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Health & Science: Science News, Health News, Scientific Developments, Healthcare & Nutrition - The Washington Post 

Dam breaks, tainted wells prompt new look at coal-ash dumps that escaped EPA review

CHESTER, W.V. — When work began on a strange new reservoir in the hills outside this Ohio River town, local officials promoted the project as offering something for everyone: An aquatic playground for boaters and sunbathers, and for the local power plant, a dump.Read full article >>

The Guardian (U.K.) 

Birds detect approaching storm from 900km away

Infrasound may have alerted warblers to the massive storm, prompting them to fly more than a thousand kilometres to avoid itA group of songbirds may have avoided a devastating storm by fleeing their US breeding grounds after detecting telltale infrasound waves.Researchers noticed the behaviour after analysing trackers attached to the birds to study their migration patterns. They believe it i

NHS (U.K.) 

'Electromagnetic smog' unlikely to harm humans

The Daily Telegraph reports that “mobile phones are unlikely to harm human health”, adding to the ongoing, and often conflicting, coverage of the potential health impact of environmental exposure to what some commentators have called “electromagnetic smog”. This is a term used to refer to a mix of low-level magnetic fields that exist in the modern environment. This "smog" is not just generate - Health 

Pot smokers show less inflammation

People who smoke marijuana may have lower levels of inflammation compared with people who have never smoked it, according to new research on one marker of inflammation

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