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BBC (U.K.) 

MSpy admits hacking and data theft

A company offering software that allows people to spy on others admits it has been hacked and had thousands of customer records leaked online.

Adult website hack compromises users

Adult Friend Finder, a casual dating website, has called in police and hacking investigators after a suspected leak of client information.

AdBlock reveals browser for Android

An ad-blocking web browser for smartphones is being developed by Eyeo, the company behind the popular AdBlock Plus plug-in.

Hacked billboard shows obscene image

Hackers manage to make a huge video billboard in Atlanta show an obscene image favoured by internet pranksters.

Grand Theft Auto sues Daniel Radcliffe film

The gaming firm's filed a lawsuit against the BBC for trademark infringement over the broadcaster’s upcoming drama Game Changer.

US Army makes blast-proof wallpaper

Wallpaper that can protect soldiers from explosions is being developed by the US Army.

Third US health insurer hit by hack

A third US health insurance company is hacked, with over one million customer records stolen

Encryption flaw fix blocks websites

Web-browser makers are updating their software to fix an encryption flaw, but the action will make some websites inaccessible.

Plane crash linked to software fault

Airbus suggests that a military plane crash might have been caused by a problem with the software that controlled its engines.

Spotify adds podcasts and video clips

Spotify adds non-music content to its streaming app including brief news bulletins and longer video and audio podcasts.

PayPal penalised for 'deception'

PayPal agrees to pay $25m following accusations that it deceived customers by signing them up to a credit-card-like scheme without their knowledge.

Child spy firm hit by blackmailers

A company that sells software for parents to spy on their children denies the personal data of 400,000 customers has been leaked online.

White House given racist name on Google

Searching a racist word and "house" on Google takes you to the home of the US President, Barack Obama.

Apple to change its iPhone font?

Apple is rumoured to be ditching the font you see on its mobile and tablet screens.

VIDEO: Be a spy master with an Apple Watch

The game where the player controls a virtual spy in real time using just their Apple Watch

VIDEO: Making houses earthquake resistant

The tech to help houses stand up to a major earthquake

VIDEO: The camera developed for your dog

BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best of the week's technology news

VIDEO: Shopping in real stores via VR

A virtual reality start-up has developed an "immersive" online shopping experience that it hopes the major retailers will adopt.

VIDEO: Closing the tech gender gap

In Silicon Valley men traditionally dominate, but all-women projects to help support and mentor entrepreneurs are having an impact.

VIDEO: 'Swarm robots' ready for rescue

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have been exploring ways of making robots working together.

VIDEO: Timelapse videos from holiday snaps

Researchers develop a method to sort photographs uploaded onto the website and stitch them together to create time-lapse videos.

VIDEO: Net neutrality: Whose side are you on?

Net neutrality is often cited as one of the key issues that will shape the future of the internet - but what does it mean?

VIDEO: The art lightshow inspired by Cern

Exploring Ryoji Ikeda's Supersymmetry - the art installation inspired by the work taking place at Cern.

VIDEO: Giving lifts a live virtual window

Most lifts are characterless cocoons we use every day. One firm wants to change that by giving them a virtual window.

Why measure feet with iPads?

Why a shoe company measures kids' feet with iPads

Heating houses with 'nerd power'

How hot computers are being used to warm homes

Bitcoin's baby births new revolution

The birth of the Blockchain revolution

Engineering prize names shortlist

2015's shortlist for the MacRobert Award

The Quiet Zone: Where mobile phones are banned

Where mobile phones are banned for 13,000 square miles

The brave new world of office computing

The brave new world of office computing

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