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Destiny DLC trailer divides fans with its 'dudebro' character

‘If you wanna level up, you gotta go below,’ is just one of the lines chanced by fourth wall-breaking character DrCrispy93 in Bungie’s new teaserDestiny has been called many things since its successful launch in September, but funny is not one of them. The epic science-fiction adventure, which pits players against alien invaders brought to Earth by a nameless and ancient evil, has ensnared th

PlayStation Network and Windows Live hack was a hoax, companies say

No evidence of DerpTrolling hack of PlayStation Network and Windows Live found by Sony or MicrosoftThe latest alleged hack of the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Windows Live was a hoax, Sony and Microsoft have confirmed.Hacking group DerpTrolling claimed to have stolen 7m accounts, and allegedly leaked more than 5,500 usernames for the PSN, Windows Live and 2K Games via the anonymous text s

Grand Theft Auto 5: a quick guide to PS4 and Xbox One versions

Rockstar has finally released its updated version of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So what’s new? With sales of more than 30m copies, Grand Theft Auto V was the biggest game release of 2013 by a considerable distance. Set in the vast city of Los Santos, a hyper-sleazy take on Los Angeles, the incendiary action adventure follows three criminals as they attempt a series

Sony told to refund customers after running 'misleading' Vita adverts

The US Federal Trade Commission has ruled that early adverts for the handheld console were misleading about its featuresThe US Federal Trade Commission has ordered Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) to provide partial refunds to consumers who bought a PlayStation Vita handheld console before 1 June 2012. The ruling found that an early marketing campaign for the device made several

Night Zookeeper’s magical zoo offers kids a new way to create and play

UK startup aims to spark young imaginations: ‘You don’t have to make these fruit machine-style massive addiction games’For children, digital and physical play and/or learning don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts. British startup Night Zookeeper is the latest company exploring the idea of blending the two areas.It started life in 2007 as a project in schools where then-teacher Paul

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review – a great progression, albeit a safe one

PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Activision, cert: 18Simon Parkin reviews Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare_Advanced Warfare_ presents the biggest step forward for _Call of Duty_ since… well, let’s be honest, the last one. As the series strives to reinvent itself annually, it’s become increasingly sci-fi-influenced. This year’s entry is set in the 2050s, a time when soldiers rumble into conf

Sega can save Sonic the Hedgehog – here's how

Sonic Boom is the latest hedgehog monstrosity to disappoint and infuriate fans, but there’s one way to save this spiky legendWe’ve been here before, of course. So many times. A new title in the Sonic the Hedgehog series is announced, a few screenshots arrive, fans get excited – and then there is huge disappointment when the inevitably compromised title stumbles from the starting blocks. It’s

Games reviews are changing from product assessments to tourist guides

The story of a game comes alive weeks after a release, when players have established themselves in the worldIt used to be simple. A decade ago, a games publisher would send out early copies of its latest release to magazines and websites. It would arrive with some sort of embargo restricting the date of any subsequent review coverage. Then, before the game hit the shelves, there would be rang

Board games' golden age: sociable, brilliant and driven by the internet

PlayStation and Xbox may get all the glory these days, but independent board game designers have kicked off a cardboard revolution*Board games don’t just bring us together – they remind us how to play*Podcast: Is the board-game revival down to computer games?Tell most people that you’re a “gamer” nowadays and they’ll subconsciously add the prefix “video”. But while digital games are grud

Assassin's Creed Unity review – epic but familiar

Ubisoft’s historical assassination adventure shows up in revolutionary France, bringing a familiar army of featuresUbisoft; PC/PS4/Xbox One; £50; Pegi rating: 18+This year has been something of a disappointment for triple-A gaming innovation (admittedly, never a sensible thing to expect). While there have been plenty of blockbuster releases – some new, some a continuation of high profile f

My favourite board game: our writers pick their table-top treasures

From the strategic depth of Magic: the Gathering to the simple delights of Guess Who, these are the titles our games writers reach for first on those rainy weekends• Start your own board game collection – our pick of the best titles• Board games’ golden age: sociable, brilliant and driven by the internet Continue reading...

