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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: 'We worked with a Pentagon adviser'

The studio behind the latest title consulted soldiers and futurologists to build its vision of a war against private military contractorsThe scene is exciting but implausible. Its a shoot out on the Golden Gate bridge, taking place 45 years in the future. Soldiers wearing bionic exoskeletons leap over trucks, firing bizarre directed energy weapons that send out fatal force waves. Drones patro

Inside the mind of Derp, a hacking group with a taste for cyber chaos

With cyber attacks on the rise, the Guardian meets the team behind one of the most famous incidents. This is the night DerpTrolling took down gaming superstar, PhantomlordFriday 27 December 2013. The answer phone message was simple: Get PhantomL0rd. No one knew who it came from.The message was left on a phone operated by DerpTrolling, a clandestine hacker group, active since 2011. Like man

Life beyond Amazon: live-streaming Twitch alternatives

Amazons acquisition of streaming site Twitch prompts mixed reactions from users, but there are other live-streaming alternativesReactions to Amazons purchase of live gaming site Twitch have been more positive - certainly more positive than when Google was rumoured to be buying the site. But with the mainstream moving in on live-streamed games, is it time to look for alternatives ?Twitch ha

Godus review  not godlike yet, but a creative cut above the freemium herd

Peter Molyneuxs scenery-shaping mobile game gets off to a slow start, but when its charms open up, its potential is clearAs the latest game from veteran designer Peter Molyneux, Godus has been the subject of plenty of hype before its launch. Hardly a shock, for anyone whos followed his work since the turn of the century.The Fable and Black & White games were exactly the same, as was Projec

Fifa 15 hands-on, part one: physics and physicality

Every year the Fifa series seeks to simulate not just the sport of football, but the drama and narrative of the big match spectacle. Fifa 15 may get closer than everThe ball drops deep into the Liverpool half. Theres a brief scramble, a moment of panic, and then a defender belts it toward the touchline; it hits the shoulder of Manchester Citys Samir Nasri and spins out of play. Later in the m

The 10 most interesting new games at Gamescom 2014

It wasnt just mega-sequels and annual shooter updates at this years event in Cologne. Here are 10 titles worth looking out forHundreds of games, 350,000 visitors and roughly a billion years worth of hyperbole, the gigantic GamesCom exhibition is over for another year. Although never as packed with announcements as the E3 event in Los Angeles, theres always plenty of new stuff to discover at t

Mario and Luigi join Instagram (kind of)

Veteran actor Charles Martinet who voices Mario, Luigi and Wario for Nintendo has been posting short videos on InstagramMamma mia! Mario and Luigi are on Instagram!Kind of. Continue reading...

SpeccyJam and the everlasting appeal of the ZX Spectrum

Starting on Friday, the annual SpeccyJam challenges coders to create new games in the style of classic Spectrum titles. Why?Attribute clash. If that two-word phrase means nothing to you, the rest of this article is probably going to be bewildering. But if some dim light bulb exploded in your head, dragging you back thirty years to the days of the early home computers, welcome back. We are, of

Bafétimbi Gomis: I researched Swansea on Football Manager computer game

Striker swotted up on players, manager and clubs history I spent a month playing as Swansea when I was at Lyon Football Manager game to help clubs buy players Football Manager craze has matured into national obsessionBafétimbi Gomis has admitted using the Football Manager game to learn about Swansea City and their players before he signed for the club.The 29-year-old was aware of Garry Mo

Lindsay Lohan 'sued for publicity', claim Grand Theft Auto makers

Rockstar Games rebuts suit alleging infringement of image rights and privacy by dismissing similarities between actor and character, and alleges Lohan is simply seeking publicity.Lindsay Lohan has been accused of seeking publicity by the makers of Grand Theft Auto after the actor sued, claiming the video game breaches her image rights. Take-Two Interactive Software and subsidiary Rockstar Gam

Oh help! Oh no! It's a Gruffalo Games app for children

New iOS app is clearly not a book but aims to inspire children to re-read Julia Donaldsons original storiesThe Gruffalo may have terrible claws, teeth and poisonous warts, but the enduringly popular childrens characters new mobile app is distinctly un-terrible.Gruffalo: Games is the work of Magic Light Pictures, which produced the animated films The Gruffalo and The Gruffalos Child, based

Chatterbox: Thursday

The place to talk about games and other things that matterHey there, it's Thursday! Continue reading...

Sims 4: gaming's fascinating answer to reality TV

The latest title promises to transform the series by giving the characters complex feelings. And with emotion comes dramaPhil is telling what he thinks is an amusing story, but Dianne and Jack arent really listening; slumped on the sofa together, theyre too busy trading flirty remarks, while ostensibly watching the evening news. Increasingly agitated, Phil finally storms off and spends the ne

Chatterbox: Wednesday

The place to talk about games and other things that matterIt's Wednesday. Continue reading...

