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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Can the internet be saved without harming democracy?

A new report wants to foster a digital age underpinned by human rights and calls for greater transparency from global giants. But will we ever trust the internet?Citizens of the internet: here is some welcome news. Your downtrodden digital rights might be getting a well-overdue booster shot. But it comes with some warnings.This week in the Hague, ahigh-level group of 29 internet policymake

Is Candy Crush thumb the new BlackBerry thumb?

Man ruptures tendon in his thumb by playing Candy Crush Saga, but addiction to game enabled him to ignore the intense pain and keep on tappingA man has ruptured a tendon in his thumb by playing Candy Crush Saga, making it one of the first touchscreen-gaming related injuries and putting BlackBerry thumb back on the map.The Californian man played the game all day every day for between six an

Dutch police launch criminal investigation into Uber

Prosecutors declare Uber a ‘suspect’ and begin collecting evidence of ‘providing illegal transportation on a commercial basis’ after company ignored banDutch prosecutors are launching a criminal investigation into Uber for providing an illegal taxi service following court rulings and €10,000 fines.Uber continued to operate its UberPop peer-to-peer ride-sharing service in the Netherlands in

Algorithm 'identifies future trolls from just five posts'

A website commenter who will end up being banned for antisocial behaviour can be spotted with 80% accuracy simply by examining their first five posts, claim researchersIt is possible to tell comment trolls apart from other users simply from looking at the way they write, researchers have found. Studying the comments on three sites – CNN, Breitbart and IGN – over an 18 month period, the res

Microsoft’s Bing claims over 20% of US desktop searches

Google faces a real challenge from Microsoft’s Bing in the US, but its dominance of global, European and UK search is almost uncontestedMicrosoft’s Bing search engine has captured more than 20% of the US desktop search market for the first time since it launched, leaving Google with 64.4%.Bing was up 0.3 percentage points in March to 20.1%, while both Yahoo and Google fell 0.1 percentage p

WikiLeaks republishes all Sony hacking scandal documents

Julian Assange says data ‘belongs in the public domain’ and says hacked files shed light on extent of cooperation between government and HollywoodWikiLeaks has republished the Sony data from last year’s hacking scandal, making all the documents and emails “fully searchable” with a Google-style search engine.The move provides much easier access to the stolen information. Searching the name

Children's apps maker Toca Boca gets into video with Sesame Street veteran

After 85m downloads of its apps, Swedish company will explore the booming world of online entertainment for kids: ‘It’s an almost blank piece of paper’Tens of millions of parents are familiar with the children’s apps made by Swedish firm Toca Boca. Now it’s hoping to capitalise on that reputation as it explores the worlds of TV and video.The company is launching a new video division, based

Google apologises to newspapers over 'nonsense' traffic stats in EU response

Search firm says ‘sorry’ to the Guardian and Bild after citing incorrect data in its blog response to European commission’s antitrust chargesGoogle has apologised to the Guardian and Bild, after citing “nonsense” figures for the two sites’ traffic statistics in a response to the European commission’s antitrust charges against the company.The figures, which claimed that the two papers get “

Blood on the living-room table: why I still love the Game of Thrones board game

Everyone’s favourite fantasy drama is back on screen – but there’s even more backstabbing, plotting and fantasy to be had with the game first released in 2003When you play the Game of Thrones, as Cersei Lannister famously observed, you win or you die. And at this particular moment, my chances for survival didn’t look too good.I’d set out from my home on Dragonstone intent on raiding the La

Upgrading from iPhoto or Aperture to Apple's Photos? Read this

New Photos app replaces company’s amateur and professional photo apps, but is it any good – and is it safe to upgrade?Almost every new gadget has a camera these days, which means almost every moment can be captured for posterity. But the sheer number of photos we collect as we go about our lives is becoming a nightmare of organisation.To start with, how do you store photos? In virtual albu

Jawbone adds contactless payment to its latest fitness tracker

New UP4 fitness band has contactless payments built in joining a new raft of wearables that go beyond fitness trackingJawbone has added contactless payments to its latest fitness band, giving a secondary use to its activity tracker as the wearables market becomes more competitive.The new UP4 is a version of Jawbone’s long-awaited UP3 and incorporates an NFC chip that can be used to pay for

They monitor hearts, count calories … but are health apps any good for you?

