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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Lego Worlds game to challenge the might of Minecraft

Featuring customisable worlds and an array of models and mini-figs, Lego’s entry into creative gaming aims to corner market in constructive digital playIt is what Lego fans have been waiting for, and its absence is perhaps what has allowed the block-building hit Minecraft to flourish so spectacularly. And now, after weeks of rumours, it is here. Well, almost. Lego Worlds is an open-world c

Caitlyn Jenner smashes Twitter world record, reaching a million followers

Former Olympian and reality TV star, previously known as Bruce Jenner, takes just four hours to reach one million followers, becoming the fastest everFormer Olympic decathlon gold-medallist Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce Jenner, has smashed another world record by becoming the fastest person on Twitter to reach one million followers.Jenner took just four hours (and three minutes

'Ransomware-as-a-service' discovered on the darknet

New malware ‘Tox’ lets would-be hackers create their own ransomware at will Would-be cybercriminals who lack the technological prowess to actually hack into their targets computers themselves can now overcome that hurdle, thanks to a new “ransomware-as-a-service” tool discovered on the darknet by researchers at McAfee.Branded as “Tox”, the tool lets anyone, regardless of technical ability,

YouTube promises more measures to tame its comment trolls

‘One of the hardest things to do is scaling openness, whether you run an internet platform or whether you run a country,’ claims Robert Kyncl• Interview part one: mobile, virtual reality and musicWith more than one billion monthly viewers, YouTube is the biggest online video service – but in 2015, there are plenty of companies hoping to take a bite out of it.Videos uploaded directly to

Five injured in chlorine gas leak at Apple data centre

Workers treated at the scene in North Carolina by paramedics before being taken to hospital after exposure to noxious fumesFive people have been taken to hospital after a chlorine gas leak at Apple’s large data centre in Maiden, North Carolina.The building was evacuated by the hazardous materials response team, and five workers were treated on site before being taken to a nearby hospital.

Google's staff worldwide still overwhelmingly white and Asian men

In the US in 2014 just 2% of Google’s workers were black people and 3% were Hispanic, and only 18% of technology jobs are held by women Google is largely failing to diversify its workforce beyond white and Asian men even though it hired women to fill one in every five of its openings for computer programmers and other high-paying technology jobs last year.The imbalanced picture emerged in

Netflix tests pre-roll trailers

Video-streaming service’s original series may be trailed before other Netflix shows if tests prove popularNetflix is testing pre-roll trailers before its original shows, according to reports from users.However, the company is keen to emphasise that the trailers, which promote other Netflix original shows, are “not adverts in the traditional sense”, according to a statement given to the Ver

Last remaining Pirate Bay founder freed from jail

Fredrik Neij served two-thirds of 10-month prison sentence for copyright infringement but remains defiant over government actionPirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij has been released from prison, marking an end to the incarnation of the notorious pirate site’s crew.Neij was released from prison in Skänninge, Sweden, on 1 June, according to reports, after serving two-thirds of a 10-month pris

Facebook introduces PGP encryption for sensitive emails

Users of the social network can now opt to encrypt email notifications such as password resets and other confidential informationFacebook is offering users the ability to encrypt password reset emails for the first time, using the popular PGP email encryption standard.Users who want to take advantage of the new security standards can tell Facebook their public key, and the site will then e

Microsoft will offer Windows 10 for free in July

Final version of Windows will be released this summer as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 or later Windows 10 will be released as a free update on 29 July, Microsoft has announced.It will be the last major release of the 29-year-old operating system before Microsoft switches to a “Windows as a service” system, which entails updates being rolled out when ready. Continue reading...

Bitcoin app issues critical update after rare bug leads to total crypto breakdown

Blockchain has issued an update for the Android version of its bitcoin wallet after discovering a critical failure which breaks the cryptocurrency’s securityBitcoin wallet application Blockchain has rushed to release an update after a critical bug left multiple users unaware that they were sharing a bitcoin wallet, leaving their cryptocurrency completely unsecured.The bug affected users ru

IRS data breach would have been 'much more difficult' with security upgrades

*IRS failed to implement recommended upgrades ahead of data breach*Senator: breach ‘a lot more personal’ than anything NSA does Continue reading...