Amazon's $1bn deal for video streaming site Twitch is latest battle with Google

Broadcasting and watching gameplay is global phenomenon, says Amazon CEO as firms fight for online supremacyTom Cassell may have spent an unexceptional nine hours on Sunday before he finished killing zombies in the Call of Duty video game. But the fact that 120,000 people were watching him unleash pixelated mayhem is why the internet retail giant Amazon thought it was worth paying almost $1bn (

Twitch: Why Amazon's $1bn purchase is all about the ads

The three-year old live gaming site has a valuable audience of 50 million young people every month, many watching for hours at a timeAmazon is to purchase video-game streaming site Twitch for almost $1bn, the firms announced on Monday. The acquisition sees Amazon gazumping Google, which had previously all-but-confirmed its own acquisition of the company before balking at the last minute, r

Police called on video game developer over 'Global Thermonuclear War' plans

Henry Smith, a developer from Bristol, was reported to the police by his landlord for the diagrams of his new projectA British games developers letting agency called the police after mistaking diagrams of his new game for a planned thermonuclear attack on Washington.Henry Smith is a software engineer from Bristol working on a game called Global Thermonuclear War, which uses Google Maps to

Interview with Ben Glover, digital theatre masters student | Tech talk

The creative developer on using video game tech in dance and how Oculus Rift could be the next device to wow arts audiencesHi Ben, tell me a little bit about who you are and what you doIm 22 and I recently graduated from Goldsmiths in creative computing. Since then Ive been taking on a freelance web design role with IntrAktion and Im about to start a masters in digital theatre at Wimbledon

Twitch: Amazon to buy live-streaming gaming network for $1bn

San Francisco-based Twitch allows gamers to broadcast live streams of themselves playing video gamesAmazon is buying video game streaming platform Twitch Interactive for $970 million in cash as it seeks to expand its presence in gaming.As video gaming grows into an online spectator sport, gameplay video feeds are becoming increasingly lucrative. Twitch had 55 million unique visitors in Jul

Chatterbox: Tuesday

The place to talk about games and other things that matterIt's Tuesday. How was your Bank Holiday weekend? Continue reading...

PlayStation Network attacked by hacker group Xbox may be next target

Rival hackers both claim to have brought down the PlayStation Network this weekend. The next target may well be Xbox Live Sony claims that its PlayStation Network (PSN) online gaming service has recovered after being attacked by an apparent hacker group over the weekend. On Sunday, the network, which allows PlayStation owners to access the internet and play against each other in multiplaye

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment review an entertaining action-RPG

Vita, Bandai NamcoBased on one of the most popular anime series in years, _Sword Art Online_ imagines a world where players trapped in an MMO must fight for their lives, both virtual and literal, to escape. _Hollow Fragment_ aligns with the first half of the series, but drastically changes the story's direction.Playing as either the default protagonist, Kirito, or customising an avatar to su

Mobile games review Godus, Rules!

A God game with a few glitches and a memory tester that loads rule upon rule feature in our roundup of mobile releasesPeter Molyneux, designer of _Populous _and _Fable_, is no stranger to hype, but with Godus (22cans, iOS, free), a freemium title funded on Kickstarter to the tune of £526,000, he was always going to face an uphill task living up to expectations. The game puts players in the fami

Metrico review captivating and distinctive puzzle platformer

Vita (download), Digital Dreams_Metrico_ presents an intriguing world, woven from the pages of maths textbooks and financial reports, but understandably one that does not present a particularly enticing premise for a puzzle-platformer. Yet this reimagining of bar graphs and pie charts as ever-changing landscapes that twist and warp under the protagonist's feet is as captivating as it is distinc

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review

PS3 & PS4; Electronic Arts; £21.99-£29.86Starting life as a PC game, before being recreated on nearly a dozen other formats, Plants Vs Zombies has been a surprise hit. And, because Electronic Arts now owns the developer that made it, that success is in the process of being turned into a franchise. This involves churning out new episodes, one of which was the dreadful freemium Plants Vs Zombie

Mario Kart 8 news

Mercedes Benz Karts arrive as free downloadable contentAlthough the Wii comfortably outsold PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Nintendos latest console, the Wii U, hasnt been as successful. Thats left Nintendo open to ideas it might previously have dismissed. For example, next week sees the launch of free downloadable content for Mario Kart 8 that adds three Mercedes Benz models to the games list of

Xbox One: playthrough of three downloadable launch titles - video

Keith Stuart and staff of the Official Xbox Magazine play through a selection of the lesser-known launch titles for the new Xbox One console, such as downloadable oddities Crimson Dragon, Powerstar Golf and the truly insane Lococycle. Will these, and the big blockbusters launch titles such as Forza 5 and Dead Rising, be enough to tempt you towards the Xbox One? Continue reading...

South Park mocks PS4 v Xbox One sales war - video

You can always rely on South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to prick the pomposity of hardcore gaming culture. The animated series' masterful World of Warcraft episode remains one of its finest moments but this short sequence from a recent show gets quite close. The kids are live role-playing their way into the Black Friday sales, with the ultimate prize being a next-gen console. But whi

PlayStation 4 launch games playthrough - video

Guardian games editor Keith Stuart and IGN UK games editor Keza MacDonald play through four of the key PlayStation 4 launch titles: sci-fi shooter sequel Killzone; Shadow Fall; family-friendly adventure Knack; retro space blaster Resogun; and football sim Fifa 14. Thrill at the visuals and scoff at Keith's incompetence Continue reading...

Xbox One launch round-up

Crimson Dragon | LocoCycle | Dead Rising 3 | Kinect Sports Rivals | Powerstar GolfConsole launches are fraught with disappointment: the potential of new technology meets the paucity of games rushed out to meet the artificially imposed deadline of launch day. And so it is with Xbox One. Crimson Dragon is spiritual successor to on-rails shooter Panzer Dragoon, and while it's similar, it has the a

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