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BBC (U.K.) 

Google reveals computer-on-a-stick

Google announces that a range of computer-on-a-sticks and laptops costing as low as $149 (£101) are joining its range of Chrome OS devices.

Tech sites lead on April Fools gags

The Force - the mysterious energy field used by the Jedi in Star Wars - has been 'discovered' by researchers at the Cern laboratory in an April Fools prank.

China cracks down on explicit anime

China says it will create a "blacklist" of banned Japanese anime cartoons, and plans to punish firms that hosted violent and sexual clips online.

VIDEO: Big leap in 4K video streaming tech

A new method of compression could see ultra-HD video streamed to TVs and other devices using around 50% of the bandwidth currently needed.

Amazon launches home ordering kit

In an attempt to attract more household shoppers, Amazon unveils a button for replenish items such as washing powder and razors.

Obama creates cyber sanctions

President Barack Obama has ordered the creation of a programme that would allow the US government to sanction foreign hackers.

Evidence links China to GitHub attack

Security researchers say "innocent" internet users are unwittingly carrying out the attack, most likely hijacked by the Chinese government.

Microsoft unveils Surface 3 tablet

Microsoft shifts its entry-range tablets to Intel processors, allowing them to run a wider range of software.

Facebook attacks data use criticisms

Facebook has reacted angrily to a report that said it may be in breach of EU privacy laws over its tracking policies.

Samsung and LG bury legal hatchet

After a lengthy battle, the two firms have said they will seek talks in future disputes and leniency for each other in existing ones.

HP files $5.1bn Autonomy lawsuit

HP sues Autonomy co-founder Mike Lynch and ex-finance officer Sushovan Hussain, as Autonomy's former management says it will launch a counter-claim.

Women give tech sector wake-up call

Lack of gender diversity and alleged discrimination against women are uncomfortable issues once again in the spotlight for the technology sector.

Zelda delay: Has the Wii U had it?

The release schedule for Nintendo's Wii U is looking "pretty barren" after the launch of Legend of Zelda was delayed, according to industry analysts.

Is politics on Twitter a man's world?

Use of political hashtags in the UK seems to be dominated by men

VIDEO: 3D printing 'builds' Sagrada Familia

How 3D printing is helping with the completion of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona

VIDEO: Sci-fi game Evolve reviewed

BBC Click's Marc Cieslak reviews the new video game Evolve

VIDEO: Amazon's 'Dash' buttons explained

Amazon has unveiled a button that can be placed around the home - and will replenish items when pressed.

VIDEO: Snowden's smashed laptop on show

The laptop used to store top-secret documents leaked by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden has gone on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

VIDEO: App helping locals improve slum life

How an app and mapping technology is making life better for residents in a Nairobi slum

VIDEO: The app that uploads to Congress

StoryCorps has launched a smartphone app that directly uploads recordings to the US Library of Congress

VIDEO: Farmers test out 'flying sheepdog'

Paul Brennan talks to the BBC about sending a drone up to herd his sheep.

VIDEO: The Outernet connecting Kenya schools

The system that can provide data and create Wi-Fi hotspots in remote parts of the world

VIDEO: Watchmakers embrace wearable tech

Traditional watchmakers like Breitling, Bulgari, Tissot and Vector are now offering smartwatches

VIDEO: Artists unite for Tidal re-launch

Some of the biggest names in entertainment have re-launched the music subscription service Tidal, which they claim will change musical history.

Fiancee and cat tracked by home cam

The girlfriend and cat watched by home cam

Virtual reality take on refugee life

Virtual reality makes a new kind of journalism possible

Will it be a tech election?

Calls for the internet to be one of the key issues in the forthcoming UK election

Is fibre key to connecting Africa?

Is fibre key to getting all of Africa online?

Should parents ever worry about Minecraft?

Should parents ever worry about Minecraft?

Tech to barter your way to the good life

How you can save money and barter your way to the good life

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