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The Guardian (U.K.) 

WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government

*Search giant gave FBI emails and digital data belonging to three staffers*WikiLeaks told last month of warrants which were served in March 2012 Google took almost three years to disclose to the open information group WikiLeaks that it had handed over emails and other digital data belonging to three of its staffers to the US government, under a secret search warrant issued by a federal judg

Apple 27in iMac with retina 5K display review: oh my that screen

The 5K iMac is the best computer Apple has ever made, transforming what can be expected of a computer screen in a neat and tidy, but expensive packageThe iMac with 5K retina display is Apple’s attempt to do what it did with smartphones and tablets and redefine what a computer screen should be. If so it has hit a home run.From the outside the new iMac looks like the old one. A slim aluminiu

The Pirate Bay set to return on 1 February

Notorious piracy site taken offline by Swedish police raid hints rise from the ashes with phoenix Pirate Bay’s revival seems certain after the torrent site has started to display a logo of phoenix with a timer counting down to 1 February.The timer was unveiled last week along with a revived but non-functioning site. Now the phoenix, a symbol of rebirth used by the Pirate Bay in previous re

What is Trivia Crack and why are 100m people playing it?

The latest mobile game craze has launched in the UK, complete with questions about Prince George and Cheryl Cole for local tastes.From Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga to Draw Something, Clash of Clans and SongPop: the mobile gaming world has had its fair share of crazes since Apple and Google launched their app stores in 2008. Now you can add Trivia Crack to the list.The game has only jus

Games industry will be 'really dull' in 2015

The author of games industry book The Curve reckons this year will be able consolidation rather than revolution. And free-to-play will be the growth areaAfter several years of tumultuous change, the games industry is set to have a quiet 2015, according to one analyst. Nicholas Lovell, founder of news site Gamesbriefand author of free business book The Curve told the Guardian that the next yea

Pinterest promises 'smarter search' including manly pins for men

Image-based social network has traditionally appealed more to women, but men were its fastest growing group of users in 2014Men! Don’t you just hate it when you search for a manly male man-watch online, and get presented with a screen full of female-focused timepieces for delicate lady-wrists? But thankfully, this 21st-century problem will soon be just a bad memory.Enough snark: Pinterest’

London's next $1bn firm? TransferWise raises $58m in funding round

The peer-to-peer foreign exchange firm looks set to follow Shazam to the $1bn marker after raising money from Silicon Valley VCs Andreessen HorowitzLondon-based peer-to-peer foreign exchange service TransferWise has become the latest company to join Silicon Valley super-venture-capitalists Andreessen Horowitz’s portfolio.The company raised $58m in a fundraising round led by A16Z, in which

Microsoft's Hololens – what do virtual reality developers think?

Forget Kinect, Microsoft is now entering the realm of augmented reality. We ask experienced developers if there is substance beyond the considerable hypeWhen Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 last Wednesday, the company had something else to show the assembled press – just in case a new operating system wasn’t exciting enough. This was the Hololens, a stand-alone augmented reality heardset, capab

Malaysia Airlines website hacked by 'Lizard Squad'

Group claiming to represent the ‘Cyber Caliphate’ posts phrase ‘Plane Not Found’ on MH370 airline’s portalThe Malaysia Airlines website was commandeered on Monday by hackers who referenced the Islamic State jihadists and claimed to be from the “Lizard Squad”, a group known for previous denial-of-service attacks.The website’s front page was replaced with an image of a tuxedo-wearing lizard,

YouTube stars Rooster Teeth, Our 2nd Life and Nash Grier set for film fame

Multi-channel network Fullscreen reveals Fullscreen Film plans to take YouTubers to more screens – including the biggest onesRooster Teeth, Our 2nd Life, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas are among the most prominent success stories of YouTube’s world of short-form video. Now they’re setting their sights on long-form success: films.They’re all making movies for Fullscreen Films, a new division

Android WebView exploits: Google explains lack of patches and advises users to switch browsers

Users of pre-Lollipop versions of Android advised to download Chrome or Firefox web browsers from the Google Play storeOne of Google’s Android security experts has explained why the company has stopped providing patches for some exploits in early versions of the software, and advised users of those versions to switch to the Chrome or Firefox web browsers on their devices.News that Google h

Hands on with Vessel, the app providing a 'first window' for YouTube stars

New short-form video service is promising 72-hour exclusives on new content from creators, but are those exclusives worth watching? Continue reading...

