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Playing With Fire: 1 Million American Homes at Risk

Seeking homes surrounded by nature, Americans continue to build houses among trees that will, sooner or later, go up in flames.

After Whiskey Gang Arrests, 'Pappy' Bottles Could Get Destroyed

A Kentucky woman is begging the governor to spare precious bourbon from being destroyed by the state.

Mattel Deep Sixes 'SeaWorld Trainer Barbie'

Mattel announced it was ending production of 'SeaWorld Trainer Barbie.' The move follows an animal rights backlash against the park.

Say Goodbye to Abercrombie's Shirtless Models

By the end of July, there will no longer be "sexualized" images printed on shopping bags, gift cards or other marketing materials.

Nurse Springs Into Action As Mystery Illness Diverts Plane

A 25-year-old nurse found herself in the middle of a medical drama in the air when passengers began to fall ill on board a SkyWest Airlines flight.

Pepsi Plans to Ditch Aspartame in Diet Pepsi

PepsiCo will debut aspartame-free Diet Pepsi in the U.S. later this year.

What 'Poop Cruise?' Bookings Rise For Cruises

Bookings are rising for the cruise industry, a sign that people are feeling better about their finances and forgiving of the industry's reputation.

This Is Real: Chipotle Now Delivers

The heavens are parting and the words written in the sky say, 'Chipotle now delivers.'

Here's Why Your Boss Is Pumped About the Apple Watch

If you thought your smartphone had you tethered to your job, just wait until you're wearing an Apple Watch.

Poland Protests Mattel Game Referring to 'Nazi Poland'

A Mattel game making a mistaken reference to 'Nazi Poland' has come under attack by the Polish government.

Will Merger's Collapse Cause Ripples Across Cable Industry?

Will the deal's demise create ripples in the cable industry?

How Much Will New Royal Baby Boost U.K. Economy?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will soon head back to the same London hospital where Duchess Kate gave birth to their first child, George. They're hoping once again for a natural birth. NBC's Keir Simmons reports.

Comcast May Drop Time Warner Deal on Friday

Comcast could drop its mega-merger bid for Time Warner Cable as early as Friday, a source told CNBC on Thursday.

Want Mayweather-Pacquiao Tix? Think Super Bowl Prices

Boxing's biggest fight in years is reaching Super Bowl-level prices in the resale market, and face-value tickets haven't even gone on sale yet.

Where Should You Stash Retirement Savings? 3 Ideas

CNBC's Sharon Epperson explains why you should consider investing in a Roth IRA and how would it help your retirement finance.

These Cybercrooks Are Available for Hire By the Hour

You can now anonymously hire a cybercriminal online for as little as $6 to $10 per hour, says Rodney Joffe, senior vice president at Neustar.

Nearly 1 Million Bikes Recalled After Rider Paralyzed

Almost 1 million bikes from Trek Bicycle Corp. are being recalledr the company found that improperly used quick release levers caused injuries to riders.

Good News, Grads! Starting Salaries Are Rising

College grads on the hunt for jobs may have a little more budgetary breathing room this year. Starting salaries are climbing.

Amazon Tests Delivery To Your Car Trunk

Amazon and Audi are testing a way to have packages from the online shopping site delivered to owners' car trunks.

Mediterranean Migrant Wave Will Be Tough to Stop

Europe is facing a humanitarian crisis as thousands of refugees and migrants flood its borders.

Some Apple Watches Shipping Sooner Than Expected

Soon it won't be just Beyonce with an Apple Watch.

Deutsche Bank to Pay $2.5B Fine For Rigging Rates

As part of the deal, Germany's largest bank also will terminate and ban employees who engaged in misconduct.

Has the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal Hit a Hurdle?

The FCC reportedly has recommended that agency set up a hearing over Comcast's proposed $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

The Newest Scam? Impersonating the FTC

It takes a lot of chutzpah to invoke the name of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as part of your scam.

'Perfect': Flawless 100-Carat Diamond Fetches $22 Million

The presale estimate had been between $19 million and $25 million.

Say Hi to Fi: Google Launches Cellphone Service

Google has launched a U.S. wireless service that lets customers pay only for the data they use.

U.S. Motorists Aren't Charged Up About Battery Cars

That's not great news for Mother Nature on Earth Day.

America Has a $165 Billion Food Waste Problem

The average American family throws away about $2,000 worth of food a year.

U.S. Poultry Exports Drop Amid Bird Flu Scare

The avian flu outbreak that has spread in 12 states is taking its toll on more than just the thousands of birds that have been destroyed.

For Most Retirees, the '4% Rule' No Longer Applies

With the era of low interest rates nearing its nine-year anniversary, that old approach is no longer working well—unless you are among the wealthy.

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