, of the Safe Standing Campaign, demonstrates a stadium rail-seat design.

VIDEO: Google boss on taking down videos

Eileen Naughton, the new managing director of Google in the UK, tells the BBC's Kamal Ahmed at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival how YouTube has responded to extremist content.

VIDEO: Can the new Nook take on Kindle?

Samsung and Barnes and Noble have teamed up to launch a new e-reader on a tablet device.

VIDEO: What jobs will robots take over?

A survey by the Pew Research Center has asked experts to imagine the role of artificial intelligence in the workforce ten years from now.

VIDEO: Swarming robots shuffle into shape

Engineers in the US build a self-organising swarm of tiny robots that work together to form shapes.

VIDEO: Video games made for blind players

French developers have launched a "video-less" game for blind and visually-impaired players.

VIDEO: The 'house of hacking horrors'

A suburban house has been transformed to help specialists find security flaws in smart devices and stop hackers taking control.

Struggle to keep Tor in the shadows

The Tor Project's fight to keep the dark net anonymous

Can computers replace historians?

Can 'big data' predict the course of future events?

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