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Hail, High Winds Lash Texas as Storms Move East

There were tornado watches but no major damage reported as storms with high winds swept through parts of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma Saturday.

Worst Sandstorm in Years Chokes China

A sandstorm hits portions of northwest China, reducing visibility to less than 50 yards in some areas. The sand and dust is likely to stay in the Xinjiang region for a few more days.

Cars Battle High Waters After Flash Floods in Houston

Intense rains led to flash flooding in Houston, Texas on Friday night.

'No Water, No Workers': Town Shrinks Amid Historic Drought

The land in Stratford, California, isn't sinking as it has in some towns, but business is drying up as the town is ravaged by an historic drought.

Texas Tornado Captured on Video

Camera rolls as a large tornado moves across the horizon near Briscoe, Texas.

Twisters, Baseball-Sized Hail Batter Texas, Plains

Rain, baseball-sized hail and 10 reported tornadoes pounded Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas on Thursday.

Funnel Cloud Formation Captured on Camera in Texas

Severe weather conditions across Texas included the formation of this funnel cloud near the town of Pampa.

April Blizzard Causes 70-Vehicle Pile-Up in Wyoming

As many as 70 vehicles piled up on one stretch of a Wyoming interstate Thursday after a heavy April storm dropped almost 10 inches of snow.

Red Skies in Northern China as Super Sandstorm Blankets Streets

Skies darkened and streets were awash with sand as a massive sandstorm swept through parts of northwest China.

Powerful Gusts Topple Trucks, Trigger Fatal Pileup in Utah

At least one person was killed as winds gusting over 70 mph knocked over trucks and closed major highways in Nevada and Utah, authorities said.

Rare 'Small Tornado' Wrecks Cars in Central Oregon

Damage was isolated to a community college in Eugene, Oregon, where four cars were damaged by rarely seen weather event.

Strong Winds Cause Shaky Landings, Delays at Las Vegas Airport

Winds of nearly 50 mph caused travel delays into Las Vegas as some planes struggled to land.

Driver Trapped in Tornado's Path Captures Incredible Video

Truck driver Sam Smith came face to face with a tornado as it swept through northern Illinois - and right over his vehicle.

Windstorm Triggers Major Wreck in Utah

Police say a semi that couldn't see because of strong winds and low visibility slowed down and was hit by a car from behind. That accident triggered then several chain-reaction crashes.

Here's Why the Tornado Season Is Off to a Slow Start

This year's tornado season is off to a slow start, despite last week's deadly twisters that devastated an Illinois town, forecasters said Tuesday.

WATCH: Torrential Rain Turns Streets Into Rivers

Many residents and businesses dealt with rivers of floodwater on Monday after heavy rainfall across North Texas.

Residents Allowed to Return to Tornado-Hit Town

Residents of a small northern Illinois farming community that took a direct hit from a half-mile-wide tornado were allowed back into the area Saturday.

'Absolutely Devastated': Twister Wipes Town Off Map

Police, Fire and Coroner's office officials brief the media on the continuing search and rescue efforts in Fairdale, Illinois, after a tornado destroyed most of the town.

Survivors Sift Through Tornado Debris in Illinois Towns

Two people were killed and at least 49 homes were damaged, many of them flattened, in a central Illinois county.

Onlookers Capture Deadly Illinois Tornado and Aftermath

The tornado that ripped through central Illinois Thursday left two people dead and a trail of destruction along a 20-mile path.

Caught On Camera: School Bus Tumbles Off The Road

An on-board dashcam captured video of the school bus hydroplaning and rollling over in a high-speed crash. Ten students were on the bus at the time of the crash.

Drone Captures Devastation of Illinois Twister

Dan Isaacson captured video of tornado damage in Lindenwood, Illinois

'Absolutely Devastated': Twister Wipes Illinois Town Off Map

Police, Fire and Coroner's office officials brief the media on the continuing search and rescue efforts in Fairdale, Illinois, after a tornado destroyed most of the town.

Rochelle, Illinois, Tornado Caught on Camera

Caleb Bryan was driving along route 251, heading toward Rochelle, Illinois, when he saw a huge tornado ahead of him, and stopped to take video of it.

'Like a Bomb Went Off': Deadly Tornado Levels Illinois Town

Tornadoes killed at least one person and damaged numerous homes Thursday night in central Illinois, where the small town of Fairdale was flattened.

Lucky Escape as Tornado Flattens Restaurant West of Chicago

Asst. Chief Richard Mott described how more than a dozen people were rescued from restaurant basement in Rochelle, Illinois.

Storm Chasers Track Illinois Tornado

This massive tornado touched down near a busy highway near Rochelle, Illinois

Severe Storms Spawn Several Tornadoes in Illinois

Franklin Grove, Illinois was one of several areas hit by tornadoes in Illinois Thursday evening.

Tornado Touches Down In Illinois

This massive tornado touched down in Rochelle, Illinois Thursday evening.

What's Causing Weird Weather? Blame a Blob of Water

What's behind the weirdly warm and dry weather in the West, and the weirdly wet and cold winter in the East? Blame "the warm blob," scientists say.

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