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Google Unveils Plans for Futuristic New Headquarters

Google's design presents a bucolic vision of movable structures to be built under curving and translucent canopies.

Uber Data Breach Leaked Info on 50,000 Drivers

Uber suffered a breach to an internal database in 2014 that exposed data on about 50,000 drivers, the car service company announced.

Johnnie Walker Shows Off 'Smart' Whiskey Bottle

The art of distilling whiskey is centuries old, but that doesn't mean 21st-century tech can't enter the equation somewhere.

Why Do My Graham Crackers Smell Stinky?

Graham crackers are not supposed to smell like this.

As Jail Visits Go High-Tech, Isolation Grows

More than 500 jails and prisons across 43 states and Washington, D.C., now use video systems for visitation.

Google Buys .App Web Domain for $25 Million

The Internet's naming system is expanding beyond the traditional domains like .com and .org -- and this week Google paid $25 million for ".app" in an auction.

Billionaire Tycoon: Big Divorce Check 'Got the Job Done'

Oil tycoon Harold Hamm told CNBC on Friday his nearly $1 billion check to ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall helped put his divorce "in the rearview mirror."

Dressmaker Sees Green in Viral #TheDress Debate

While social media argues if #thedress is blue and black or white and gold, the British clothing company behind the frock is reaping the benefits.

As Prison Visits Go High-Tech, Isolation Grows

More than 500 prisons and jails across 43 states and Washington, D.C., now use video systems for visitation.

The Most Ridiculous Items Confiscated by TSA

The TSA keeps a running log on Instagram of the most dangerous, bizarre and prohibited items the agency has stopped passengers from taking on board airplanes.

Court Revives Macy's vs. Penney Lawsuit

Macy's lawsuit accuses JC Penney of interfering improperly with its exclusive merchandising contract with Martha Stewart.

4 Million Americans Get 'Shout-Out' at Net Neutrality Vote

The Federal Communications Commission votes to prohibit Internet service providers from granting faster access to companies that pay for the privilege.

2015 May Be Another 'Year of the Recall'

If 2014 was the "Year of the Recall," 2015 will be following close behind.

Americans Are Falling Out of Love With Smaller Homes

Homeowners' post-recession fling with smaller dwellings has fizzled.

Apple to Hold Event March 9, Amid Watch Rumors

Apple will hold an event March 9, the company said Thursday, amid speculation that the launch of the Apple Watch was near.

How Big Butts Have Become Big Business

Butt enlargements are skyrocketing, according to new data from plastic surgeons, who says curvy celebrities are behind the trend.

How to Avoid a Nasty, Costly Divorce Battle

Seeking kinder, gentler divorces, more couples are turning to collaborative divorce.

Starbucks' New Twist: Protein in Your Joe

Hush! Be Careful What You Talk About at Work

If the Sony hack wasn't telling enough, there's more evidence that "confidential" is a laughable concept at the office.

Elon Musk's Hyperloop Inches Toward Reality

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has signed an agreement with a developer in central California to build a five-mile Hyperloop line.

Tapping Into 401(k)s, Penalty-Free: It Could Happen

Discussing how President Obama plans to change the rules on brokers who deal with retirement accounts, with CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

Who's Behind the 'Nicaragua Grand Canal'?

A Chinese company is pumping billions into a project that many critics say isn't needed and could prove to be an environmental disaster. Why?

Condom Shares Rise After Adultery Ban Nixed

Here's one way to get a rise out of a stock price.

FCC to Decide on Net Neutrality: What Does it Mean?

Federal regulators vote Thursday on whether the Internet should be treated like a public utility.

Morgan Stanley to Pay $2.6B to Settle Mortgage Charges

Morgan is the latest bank to pay billions to settle pending charges related to its role in the 2008 financial crisis.

Overfishing Drives Thai Boats to Use More Slave Labor

Decades of overfishing and the international demand for cheap seafood mean Thai boats are increasingly turning to slave labor as fishermen flee.

Wal-Mart Pay Hike Starts a Wage War

Let the wage battle begin.

FTC Targets Apps That Claim to Detect Melanoma

There's an app for almost everything - but don't bet your life on one that promises to detect skin cancer.

Car Owners Fed Up With Failing Auto Tech

For the scores of vehicle owners who are tired of not being able to get their in-car communication systems to work: You are not alone.

Reddit CEO Takes on Former Bosses in Bias Suit

A lawyer said his client, 45-year-old Ellen Pao, had received erotic poetry and sketches of nude women from a senior partner.

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