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The Independent (U.K.) 

Bank of England's EU exit strategy leaked to national newspaper – by its head of press

A senior official at the Bank of England “inadvertently” sent research assessing the economic dangers of the UK leaving the European Union to an editor at a national newspaper.

Andrew Dewson: Bernie Madoff must be kicking himself as the banks carry on regardless

One of the great challenges of modern financial journalism is finding yet another way to describe criminal behaviour at Wall Street investment banks. Corrupt, immoral, illicit, scandalous – words used so often, they have lost meaning. Wall Street is an Augean stable, now more than ever before, and there is no Hercules to muck it out.

Shares in Plus500 collapse again after it is subjected to shorting attack

Shares in the AIM-listed spread-betting firm Plus500 collapsed again after it was subjected to a shorting attack by the US hedge fund Cable Car.

James Ashton: The grandees at the Flower Show won't be on gardening leave for long

A night at the Chelsea Flower Show presents an ideal opportunity to assess who’s up, who’s down and who will be back in corporate life before long.

EU aid to Ukraine aims to pressure bondholders

The European Union has granted its first significant loan to crisis-riven Ukraine, in a move seen as a strong message to big Western investors to cut the country some slack on its debt repayments.

Top FTSE 100 investor: board pay must be in line with workforce

One of Britain’s biggest investors has used its annual governance report to urge companies to stop executive salary increases getting out of proportion with pay deals handed to their wider workforces.

Amazon starts paying corporation tax for UK sales in Britain, not Luxembourg

Online retailer Amazon has started paying UK corporation tax in Britain rather than in Luxembourg, after it came under fire for avoiding tax.

Big Brother creator John de Mol admits blackmail attempts prompted decision to sell up

John de Mol, the billionaire creator of _Big Brother_, has admitted that a series of extortion attempts contributed to his recent decision to sell his media company.

Sharp fall in government borrowing in April

The Chancellor received a huge lift to his deficit-cutting ambitions today as VAT and income tax takings in April swelled the Treasury's coffers by more than expected.

Nationwide Building Society: Graham Beale to leave after nine years at helm

The boss of Nationwide is to bow out next year after nine years at the helm of the country's biggest building society.

Durex firm's takeover of K-Y Jelly raises price fears

Durex owner Reckitt Benckiser’s hopes of buying lubricant K-Y Jelly are being confronted by competition concerns over the deal.

Alison Brittain becomes just sixth female FTSE 100 boss – and that's a record

Whitbread has poached a top banker to become its head barista as it picked Lloyds’ head of retail, Alison Brittain, to succeed Andy Harrison as chief executive of the Costa Coffee to Premier Inns group.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone to fight £1bn tax bill as settlement is torn up

Bernie Ecclestone is taking legal action against HM Revenue & Customs over claims that he owes the tax authority more than £1bn after it tore up a settlement agreed with the Formula One boss in 2008.

Deutsche Bank investors shake-up scorned

Shareholders have dismissed Deutsche Bank’s move to boost the power of its co-chief executive Anshu Jain as insufficient, and demanded more changes to restore confidence in the leadership of Germany’s largest bank.

Magnox to cut 1,600 jobs as nuclear lights go out

The nuclear operator Magnox is set to cut up to 1,600 UK jobs at 12 of its power stations as generation comes to a halt.

Mothercare on a growth spurt as sales rise at last

Mothercare’s turnaround has burst out of its baby grow as UK same-store sales rose for the first time in five years and it set its sights on becoming a “world-leading global retailer”.

Royal Mail lifts profits as parcel growth unravels

Consumers and businesses will benefit from a ferocious price war in parcel delivery this Christmas, as couriers continue to add capacity in an overcrowded market.

Publicans: stop moaning and start flipping burgers

Outlook There was a little extra froth on the top of Young’s results, thanks to the pub chain’s move into the burger business.

Andrew Bailey makes an unlikely witch-finder general

Outlook The Bank of England’s deputy governor Andrew Bailey has once again found himself cast in the role of the man who is destroying banking in Britain. The industry’s witch-finder general is now such a figure of fear, his regime of guilty until proven innocent so harsh, that even the promise of multimillion-pound salary, share and bonus packages aren’t enough to persuade people to take top jo

Cosmetic surgery on incentives won’t mean that Tesco does the right thing

Outlook It seems Tesco has taken to following the banking play book. Following a parade of ugly scandals that make Tesco’s mis-stated results look like a minor rounding error, the banks and their regulators came to the conclusion that if you give people an incentive to do the wrong things then they will do the wrong things.

Market Report: Dragon Oil's biggest shareholder finally unveils terms of its takeover

Investors in Dragon Oil had a busy afternoon after its biggest shareholder finally unveiled the terms of its takeover offer for the company.

Is a quiet crusade to reform executive pay bearing fruit?

Dominic Rossi has been leading a lonely crusade. For the past three years, the global chief investment officer of the fund manager Fidelity Worldwide Investment has been pressuring quoted companies in which Fidelity has a stake to tighten up on how they pay their bosses.

Tesco boss paid £4m as staff benefits cut

Tesco’s chief executive Dave Lewis is in line for a contribution to his pension of £313,000 this year as he plans to cut pensions for his staff.

Grocery wholesaler Booker grabs Budgens and Londis off the shelf

The grocery wholesaler Booker has snapped up the independent Londis and Budgens store chains for a knockdown £40m.

Tesco announces plans to cut sugar content of its soft drinks by five per cent every year

Supermarket giant Tesco plans to cut the sugar content of its soft drinks by five per cent every year, in what campaigners described as the first “major sugar reduction programme” of any retailer.

Pub landlords are getting younger, new research shows

Bar work has traditionally been the preserve of the penniless student. But young people across the country are trading pulling pints for buying pubs outright, according to new research.

Burberry is going out of fashion in the City

I hear Burberry’s trademark £1,000 trench coats are selling well. Yes, the British-made trench coats and cashmere scarves were among its best-selling products last year – yet life doesn’t look so rosy at the moment for the fashion retailer.

UK moves towards cashless society

The tooth fairy’s days are numbered. Pocket change may soon be completely replaced by electronic payments in the UK after reports that last year, for the first time, the majority of payments were made without cash – either on the internet or phone, or through electronic payments and cheques.

Mecca bingo's twerking cactus helps boost business at Rank

A twerking cactus and big-spending London casino players have boosted business at gaming group Rank.

Are energy companies ripping us off?

By now it is no secret that energy companies in the UK may be overcharging customers for gas and electricity. Ofgem, the market watchdog, has even referred the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority to be formally investigated over suspicions that prices consumers are paying are artificially high.

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