Citizens of Earth review – absurdist humour and political satire

PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS, PC, Atlus, cert: 12 Continue reading...

Skylanders: Trap Team Light and Dark Element Expansions review – fresh components, more fun

all formats , Activision, cert: 7 Continue reading...

Lego — Silicon Valley entrepreneur's building block to technical innovation

Shubham Banerjee created a low-cost Braille printer with a toy. Now, the 13-year-old’s startup is attracting investors and shaking up an industry Continue reading...

What can we learn from Facebook’s annual Bullshit Report?

The internet giant’s annual attempt to make itself look useful seems to betray nervousness about a coming backlash Continue reading...

Internet filters block websites of sex abuse charities

‘Blunt tool’ approach is leading parents into false sense of security, insist campaigners Continue reading...

This week’s games news

The Unofficial Game & Watch Collector’s Guide Continue reading...

Far Cry 4: Escape From Durgesh Prison review

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC; Ubisoft; £7.99 Continue reading...

On the road: Toyota Yaris Hybrid – car review

‘You can’t love a Yaris. It would be like loving socks or carrier bags’ Continue reading...

4chan founder 'Moot' bids farewell: 'This is it for me. This is goodbye'

Addressing more than 40,000 people, Christopher Poole, who is known as ‘Moot’, said he felt deeply proud of the community he had created Continue reading...

Kim Dotcom launches end-to-end encrypted voice chat ‘Skype killer’

New MegaChat promises secure, encrypted and ‘private’ video chatting through a browserKim Dotcom’s encrypted file sharing service has added free end-to-end encrypted voice and video chat through the browser.MegaChat, which promises to keep video chats secure and private, has been developed by the Mega “Conspiracy Team” and is being described as a “Skype killer” by Dotcom. Related: Micro

Xbox meets Windows 10 – will this end the PC v console war?

There have been many attempts to unite console and PC gamers in cross-platform play, but this could be the one that works Five years ago a scintillating rumour crept across gaming news sites and forums – a rumour that satisfied deeply entrenched beliefs held throughout the industry. The story goes that Microsoft was once considering introducing cross-platform play between PCs and Xbox 360s

Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months for 'merely linking to hacked material'

The journalist and former Anonymous member says of prison term and fine in statement: ‘They’re sending me to investigate the prison-industrial complex’In a rebuke to a legion of online supporters and what the journalist and one-time member of Anonymous called a “dangerous precedent”, Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in prison by a federal judge in Dallas on Thursday.Brown’s backers

How can I play all kinds of games on my PC?

Hatim wants to play all kinds of games but his PC doesn’t have a graphics card. Jack Schofield offers some pointersCan I play all types of games – including low- and heavy-quality games – without a graphics card on my PC? I have no graphics card at the moment. HatimThere are, very roughly, three types of games: serious games, casual games, and old games written for slower processors. Casua

John Bercow calls for online voting in 2020 general election

Commission set up by House of Commons Speaker also says there should be live social media coverage of debates Continue reading...

Fairfax and Nine's streaming service, Stan, launches ahead of Netflix arrival

The video-on-demand service enters an increasingly crowded market with local players, Presto, backed by Foxtel, and Quickflix, already up and running Continue reading...

Axa looks at cyber attack insurance policy in UK

Add-on policy sold in France aims to clean up private images and information posted online by hackers Continue reading...

Bill Gates predicts HIV vaccine by 2030

Microsoft founder tells Davos that vaccine and new intense drug treatments could end most new cases of deadly virus Continue reading...

White House makes reversal over release of personal data from

Healthcare website was quietly sending consumers’ personal data to private companies but outcry in Congress and among privacy advocates led to U-turn Continue reading...

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