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The Guardian (U.K.) 

From GCHQ to tech giants: why the fight for your personal data matters

Privacy International is battling to force GCHQ to delete information that has been collected illegally – but could we all be doing more in the battle for our data?Government agencies and companies across the world hold large amounts of data on each and every one of us. From profiles of your favourite movies to where you ate out last night, this vast mountain of data is a representation of yo

Google’s Titan drones to take flight within months

Search company pushes plans to launch a fleet of high-altitude atmospheric satellites to provide internet accessGoogle will be conducting test flights of its first drones this year after purchasing unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer Titan Aerospace.The drones will be used as atmospheric satellites, part of Google’s plan to provide internet access to areas without ground-based access and

World of Warcraft moves closer to free-to-play

The multiplayer role-playing game is launching the ‘WoW Token’, which could make paid subscription a thing of the past World of Warcraft is set to launch real-money transactions and the ability to play without paying for a subscription, as developers Blizzard move to position the game against free-to-play competitors.The company is introducing “WoW tokens”, which can be bought from other p

Samsung Galaxy S6 sacrificed what it does best in its war with Apple

Pursuit of premium design and slender profile have come at the cost of losing what made the company’s smartphones interesting and different The announcement of Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S6 smartphones has caused quite a stir, with a new design, interesting features, and a stripped back approach – but the company has lost what made its phones different in its war with Apple.Samsung has

Phishing scam targets routers that use default security settings

Californian information security firm Proofpoint uncovers attack on Brazilian internet users with generic router login details such as ‘admin’Internet users are being warned to ensure that their routers have unique passwords, after email spammers have been spotted sending phishing links, which try to hijack the devices using default passwords, in order to harvest personal information from the

How video games helped me come to terms with male pattern baldness

The onset of hair loss was devastating to writer Joe Donnelly – until a game called Dark Souls arrived and changed his perspective“Screw you, you baldy bastard,” cried the man I’d spent the last 15 minutes alongside, slaughtering Russian mobsters and seizing bag-loads of drugs. We were at the end of a Grand Theft Auto IV online mission and things had gone wrong; somehow, I was getting the bla

Google to launch own 'virtual' mobile phone network

Subscribers to Nova will be able to switch seamlessly between mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals, and between masts of competing networksGoogle is planning to launch its own mobile phone network, the software and search firm has confirmed, as it plots a major business shift that will see the company move into supplying broadband connections across the planetDetails of what Google insiders are

How the Barbican turned video games into a global arts tour

The London arts institution has been touring its groundbreaking video game exhibition for 12 years. Now it’s heading back to the UK with some bold new ideas In 1998, one of the co-founders of Rockstar, the studio behind the blockbusting Grand Theft Auto series, was chatting with the director of the National Museums of Scotland when he suggested something relatively new: an exhibition of video

Chatterbox: Tuesday

The place to talk about games and other things that matterIt’s Tuesday! Continue reading...

Isis threatens Twitter employees over blocked accounts

Terror group supporters threaten social network, as well as co-founder Jack Dorsey specificallyIsis supporters have threatened Twitter employees, including co-founder Jack Dorsey specifically, with death over the social network’s practice of blocking accounts associated with the group.In an Arabic post uploaded to the image-sharing site, the group told Twitter that “your virtu

Google launches Android Pay to take over where Google Wallet failed

Service will work as a mobile payment system for third-party developers, allowing users to pay for goods and services using an Android smartphoneGoogle has announced a rival mobile payment service to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay called Android Pay. The new service will allow users to pay contactlessly for goods and services using their Android smartphone. Each transaction will generate a single-

Amanda Palmer is crowdfunding again, but this time on Patreon

Musician famously raised $1.2m on Kickstarter for last album, but is now seeking ‘constant communication’ with her fans on another site Continue reading...

Weasel riding a woodpecker: the five best #weaselpecker memes

What happens when a baby weasel is photographed riding a woodpecker? The internet goes crazy. Here are five of the best memes Continue reading...

Why are the benefits of technology scarce among those who need it most?

There is a gulf between those who have tech and those who don’t. We need a technological revolution to empower the disadvantaged, argues Sumit Dagar Continue reading...

Is Insurgent's Shatter Reality VR ride the future of film?

A virtual reality experience is touring America to put viewers in the middle of the action. Is it a gimmick, or the shape of things to come? Continue reading...

Tinder launches Tinder Plus with age-based fees

Younger users get a bargain on the dating app, saving over £10 a month compared with over-28s Continue reading...

'More gingerness!' Petition calls for redhead emojis

Thought there was something missing from Apple’s diversified emojis? So did the person who started a petition to get auburn-haired characters added Continue reading...

YouTube enlists Ed Sheeran and Charli XCX for its 2015 music awards

Second edition of Google-backed music awards will be online-only, with gongs for Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, One Direction and other artists Continue reading...

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: 13 things to know

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is thinner, made of glass and metal, and has a curved screen version Continue reading...

Australians troll ministers with iMessage texts over data retention bill

Australian attorney general, George Brandis, targeted after having Apple messaging account linked to his public email address Continue reading...

Twitch now live streaming online poker matches alongside other games

Amazon subsidiary streamed 56m minutes of poker to its 100m monthly viewers in January, setting its sights on gambling market Continue reading...

Silent Circle unveils Blackphone 2 smartphone and Blackphone+ tablet

Privacy-focused devices accompanied by updated Android-based PrivatOS operating system: ‘No software, no hooks to carriers, and no leaky data ...’ Continue reading...

YouTube's top 100 channels have more than doubled their views in a year

With 517.3m monthly views, unboxing channel Funtoys Collector is now bigger than second-placed PewDiePie – and Taylor Swift hasn’t done badly eitherYouTube’s top 100 channels have more than doubled their monthly views in the last year, with toy-unboxing channel Funtoys Collector emerging as the biggest star.The 100 most popular channels generated more than 14.7bn video views in January 201

Venture capitalist John Doerr to testify in Silicon Valley sex discrimination case

*Ellen Pao claims she missed promotion after affair with partner in 2006*Pao was Doerr’s chief of staff before joining firm’s digital team Continue reading...

Netflix buys Oscar-tipped Idris Elba drama Beasts of No Nation for $12m

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga’s latest film gives streaming platform their biggest title yet Continue reading...

Taxi firm Addison Lee to debut in New York after controversy in London

Company that sparked protests in the UK after founder’s comments about cyclist deaths will vie with Uber for control of New York City’s $3.4bn taxi market Continue reading...

Lifespan of consumer electronics is getting shorter, study finds

Investigation of built-in obsolescence for German environment agency finds percentage of products sold to replace defective ones has increased remarkably, reports ENDS Europe Continue reading...

Pakistan’s mobile phone owners told: be fingerprinted or lose your sim card

Government launches mass drive to gather biometric data from mobile owners in attempt to combat terrorism Continue reading...

HTC Vive: developers react to Valve's virtual reality headset

Valve has finally revealed its VR intentions – but what do developers think of the Vive, the latest entry into an increasingly crowded market? Continue reading...

'The best employee we ever had': Mohammed Emwazi's former boss in Kuwait

Kuwaiti-born Londoner identified as Isis killer was ‘calm and decent’ as a stellar 21-year-old salesman but disappeared in April 2010 after returning to UK Continue reading...

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