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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Google frees its dream robots to run wild across the internet

Tech firm opens up its image processing neural-network algorithm and people create awesome images Google has made its “inceptionism” algorithm available to all, allowing coders around the world to replicate the process the company used to create mesmerising dreamscapes with its image processing neural-network.The system, which works by repeatedly feeding an image through an AI which enhanc

Minecon 2015: day one of the annual Minecraft conference - live

Annual Minecraft conference kicks off in London: we’re there to cover the sights, news, YouTube stars and more from Mojang’s event*Minecon day two - live 10.26am BST And if you’re reading this on Sunday, day two’s liveblog is now up and running... 8.51pm BST Actually, I’ll just leave these Vines here... Continue reading...

What happens to my late husband’s digital life now he’s gone?

Since her husband, Iain, died seven months ago, Caroline Twigg has had to face an unexpected problem – what to do with his online legacy_nyctwigg: Ah, there you are; a Skype username you created while working in New York for a month. And here I am, trying to call someone yet absent-mindedly pulling up your profile. In the tiny square picture icon, you are there in your blue T-shirt, leaning o

Theresa May named internet villain of the year

Home Secretary receives gong for going ahead with ‘snooper’s charter’, while MPs Tom Watson and David Davis are ‘heroes’ for challenging surveillanceThe Home Secretary, Theresa May, has been named the UK internet industry’s villain of the year for pursuing “snooper’s charter” legislation without fully consulting the sector. The gong, part of the annual ISPA awards, was given for “forging a

Uber suspends French ride-sharing service in 'gesture of peace'

UberPop is suspended for the next three months after violent protests and arrests in FranceUber has closed its ride-sharing service, UberPop, in Paris, after the arrest of two executives on Monday, and a series of increasingly disruptive protests against the company in France.The company said it had made the decision as a result of “intimidation, violent protests and organised aggression a

Reddit revolts: subforums shut down in protest over AMA co-ordinator sacking

The community manager Victoria Taylor was abruptly let go from her job at the site, prompting a number of high-profile subforums to go dark in protestMany of the biggest subreddits on social news site Reddit have shut down to protest against the sacking of a well-liked employee. The so-called “Reddit Revolt” has seen the temporary closure of the site’s gaming, science, history, and cinema

Time's up for IPv4 as North America runs out of addresses

American Registry for Internet Numbers calls for switch to new protocol after being unable to fulfil a request for new numbers Sorry, the internet is full - in North America at least.The organisation that hands out IP addresses has finally run out of numbers. Continue reading...

Amazon set to pay self-published authors as little as $0.006 per page read

Writers of shorter works could lose out on revenue as company’s Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited no longer pay per copy downloadedSelf-published authors could be paid as little as $0.006 per page read under new rules planned by Amazon.Writers who make their works available through Amazon’s Kindle Owners Lending Library, and a similar service called Kindle Unlimited, will

What does the games industry really think about virtual reality?

Sony, Microsoft and Valve all have immersive technologies to push this year, but are the big games publishers aboard the VR express? Virtual reality was a big deal at this year’s E3 video game expo in Los Angeles. Oculus was there showing off the latest build of its Rift headset, Sony revealed a new multiplayer shooter demo for the Project Morpheus, and Microsoft announced a partnership with

Snapchat debuts tap-to-view controls promising 'no more tired thumbs'

Social app’s latest update is designed to make long videos less annoying, but it’s also adding two-factor authentication to protect usersSocial app Snapchat hopes its 100 million daily active users will give the thumbs up... to spending less time holding their thumbs on their smartphone screens to see photos and videos.The company’s latest app update introduces a new “tap to view” control,

Welcome to Jun, the town that ditched bureaucracy to run on Twitter

Residents of the Spanish town use Twitter for everything from reporting crimes to booking doctor’s appointments. Is this the future of local government?“The only things that the United States has given to the world are skyscrapers, jazz, and cocktails,” once wrote Federico García Lorca. “And in Cuba, in our America, they make much better cocktails.” The residents of Lorca’s hometown of Gra

Would you trust your Uber driver to give you first aid?

Tech companies are looking to provide your healthcare, from an app to help with insomnia to a taxi service for kidney patients One of the winning ideas at this year’s Future Lions student ad contest in Cannes suggested that Uber may be your best bet for first-response medical care in the future.The team from the Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione in Milan wrote: “In large cities the ave

Minecon 2015: day two of the annual Minecraft conference - live

Mojang reveals what’s next for its popular game, YouTube explains how to become an online games star, and more live from London*Minecon day one as it happened 4.33pm BST That’s a wrap for this liveblog. There is a closing ceremony to come, but I have two young Minecrafters of my own who I’ve promised I’ll be home in time to read a bedtime story to, and it’s a long-ish journey ahead.T

What's next for Minecraft? Developer Mojang talks future features

Minecon 2015 panel sees game’s creator talking about the next steps for its computer, console and mobile editionsWe know all about Minecraft’s past and present: 70m sales across computers, consoles and mobile devices, and a burgeoning community of players, YouTubers, educators and independent developers doing interesting things with developer Mojang’s game.We know a little about its future

Where is Google taking us?