The Apple Watch is just the latest step in a fast-growing industry gathering data on our wellbeing Continue reading...

Jack Monroe quits Twitter over homophobic abuse

Man arrested after food writer and campaigner is abused by Twitter user claiming to be former Ukip candidate Continue reading...

This week’s new games: reviewed

Pokémon Rumble World | The Trace: Murder Mystery Game | Affordable Space Adventures Continue reading...

On the road: Ford Kuga – car review

‘I was never going to pick up anyone in this car, but plenty of people wanted a lift’ Continue reading...

All hail Uber! But what about the black cabs?

One can be elusive and expensive, the other turns a human moment to a rateable transaction. It’s not easy steering between black cabs and the taxi service app Continue reading...

Cheating the system: from chess to pub quizzes, how technology has made breaking the rules easier than ever

The Georgian chess master rumbled this week for using a hidden smartphone to plan his moves is far from alone – and as our access to an infinite online stock of information gets ever faster and more portable, the question is: are we on the brink of an epidemic? Continue reading...

Vessel raises $57.5m funding to expand its 'first window' for YouTube creators

Silicon Valley heavyweight IVP joins US startup’s investors, and predicts it could be as successful as Netflix and Twitter Continue reading...

Uber claims new taxi-sharing service saves 120 tonnes of CO2 a month

Statistics from San Francisco suggest carpooling is a new frontier for public transport. But is everyone ready to jump in a car with a total stranger? Continue reading...

A new tech bubble? - Tech Weekly podcast

The number of tech companies valued at dizzying sums over the last year has fuelled talk of a tech bubble - are we in one? Continue reading...

Apple refuses to answer questions over 'homophobic' Russian Siri

Russian voice-assistant for iPhones and iPad accused of answering questions with homophobic responses, while company dismisses issue as ‘a bug’ Continue reading...

Rooster Teeth plays the video game: ‘We’re competing with Netflix and HBO’

Digital veteran Burnie Burns talks YouTube, Lazer Team, GamerGate and why PewDiePie isn’t his main competition any more Continue reading...

How can I add a touchscreen to my desktop PC?

Dave is planning to get a new family computer but would like a touch-sensitive screen for Windows 8 Continue reading...

European commission announces antitrust charges against Google

Inquiry will focus on accusations that internet search and tech multinational has unfairly used its products to oust competitors The European Union accused Google on Wednesday of cheating competitors by distorting Internet search results in favour of its Google Shopping service and also launched an antitrust probe into its Android mobile operating system.In a statement, Competition Commiss

You’ve sold 17 million albums and you want to pay me nothing? Pat Pope’s row with Garbage

When the managers of indie giants Garbage asked photographer Pat Pope to use his pictures for no fee, he made a stand Continue reading...

Jay Z's Tidal music service replaces its CEO two weeks after launch

*Peter Tonstad named interim chief executive, replacing Andy Chen*Jay Z and Jack White personally call subscribers to thank them Continue reading...

France launches major anti-racism and hate speech campaign

French government to invest more than £70m in three-year plan, while tightening the law on hate crime and cracking down on racism online Continue reading...

Tidal music-streaming service launches feature to promote emerging artists

Tidal Rising update debuts as criticism continues that the digital music app will only boost the careers of its superstar owners Continue reading...

'Words are our weapon': video mocking Ukrainian separatists goes viral

An art group satirising the anthems of fighters in eastern Ukraine say they are countering Russian propaganda about the conflict, RFE/RL report Continue reading...

VPNs could be blocked under proposed Australian copyright legislation, say Choice

Consumer advocacy group says while the copyright bill is designed to target BitTorrent sites, online services such as VPNs could fall victim Continue reading...

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