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Brrrrr-ace Yourself: Arctic Blast Set to Chill Millions

An arctic blast is due to hit the eastern part of the U.S., bringing the first freeze of the season for many areas.

Stay or Go? Winding Lava Flow Frays Nerves in Hawaii

Residents in the potential path of the Kilauea volcano flow in Hawaii say the day-to-day lack of predictability is frustrating and stressful.

Hawaii Resident: Going To Be Dealing With This Lava For Years

One Hawaii woman who lives near the approaching lava flow says it has already worsened her commute to work and is worried the disaster could wipe out the entire area.

Heavy Downpours Cause Flooding in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, was flooded on Wednesday in the wake of torrential rains that lashed the capital.

Dozens of Homes Buried by Deadly Two-Mile Landslide

A landslide buried more than 140 houses in Sri Lanka on Wednesday after days of heavy rain. Hopes were fading for more than 300 listed as missing.

At Least Ten Dead After Landslide Buries 140 Homes in Sri Lanka

Days of heavy rains led to a fatal landslide nearly 2-miles long in south-central Sri Lanka. More than 300 people were reported missing.

Heavy Rains Lead to Extensive Flooding in Western Norway

Houses and bridges have been swept away by floodwaters sweeping through western Norway.

Here It Comes: Hawaiians Brace for River of 2,000-Degree Lava

The lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is the least of residents' worries. The slow-moving lava's worst hazards are largely hidden.

Tornado Touches Down in Washington State

Buildings and cars were damaged and power lines brought down after twister touched down in Longview, Washington.

Nor'easter Brings Flooding and Power Outages to New England

A nor’easter moving up the East Coast triggered flash flooding, closed schools, washed out businesses and left 40,000 customers without power.

Tornado Wrecks Cars in Washington State

The National Weather Service said the tornado touched down in Cowlitz County as a windy weather system dumped heavy rain over Washington and Oregon.

Football Fights and Ballet Solos: The Week in Pictures

Foamy freshmen at St. Andrews, widows light up Diwali, umbrellas vs. batons in Hong Kong, football fight on the field, counting sheep & more.

Vote for the Week in Pictures

Vote for the best image from the Week in Pictures.

Nor'easter Brings Heavy Surf to Mass. Coast

A powerful Nor'easter churns up massive waves, pounding the shoreline in Gloucester, Mass.

Nor'easter Deluges East Coast, 50,000 Lose Power

Heavy rain caused localized floods that closed schools in parts of Mass. Thursday, part of a Nor'easter that also cut power to tens of thousands.

Nor'easter Slams East Coast, 40,000 Lose Power

More than 40,000 customers were left without power after a Nor’easter slammed New Jersey, New York and New England with heavy rain and 50mph winds.

Heavy Rains Soak West Palm Beach, Florida

At least eight inches of rain drenched the West Palm Beach, Florida area, turning local roads into water hazards, and causing problems for at least one inside business as well.

Nor'easter Slams East Coast With Heavy Rain, High Winds

Heavy rain and strong winds were set for coastal New Jersey and much of New England Wednesday and into Thursday, forecasters warned, with some gusts of up to 50 mph.

What Makes a Storm a Nor'easter?

A nor'easter is a low-pressure storm that usually develop between Georgia and New Jersey.

Treatment Plant Shovels Out of 20 Million Gallon Sewage Spill

Rain from Hurricane Ana overwhelms Hawaii's Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. KHNL's Jim Mendoza reports.

Nor'easter Could Bring Heavy Rain, High Winds and Beach Erosion

Weather teams are watching a potential nor’easter that could bring heavy rain and strong winds to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this week.

Hottest September Ever Keeps Earth on Pace for Record Year

The first nine months of 2014 had a global average temperature of 58.72 degrees, tying with 1998 for the warmest first nine months on record.

Downgraded Ana Soaks - but Spares - Hawaii

A tropical storm watch was canceled for Oahu, the most populous island, but a flash-flood warning remained in place.

Marathoners Fight Thick Beijing Smog on Race Day

Despite heavy pollution blanketing Beijing on Sunday, an international marathon went ahead, with face masks used to battle the smog.

Surfers Enjoy Hurricane Ana's Big Waves

As Hurricane Ana sideswipes the Hawaiian Islands, surfers take advantage of storm's rough waves.

Bermuda Recovers After Hurricane Gonzalo Damage

Bermuda suffered extensive power outages on Saturday after Hurricane Gonzalo pummelled the tiny island chain with rain and howling winds.

See Hurricane Gonzalo Damage a Power Line

See the incredible force of Hurricane Gonzalo as destroys a power line in Bermuda.

Hurricane Gonzalo Knocks out Power in Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo, the most powerful storm to hit Bermuda in a decade, leaves tens of thousands without power.

Hurricane Gonzalo Knocks out Power in Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo, the most powerful storm to hit Bermuda in a decade, leaves tens of thousands without power.

'Bruised But Unbowed': Cleanup Begins on Bermuda

Nearly 27,000 people on Bermuda were without power Saturday after Hurricane Gonzalo tore across the island, but there were no deaths reported.

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