Start your own board game collection – our pick of the best titles

Intrigued by the board-game renaissance but not sure which one to buy next? Try our guide to the best titles from the new wave •My favourite board game: our writers pick their table-top treasures•12 board games to make you a better person Continue reading...

Gaming communities can self-police against bigotry, research shows

Games industry professionals and other respected content-makers can foster tolerance and inclusivity Continue reading...

Minecraft at Tate: in gaming, the Renaissance has returned

This new collaboration is proof that video games hark back to an artistic age obsessed with realism and perspective – the Renaissance Continue reading...

12 board games to make you a better person

From those that bring history to life, to others that can teach a thing or two about working together, tabletop games can teach all sorts of skills*Board games don’t just bring us together – they remind us how to play*Podcast: Is the board-game revival down to computer games? Continue reading...

30 best iPhone and iPad apps this week

Toca Nature, Sleep Better, Vainglory, World of Warriors, Molecules by Theodore Gray, snowbuddy and more Continue reading...

Is the board-game revival down to computer games' popularity? – podcast

Has the rise of the computer game fuelled an interest in board games? Alex Hern is joined by an expert panel to discuss Continue reading...

30 best Android apps and games this week

Taylor Swift, Civilization Revolution 2, Sleep Better, Messenger, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Football Manager Handheld 2015 and more Continue reading...

Ryan Green on the tragedy that inspired That Dragon, Cancer - podcast

In this games-focused edition Keith Stuart and the panel also discuss the role of AI in games and the frustrastion and fun of errors in the gaming machine Continue reading...

Board games don’t just bring us together – they remind us how to play

With so much concern about screen time, board games are a sociable reminder of the real dynamics of family life• Board games’ golden age: sociable, brilliant and driven by the internet• Podcast: Is the board-game revival down to computer games’ popularity? Continue reading...

Minecraft YouTube videos have been watched 47bn times

And the vast majority of those views were of clips made by fans and the growing wave of Minecraft YouTubers Continue reading...

Wounding the World review – ‘an essential polemic’

Joanna Bourke convincingly argues that a militarised mindset is shaping the modern world Continue reading...

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham review – enjoyable run-out for familiar platform format

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Mac, Warner Bros, cert: 7 Continue reading...

Halo: The Master Chief Collection review – impressive compendium of sci-fi shooter classics

Xbox One, Microsoft, cert: 16 Continue reading...

Can Amazon take on Netflix with ad-supported video? Open thread

Have your say on Amazon’s latest TV ambitions, Twine, the ‘poop’ emoji, Minecraft videos and more Continue reading...

Assassin’s Creed Unity review – ambitious adventure crippled by technical flaws

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Ubisoft, cert: 18 Continue reading...

Costume Quest 2 review – trick-or-treating is rarely such fun

PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Midnight City, cert: 7Developer Double Fine returns with another sharp helping of trick-or-treat adventure played through the eyes of two children travelling through time with an array of magical costumes to foil the plans of Halloween-hating dentist Dr Orel White. Between exploring history and knocking on doors in hope of sweet rewards, combat is a comb

Dragon Age: Inquisition review – a truly monumental game

The latest title in Bioware’s fantasy series is huge in size, vision and entertainment valueElectronic Arts; PC (version tested)/PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One; £45; Pegi rating: 18+A few hours into Inquisition, my party staggers out of a bandit camp on the Storm Coast to the sight of a giant hurling a boulder at a charging dragon. “Can we watch?” asks Sera, my elven archer accomplice, with a g

Far Cry 4 review

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC; Ubisoft; £39.99 to £44.99 Continue reading...

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Watch Dogs | Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric | Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal | Minecraft: PS Vita Edition | Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor | Escape Dead Island Continue reading...

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