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The Independent (U.K.) 

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to unveil 'new strategy' as Starboard piles on the pressure

Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer is set to unveil details of the company's turnaround plan after coming under pressure from activist hedge fund Starboard Value.

Adidas shares jump on Reebok buyout speculation

Shares in sportswear giant Adidas rose more than six per cent in early trading on reports that a group of investors is interested in buying its Reebok brand for $2.2 billion (£1.4bn)

Small Talk: Small firms are missing out on the advantages of switching banks

Complaints by small businesses about their banks have tended to focused on credit – or the lack of it – in recent times, but what do these customers think about the rest of the service they receive? Are they happy with the way their business current account is run, and are they getting a fair rate of interest on the often sizeable amounts of cash they hold?

The Week Ahead: All eyes on Tesco

All eyes will be on Tesco on Thursday when it delivers its interim results.

Defence buyers ‘do not need private sector help’

Reforms to introduce greater private sector oversight of the £14bn Ministry on Defence arm that buys military kit have been called into question after a huge reduction in the number of contracts it lets.

Europe urged to ditch rhetoric and tackle energy inequality

Europe must put low-income households at the heart of its future policy to address a “growing energy divide”, a damning report from the charity National Energy Action (NEA) warns today.

Royal Mail to hire fewer seasonal staff

Fresh evidence that rival postal operators are eating into Royal Mail’s business will emerge today when the company unveils plans to hire 19,000 extra staff for Christmas – 2,000 fewer than last year.

Ex-Tesco boss Philip Clarke faces move to claw back pay-off cash

Former Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke will this week face calls to give up part of the estimated £10m pay-off he received from the company when further details of its £250m accounting scandal are revealed.

Would Ukip’s policies on immigration, tax and education work?

Researchers have pointed for some time to the paradox that while most people in the UK think that immigration is too high nationally, the number who are concerned about it as a local issue is much lower. And even stranger is the fact that, if anything, people who live in areas with fewer immigrants are more likely to think it’s a big problem.

Shareholders are the only ones who can heal capitalism now

"Something has gone wrong with capitalism." That remark was made to me not by a Marxist agitator but by a former Tory minister – one who also happens to have a long and successful track record in business. It's not something he would have said a generation ago, when he was in the vanguard of the Thatcherite revolution. But when he says it now, wise heads of all political persuasions nod in troub

M&S Female has a new champion – a woman just like her

"Look at this shirt: it's got a 'no-peep' placket which stops that awful gaping around the cleavage, one of the things women hate when wearing a shirt," says Belinda Earl proudly, taking the crisp white shirt off the rail to show how the layered fabric stretches. Sorry, chaps, but it looks foolproof. The days of flicking your eyes downwards to peep at that bit of the bra may be history. And clos

High-frequency traders get the gravy, investors eat their dust

These days, chefs in posh restaurants don’t call it “gravy”. It’s “sauce”.

Lewis can turn round Tesco but don’t expect profits to fly off the shelves soon

There is rejoicing among retailers suffering from weak autumn trade.

Are IPOs falling out of fashion?

The bargain basement is not the sort of place a high-fashion brand like Jimmy Choo wants to be found.

Market Report: City puts a turbulent week behind it

Investors called the bottom for tumbling stocks yesterday as the City put a turbulent week behind it.

With our pension freedom comes the danger of mis-selling on an epic scale

The election must be coming. The Tories have gone into overdrive, pleasing their core voters by freeing up pensions and investments.

'Invitation only' process for Crossrail 2 tenders

The cream of British and US engineering has been quietly asked to bid for a contract that will kick-start Crossrail 2, the proposed £12bn Hertfordshire-to-Surrey link that would run through London.

DJ segues into sale of music pubs to Young’s

The dance DJ Jon Carter was millions of pounds better off yesterday after selling his London live music pubs chain to Young’s in a £10.4m deal.

Bank’s Haldane says interest rates will stay lower for longer

Interest rates are unlikely to rise until after next year’s general election as global growth fears push policymakers on to the “back foot”, the Bank of England’s chief economist signalled yesterday.

Shares shot down as Rolls-Royce issues another warning on profits

Shares in Rolls-Royce were battered yesterday as the engineering giant issued its second profit warning of the year, blaming trade sanctions against Russia as well as global economic gloom.

Urban Outfitters shares dive on continued sales weakness

Shares in Urban Outfitters plunged on Friday after the American retailer warned the negative sales trend it reported in September has continued in the quarter to date.

Federal Reserve's Janet Yellen hits out at growing income inequality in America

Janet Yellen, the head of the US Federal Reserve, has said Americans have gone through the most sustained rise in income inequality in a century over the last several decades.

European stocks rebound after week of market turbulence

European stock markets rebounded on Friday after a fall in US unemployment applications and comments from a European Central Bank official eased nerves about a stalling economic recovery.

Virgin Money delays float amid global market turmoil

Virgin Money has pushed back plans for a £2 billion flotation following a week of market turbulence.

The City roundup video: BoE chief economist paints gloomy economic picture for UK

Don't miss out on the goings on in the business world, with our_ _daily round-up of the biggest news from the City.

Bank of England's Andy Haldane: Rates could stay low for longer on 'gloomy' outlook

Andy Haldane,the Bank of England’s chief economist, has warned interest rates will stay lower for lower as policymakers move onto the “back foot”.

Jimmy Choo floats in London at bottom of the range amid market turmoil

Luxury brand Jimmy Choo made its London stock exchange debut on Friday as the FTSE 100 bounced back after a week of turmoil.

Rolls-Royce shares plunge on second profit warning

Shares in Rolls-Royce took a battering after the engineering giant issued its second profit warning of the year, blaming trade sanctions against Russia and global economic uncertainty.

Vice News to launch local language news channel in seven countries

Vice News, the hip news organisation that has reported from global trouble spots such as Syria and Ukraine, is set to launch in seven new countries and increase its London and New York bases.

Starbucks baristas free to display tattoos after coffee giant loosens employee dress code

Starbucks staff will no longer be asked to cover their tattoos and will get a free snack as part of the company's new employee code.

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