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This Surprising Channel is Breaking YouTube Records

Repel Mosquitos? There's An App For That

'Internet of Things' Devices Vulnerable to Attack: Report

A new study finds that the "Internet of Things" often lacks common security features, leaving devices and possibly your home open to attack.

Hands Free: Driverless Cars Could Hit U.K. in 2015

British officials have announced two official efforts to jump-start driverless vehicle testing and regulations in their country.

Will Feds Go After OkCupid for Deceiving Daters?

On Monday, President Christian Rudder disclosed in a blog post that OkCupid had conducted experiments on its users.

'Bronie' Boom? How 3D Printing Could Change the Toy Industry

The 3-D printing is making it easier than ever for fans to express their love for TV shows, movies and video games.

Smarter Smartphones: What Is a Kill Switch?

With smartphone thefts on the rise, the mobile phone industry is working to make stolen devices worthless to criminals.

Instagram Hopes to Shock Snapchat with Bolt

Bolt, the new ephemeral messaging app from Instagram, lets users send self-destructing photos and videos with a single tap.

Netflix Inks Paid Connection Deal With AT&T, Too

Add AT&T to the list of Internet providers that now have a paid connection, or peering, deal with video streaming giant Netflix.

Facebook Gives Up on Gifts

Say goodbye to those messages on Facebook asking you to send birthday gifts to your friends.

Rocket Attack? There's an App for That

The deadly conflict playing out in Gaza has underlined the growing role of technology in modern warfare.

Eight Ways Tech Is Tilting the Balance in Gaza

The deadly conflict playing out in Gaza has underlined the growing role of technology in modern warfare.

Martha Stewart Explains: 'Why I Love My Drone'

The lifestyle maven got a drone last year as a birthday present, and apparently life hasn’t been the same since then.

Tech Makes Your Screen, Not You, Wear the Glasses

New research out of UC Berkeley puts corrective lenses on your screen, so you can see it clearly even if you need glasses.

D'oh! Tesla's Elon Musk to Perform in 'The Simpsons'

The 43-year-old billionaire entrepreneur is about to leave a centenarian nuclear plant owner bankrupt, at least on TV.

Twitter User Growth Sends Shares Soaring

The online messaging service said monthly active users rose a better-than-expected 24 percent in the second quarter.

EA Debuts Netflix-Like Game Subscription for Xbox One

EA announced a new service Tuesday that lets players pay a flat monthly or yearly rate for access to a library of hit games.

20,000 Student iPads Cause Local Connection Chaos

Coachella Valley Unified School District is exploring a unique solution: becoming an Internet service provider.

'Cat Facts' App Annoys Your Friends to No End

Getting a lot of texts from a service called 'Cat Facts' lately? Here's why.

T-Mobile Drops Family Plan Price to Strike at Rivals

In another aggressive bid for subscribers, T-Mobile unveiled a new family plan that undercuts rivals AT&T and Verizon on price.

Drought-Shaming Apps Target California Water Wasters

As one of the worst droughts in California's history drags on, people start getting snippy on their smartphones.

Uber Drives into Business Travel and Expenses

Ridesharing app Uber is tapping into the massive business car service market, announcing a plan that allows users to bill their companies directly.

Mysterious 'Woman in Black' Sets Social Media Abuzz

A woman wearing a flowing, black dress and strolling along busy highways in parts of the Southeast and Midwest has social media wondering who she is.

Facebook Begins Forcing Messaging Into Separate App

Facebook announced Monday that it would soon begin forcing users to do their messaging in a separate app.

New Grilled Cheese Tech Promises Crunchy Delivery

Finally, technology has given us something to chew on: hot, crunchy grilled cheese sandwiches.

He's Back! Yo App Co-Founder Launches Snapchat Rival

For a moment there in June, the Internet was enthralled by the ridiculousness of Yo.

Professors Call FAA's Drone Rules 'Unreasonable'

Faculty from over a dozen universities have registered a formal complaint with the FAA over restrictions on model aircraft and drones.

Facebook Post Triggers Deadly 'Mob Violence'

"They took the law into their own hands," a Pakistani police chief told NBC News. "What followed was unabated mob violence."

Shocker: Looks Matter Most, OKCupid Experiments Show

The data seems to confirm it: OKCupid users only care about your photos.

Meet the Woman Trying to Save You From Silicon Valley

As the chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, Edith Ramirez currently suing two of the city’s biggest tech companies.

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