Tim Adams was invited to hang out at Google’s California HQ, where some of the world’s brightest minds are working on innovations, such as driverless cars, that will transform our lives. But is society ready to go along for the ride?Whatever happened to wonder? The most unnerving thing about sitting in the back of a driverless car is how quickly you get used to it. After 10 minutes cruising C

Zombies, creepers and kids all flock to Minecraft’s block party

The multi-platform construction and battles game has become a worldwide phenomenon – so much so that it can draw thousands to live eventsAs a corporate conference venue, London’s ExCeL Centre is regularly overwhelmed by besuited executives dealing in arcane business jargon. This weekend, however, an altogether different sub-culture was in charge, as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons and thousands of

Minecon 2015 – in pictures

The annual Minecraft conference comes to London’s Excel centre for Saturday and Sunday. Photographer Katherine Anne Rose met some of the players Continue reading...

Reddit CEO sorry for 'letting down' users after popular subforums shut down

Ellen Pao would not comment on firing of director of talent but said company was working on providing moderators with a better infrastructure and network Related: Reddit revolts: subforums shut down in protest over AMA co-ordinator sacking The chief executive of the social media site Reddit, Ellen Pao, has apologized for “letting down” users after the company fired a well-liked employee.

New Minecraft: Story Mode details revealed at Minecon 2015

Mojang and Telltale Games’ partnership will take a narrative approach to popular game, but players will have to play as male character Jessie.*Live coverage of Minecon 2015 day oneMinecraft: Story Mode was announced in December 2014 as a partnership between developers Mojang and Telltale Games to make a narrative-driven adventure set in the world of Minecraft.Due for release in 2015, wh

On the road: Subaru Outback - car review

‘It’s insufferable. It beeps with no obvious explanation and the manual is impenetrable’The new Subaru Outback is unaccountably large – 4.8 metres long, 1.8 metres wide, 1.6 metres high – but low-slung; it looks much more estate than SUV. This, paradoxically, makes it seem even larger. One makes allowances in an SUV and expects to feel ridiculous. In a supersized estate, I was never prepared fo

Minecraft conference in London set to attract 10,000 gamers

Minecon aims to create a world where reality and Minecraft co-exist, says game’s developer MojangWith more than 70m copies sold since its launch in 2009, Minecraft is one of the biggest success stories of the modern games industry. It is remarkable for the community it has spawned – from developers who modify the game for fun, to the players who have become stars on YouTube with videos of the

Apple Music v Spotify: how do they compare?

Can the plucky new upstart beat the music streaming market leader at its own game? A Spotify user puts Apple Music to the testI’ve always loved music. I used to spend hours making cassette compilations so I could play my CD singles in the car. Yes, this was another time (and indeed another place). Tapes were replaced by MiniDiscs (stop laughing please), then I joined the iPod generation. B

Google says sorry for racist auto-tag in photo app

*Google Photos labelled a picture of two black people as ‘gorillas’*Google Maps and Flickr have also suffered from race-related problemsGoogle has apologized after its new photo app labelled two black people as “gorillas”.The photo service, launched in May, automatically tags uploaded pictures using its own artificial intelligence software. Continue reading...

How to make Windows easier to use for people with poor vision

George struggles with fonts on small laptops and so wants a portable with a big screen. But he can make Windows texts easier to read on a machine of any size …_I work for a university and do quite a lot of travelling. I need reading glasses for small fonts, and consequently struggle with small laptop screens. I would like a large-screen laptop and wonder if you could recommend one. My priorit

Dick Costolo: why tech firms are set to face complex ethical issues

After nearly five years the Twitter CEO is standing down. He explains why it wants to champion the underserved and make the world’s smallest voices heardThe idea of access is something we think a lot about at Twitter and have since the company began. The founders thought about access in terms of a group of friends being able to instantly know what the others were up to. Whether that was movin

Amazon offers one-hour deliveries in central London

Online retailer’s Prime Now service expands from being focused on grocery delivery to include substantial portion of its catalogue Amazon is launching a one-hour delivery service, Prime Now, in London, offering high speed delivery on selected items to customers in east and central London.Customers, who must be Amazon Prime subscribers, can order goods to their home or office for delivery i

The innovators: how smaller batteries give more power to UK solar households

London startup tailors smaller, cheaper battery for UK households to use more of their own generated solar energy When Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, took to the stage in California in April to launch a solar battery for the home, the audience hollered and whooped at every detail. On the other side of the Atlantic, a more modest, quieter challenger plans to take on the US electric c

Hillary Clinton to gay Humans of New York teen: 'Your future will be amazing'

*2016 candidate posts personal comment under Facebook photo*Campaign takes remark to Twitter in search of viral followingHillary Clinton logged on to Facebook on Friday to offer words of encouragement and advice to a gay teen. The leading Democratic presidential candidate posted remarks in response to a photo posted by the page of Humans of New York, a project run by photographer Brandon

Star Wars Battlefront: fighting the Empire from Hoth to Tatooine

The E3 demo of EA Dice’s forthcoming Star Wars shooter allayed a lot of fears about the game, bringing the movies to visceral, interactive lifeAll around there is chaos. Through the trenches dug into Hoth’s icy surface, rebel soldiers sprint toward uplink computers, as imperial snow troopers swarm around them. Blaster fire echoes across the desolate landscape, and the unmistakable swell of Jo

E3 2015: our 13 favourite games

From the epic Star Wars Battlefront to the intimate Beyond Eyes, here are our most memorable moments from this year’s rather fantastic eventLast week, E3 – the Cannes film festival of the video game industry – attracted more than 50,000 game makers, journalists and retailers to the LA convention centre for three days of frenzied hype, promise and speculation. 300 exhibitors were there, sho

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