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Tim Cook Blasts Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Opponents of the law say it could allow companies to deny services to gay people.

Bionic Animals Mimic Ants, Butterflies and Chameleons

A new menagerie of animal-inspired robotics has been unveiled by the researchers at Festo.

Google, J&J Team Up to Build Robot Surgeons

Google is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to build robots that can help surgeons in the operating room

Mark Kelly: My Twin Brother's Spending a Year in Space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Korienko will spend close to a year at the International Space Station.

Silicon Valley Sexism? Case May Not Provide an Answer

Former Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers junior partner Ellen Pao is seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages from her former employer.

How Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Giving Away His Fortune

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a wealthy man, with a net worth of $120 million and stock potentially worth hundreds of millions more.

Digital Spring Cleaning: How to Clear Out Your Inbox, Storage Space

Spring isn't just a time for clearing out drawers -- it's also a great time to de-clutter on digital. NBC's Mark Barger and Julianne Pepitone report.

New U.N. Investigator to Probe Digital Spying

The United Nations' top human rights body has created a new post to investigate digital spying and violations of online privacy.

Meerkat, Take That! Twitter Introduces Periscope

Twitter launched a video streaming app called Periscope on the same day that rival Meerkat announced a $14 million round of funding.

ATF Spent $600K on Drones That Never Flew

The Department of Justice's agencies have spent millions on drones that never flew or are barely used, says a federal auditor's report.

'Gecko Structure' Material Sticks or Slips on Command

Researchers have created a new material covered in what they call "gecko structures" that can be switched between sticky and slippery in an instant.

Rescued Tortoise Gets New Shell Thanks to 3D Technology

A Colorado Tech University student uses a 3D printer to craft a new shell for a wounded tortoise. KUSA's Ryan Haarer reports.

Uber's New Code of Conduct Bans 'Aggressive Behavior'

In the wake of sexual assault accusations against drivers in Paris and Philadelphia, Uber released a new code of conduct on Wednesday.

FTC Regrets Release of Documents in Google Probe

The documents indicated that key staff members at the FTC were in favor of suing Google for allegedly breaking antitrust law.

Introducing China's First Electric Bus

This gas-free giant can carry twice as many passengers as China's regular buses and has already hit the roads of Beijing.

Facebook Unveils Customer-Service Feature for Messenger

Facebook says the service will cut down on email from retailers and streamline the customer-service experience.

Apple Co-Founder: Will AI Turn Us Into 'Family Pets'?

It looks like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking aren't the only people worried that artificial intelligence could spell doom for mankind.

U.S. Calls for Global Consensus on Tackling Cybercrime

The U.S. called on Wednesday for an international consensus to tackle the growing threat of cyber crime in financial services and other sectors.

Bracing for Power Grid Attack: 'One Is Too Many'

Cyber and physical attacks hit the nation's power grid on an average of once every four days, an investigation reveals.

Mouse Lover? Treat Yourself to the Logitech MX Master

Look at your mouse. Now look at the Logitech MX Master. Is there any comparison?

Amazon Blasts FAA for Slowness on Drone Regulations

The online retailer says the U.S. is falling behind other countries when it comes to realizing the economic potential of drone technology.

Google's Pony Express to Allow Bill Pay Via Email: Re/Code

Google's mission to organize the world's information is now targeting your physical mailbox.

Americans Can't Seem to Agree on Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars may be cool and the wave of the future, but a third of Americans say they would never buy one.

'Threat-Sharing' Cyber Bill Introduced in US House

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee introduced on Tuesday its version of long-awaited legislation intended to enhance information sharing.

Force Field Could Save Soldiers From Brain Injuries

It's not quite "Star Trek," but Boeing has patented a force field that's meant to keep soldiers safe on the battlefield.

More Than 1/3 of Americans Leave Phones Unlocked

It turns out that Americans are not great at protecting their privacy.

Taylor Swift Among Those Buying Up .Porn Suffixes

The singer Taylor Swift, Microsoft Corp. and Harvard University are among those buying up .porn and .adult Web suffixes as a pre-emptive move.

Drones Are Helping Save Rhinos From Extinction

University students in Spain are developing drone technology that helps identify poachers in an effort to save rhinos from extinction.

Encrypted Data: Simple Idea, Complex Math

Protecting your data may require complex math, but the process is surprisingly simple.

Internet Providers Sue FCC Over Net Neutrality Rules

The court filings by US Telecom and Alamo Broadband mark the first of several anticipated legal challenges to the new FCC rules.

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