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CNET Windows New Releases 


04/01/15 - Play digital media of various formats including incomplete, partially downloaded, or locked files.

LogMeIn Hamachi

03/31/15 - Extend LAN-like networks securely to distributed teams, mobile workers and your gamer friends alike.

Energy Hacks for Exploding Your Energy Reserves Ebook

03/31/15 - Read about energy hacks for exploding your energy reserves.

Minecraft Mod Lootable Bodies

03/31/15 - Protect your items from despawning when you die in Minecraft.

GTA 4 Mod Motogirl

03/31/15 - Add Motogirl bike to GTA 4.

Minecraft Mod Rival Rebels

03/31/15 - Have many powerful weapons while playing Minecraft.

GTA: San Andreas Mod Honda RVT1000R (RC51)

03/31/15 - Get Honda RVT1000R (RC51) mod for GTA San Andreas.

Katy Perry Wallpaper Pack

03/31/15 - Bring Katy Perry images to your desktop screen.

Jennifer Lawrence Wallpaper Pack

03/31/15 - Customize your screen with Jennifer Lawrence wallpaper pack.

Marvel Wallpaper Pack

03/31/15 - Customize you screen with Marvel wallpaper.

FVD Downloader

03/31/15 - Download video from Metacafe, Vimeo, Facebook, and other sites via Google Chrome browser.

TrackView Video Converter

03/31/15 - Convert TrackView TVR video files to standard MP4 format.

TDMore Video Converter

03/31/15 - Convert video files between different formats.

TDMore Blu-ray Converter

03/31/15 - Convert Blu-ray video to various video formats.

Windows Easy Backup File Manager

03/31/15 - Back up your important files.


03/31/15 - Play and mix music live.

SAM Vibe

03/31/15 - Start your own Internet radio station.

LoMag Warehouse Management

03/31/15 - Manage warehouses and create warehouse documents.

Project Timer

03/31/15 - Manage how much time you spend on your projects.

iMagic Inventory Software

03/31/15 - Manage your stock, customers, invoices, and vendors.


03/31/15 - Explore the Web in a Chromium powered Web browser.


03/31/15 - Try being a coach in national soccer leagues and international competitions.


03/31/15 - Remove junk files and optimize PC performance.

Analog DIN Clock Screensaver

03/31/15 - Decorate your desktop with an analog clock screensaver.


03/31/15 - Erase data on disk and portable storage media and prevent it from being recovered.

MeshMagic Free

03/31/15 - View and edit STL files.

Multilingual Dictionary Database

03/31/15 - Integrate a multilingual database into your application.

My Client Records

03/31/15 - Store and manage your client information.


03/31/15 - Scan and kill malicious processes on your Windows PC.

RogueKiller (64 bit)

03/31/15 - Scan and kill malicious processes on your Windows PC.

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