Ellen Pao to appeal ruling in Silicon Valley gender discrimination lawsuit

Lawyer for former partner at venture capital firm files two-page notice in case at center of concerns over inequality in the tech world Continue reading...

Google wants to count the calories in your Instagram food porn

Artificial intelligence technology Im2Calories aims to identify pictures of food posted to Instagram, and tell users the calorie count of their meals Continue reading...

YouTube trains its sights on traditional TV: 'It's a no-growth business'

Head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl says the future for online video is small screens: ‘It’s all mobile, mobile, mobile’• Interview part two: competition, original content and freedom of speech Continue reading...

Google Atap: touch-sensitive jeans, tiny radar and the death of the password

Google’s advanced research arm shows off new projects at I/O developer conference in San Francisco Continue reading...

20 best iPhone and iPad apps and games this week

MixRadio, Google Photos, Make My Day, Capitals, Geometry Wars 3, Til Morning’s Light, Inbox by Gmail and more Continue reading...

20 best Android apps and games this week

Google Photos, MixRadio, Periscope, Inbox by Gmail, Skiing Yeti Mountain, Biz Builder Delux, Lara Croft: Relic Run and more Continue reading...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review – a thrilling journey into the fantastic

(PS4, Xbox One, PC, Bandai Namco, cert: 18, out now) Continue reading...

Job hunting, Tinder style – must have thumb, no experience required

It’s like the dating app, but for work. But is swiping really the best way to find employment – or dogs, or houses? Continue reading...

Splatoon review – Inky multiplayer fun from Nintendo

(Wii U, Nintendo, cert: 7, out now) Continue reading...

Woman who left rare Apple 1 for recycling has $100,000 check waiting

Mystery woman dropped off computer – built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976 – after cleaning out garage, Silicon Valley recycling firm saysA $100,000 check is waiting for a mystery woman who donated a rare Apple 1 computer to a Silicon Valley recycling firm. CleanBayArea in Milpitas, California, said on its website that a woman in her 60s dropped off some electronic goods in April

Popcorn Time helps film piracy to live on – even though it technically doesn't exist

Because the streaming software is an open-source community project run by a dedicated global collective, free all-the-movies-ever sites will keep popping upPopcorn Time is dead. Long live Popcorn Time! The film and TV streaming app that, according Hollywood’s powerful lobbying groups, incriminates you while you use it has been crushed by regulators around the world. But like the hydra, it has

Facebook users plan protest against site's 'real name' policy at headquarters

Drag queens, transgender people and others part of #MyNameIs coalition will demand removal of fake name reporting option and clearer appeals processDrag queens plan to lead a demonstration outside Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters on Monday in response to the company’s “real name” policy. Facebook has repeatedly stated its opposition to anonymous users and has suspended accounts when

iPhone text crash bug hits Twitter and Snapchat

Unfixed iOS bug allows booby-trapped messages to break Snapchat text chat and can be sent via Twitter direct messages or mentions Apple’s text messaging bug that can crash iPhones with simple text also affects Twitter and permanently breaks Snapchat text chat.The bug, which causes Apple’s text handling system to choke on certain characters from Arabic, Marathi and Chinese and crashes the i

Secret report urges treaty forcing US web firms' cooperation in data sharing

Exclusive: UK privacy campaigners say international treaty could provide legal alternative to government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ proposals Continue reading...

FBI operating fleet of surveillance aircraft flying over US cities

The planes, which are equipped with video and cellphone technology at times, are being managed behind fake companies to mask government involvement Continue reading...

Drake and Pharrell rumoured to be iTunes Radio guest DJs

Ahead of the launch of Apple’s streaming service, a string of artists have been affiliated with the venture Continue reading...

Court overturns conviction for man who posted about killing wife on Facebook

The supreme court ruled in favor of Anthony Elonis, who wrote about smothering his ex-wife, but did not set a new standard of proof for lower courts Continue reading...

Enrique Iglesias has fingers sliced by drone during Tijuana concert

*Singer bloodied by drone used to film crowd at Sex and Love tour gig*Statement: ‘Something went wrong and he had an accident’ Continue reading...

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