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Health & Science: Science News, Health News, Scientific Developments, Healthcare & Nutrition - The Washington Post 

Dazzling ‘discovery’ of gravitational waves from the Big Bang goes poof with new data

A new analysis has dynamited a much-hyped discovery of “gravitational waves” from the dawn of time. What had seemed to be a major breakthrough in cosmology, one that incited loose talk of Nobel prizes, now appears to have been a case of scientists over-interpreting their data.Read full article >>

The Guardian (U.K.) 

UK urged to permit IVF procedure to prevent fatal genetic diseases

Top world scientists call on government to approve law allowing ‘three-person embryos’ which would remove faulty mitochondrial DNAFamilies at risk of passing on devastating genetic diseases to their children should be allowed to have a ground-breaking but controversial IVF procedure involving biological material from three “parents” to prevent the illnesses, leading experts have said. Rela

NHS (U.K.) 

Body clock may have effect on sporting peak performance

"Our internal body clock has such a dramatic impact on sporting ability that it could alter the chances of Olympic gold," BBC News reports. This headline comes from a study of 20 female athletes, which showed their peak performance on a fitness test was strongly linked to what are described as "circadian phenotypes". These phenotypes were assessed using a questionnaire that looked at issue - Health 

NYC Health Dept. form asks parents if 'woman giving birth' is male or female

It may seem like a trick question but New York City has started asking new mothers if they are male or female.

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