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The Independent (U.K.) 

Just how low will the oil price go? Not low enough to kill the frackers

How low will it go? That’s the question being asked about the oil price across the world by industrialists, economists and politicians following Thursday’s decision by Opec not to curb output.

Telefonica's plan to offload O2 is a symptom of the Spanish retreat

The idea that mobile phone operator O2 might be sold back to BT is a reminder that the corporate conquistadors of a few years back are firmly in retreat.

The man who saved Lego: When life gives you bricks, build something

Is he the world’s most – to quote the film – awesome chief executive? To children, Jorgen Vig Knudstorp might just be.

Market Report: Black Friday means big sales

Tills were ringing out across the country and traders were taking note.

Society changes but supermarkets haven’t been able to change with it

Next week sees the presentation of Management Today magazine’s “Most Admired” awards.

Morrisons suppliers asked to wait for pay

The supermarket giant Morrisons has asked at least 180 of its food suppliers to extend its payment terms to 60 or even 90 days – in many cases more than doubling their current wait.

Vodafone mulls deal with Liberty

Vodafone has called in advisers to consider its options given that BT is likely to take over one or other of the mobile phone groups EE and O2.

Qatar close to walking away from Canary Wharf takeover bid

The joint bid by Qatar and Brookfield to win control of Canary Wharf is close to collapse, _The Independent_ understands.

BG tries to quell shareholder revolt over boss's £12m 'golden hello'

The energy giant BG Group will meet its key investors over the next few days in an attempt to see off the revolt over a £12m “golden hello” for its incoming chief executive, Helge Lund.

Black Friday: Fashion retailers join scrum to make up for lost autumn sales

Fashion retailers are taking the opportunity of the Black Friday sales craze across British high streets to shift excess stock left over from the unseasonably warm autumn.

The long Black Friday: Bargain hunting turns violent as American phenomenon comes to UK

The Black Friday sales have been criticised by police after violence broke out among crowds vying for bargains.

Black Friday sales to top £150m on London's Oxford Street alone - as fights and scuffles break out to grab a bargain

Black Friday has swept through the nation, getting multiple people arrested and several others injured in the process...And while you battle your way to a cheap telly, retailers are laughing all the way to the bank.

EXCLUSIVE: Qataris to walk away from Canary Wharf joint bid with Canadians

The joint bid by Qatar and Canada’s Brookfield to win control of Canary Wharf is close to collapse, the Independent understands.

Sony Pictures still crippled by hack, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz info might be at risk

Sony Pictures has still not revived its computer systems after a hack earlier this week, leaving its staff working on pen and paper and unsure why they’re going in to work.

'Willy Wonka-style elevator' created by German firm ThyssenKrupp in 'ground-breaking' design

A lift - which moves sideways as well as vertically much like the one in _Charlie and the Chocolate Factory_ - has been designed by a German company.

Aldi takes swipe at rivals as it shuns Black Friday

Discount supermarket Aldi took a swipe at rivals as fights broke out across the UK with shoppers pushing and shoving their way to a cheap telly on Black Friday.

Black Friday UK: Panic on the aisles of Tesco

The usual decorum witnessed in Tesco stores across the UK was aggressively shoved aside and sent flying into a bargain bin on Black Friday as shoppers sought out the best deals in scenes of utter chaos.

Black Friday: Apple offers no UK discounts, gives cash to Aids research instead

Apple stores in the UK have opted not to take part in Black Friday, despite running promotions in the US — leaving resellers the only way that shoppers in Britain can get discounts on the company’s products.

Black Friday UK: The shops hit by chaos and violence as shopping frenzy sweeps country

Black Friday has caused chaos across the UK as desperate bargain hunters stormed supermarkets and started fights in the early hours of this morning.

The City roundup video: Oil prices at four year low

Don't miss out on the goings on in the business world, with our_ _daily round-up of the biggest news from the City.

Canary Wharf’s owner Songbird piles on pressure on Qatari bid claiming its value has risen by £500 million

Docklands developer and bid target Songbird Estates has claimed its value had swollen by almost £500 million in just five months, putting further pressure on its Qatari and Canadian suitors to raise their £2.2 billion takeover pitch.

Quindell denies losing major contract amid Gotham controversy

Quindell has been forced to deny it has lost a major contract with one of its key customers.

Oil prices hit fresh low as Saudis resist OPEC output cut

The price of a barrel of Brent fell to $70.96, a fresh four-year low, following oil cartel Opec’s decision yesterday to maintain production targets in the face of oversupply.

Black Friday UK: 'Police have better things to do than breaking up fights over TVs' - police chief

One of Britain’s most senior police officers has lambasted retailers for not doing enough to prevent “totally predictable” Black Friday chaos.

Ofgem says households will pay £11 less in electricity bills after forcing energy companies to slash prices

Britain’s energy regulator Ofgem has claimed success in forcing power firms to cut costs, saying electricity bills will be £2.1 billion cheaper as a result.

Black Friday: best UK tech deals on iPads, Macs, PS4 and more

Black Friday has arrived — bringing with it deals on TVs, games consoles, laptops and tablets. Lots of the big tech companies are offering deals, and here’s the best so far, which will be updated through the day.

Black Friday: Currys, Tesco, Argos, PC World and Boots websites crash in shopping frenzy

A number of retailers experienced technical difficulties this morning as shoppers rushed online to get a Black Friday bargain.

Black Friday: Fights break out after shoppers queue all night for bargains

At least three people have been arrested for fighting over Black Friday bargains as huge crowds caused mayhem in shops across the UK.

Black Friday: What is it and is it worth the hype?

It's that time of the year: Black Friday has arrived on our shores and retailers are hoping to cash in on the American shopping import. But what exactly is it?This is what you need to know:

Tesco's new chief executive happy to take brutal decisions needed to turn around retail supertanker

When chief executive Dave Lewis took the decision early on in his Tesco career to suspend four, and later eight directors, there were some seriously raised eyebrows about the drastic nature of the move.

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