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UPS Stores Hack Puts Customer Info at Risk

Some customers of The UPS Store may have had their credit and debit card info exposed by a computer virus found on systems at stores in 24 states.

Are You a Work Martyr?

Fears of work piling up could be putting a dent in vacation plans. A new survey says 40 percent of Americans don’t take all of their time off.

Mom Builds an App so Her Son Will 'Ignore No More'

Ever get the feeling your calls are being ignored? In the age of smartphones and caller ID, we all know it happens, but what can be done?

Stocks Higher, Markets Eye Fed Rate Hikes

Stocks mostly rose after a report from the Federal Reserve's last meeting showed some officials want a "relatively prompt" rate hike.

Twinkies Live, but Their Birthplace is Closing

Almost 85 years after it started making Twinkies snacks, the Schiller Park, Ill., bakery is turning off its ovens for good.

Russians Close Four Golden Arches in Moscow

Russia ordered the temporary closure of four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow for sanitary violations against a backdrop of worsening U.S.-Russian ties.

Uber and Lyft Scramble for Lead in Hired-Car Market

Will the escalating shenanigans of Uber and Lyft hurt consumers, or is it just good old-fashioned competition?

‘Worst’ back-to-school mall ad goes viral

Hamas Warns Flights Against Landing in Israel

A Hamas spokesman warned airlines against landing at Ben Gurion International Airport starting at 6 a.m. Thursday.

This State Offers The Most Bang for the Buck

$100 equals $100, right? Not if you're spending it in different states.

Stocks Higher, Markets Eye Fed for Policy Sign

Stocks rose although investors adopted a cautious tone before the release of Federal Reserve minutes that could signal a change in monetary policy.

Macy's Settles Shopper-Profiling Probe for $650K

Macy's also agrees it will adopt new policies on police access to its security camera monitors and against profiling.

Hot Wheels: Hondas Most Stolen Cars in America

Honda's Accord and Civic models top the list of the most stolen vehicles in the United States.

Debit Cards Can Be Perilous for Students

If you thought buying textbooks, desk lamps, and extra-long sheets would be your child's biggest headache on the way to college, think again.

Check Online if Your Vehicle Was Recalled

Safety regulators unveiled a more precise way for vehicle owners to search online to find out if their cars have been recalled by the manufacturer.

Stocks Lower, Markets Eye Fed for Policy Sign

Stocks slipped after discount-retailer Target reduced its full-year forecast and investors watched the Fed for signs of a change in monetary policy.

Subprime Woes: Car Buyers Struggling With Payments

The repo man is getting very busy.

Report: NFL Asking Artists to Pay for Halftime Gig

What? Venezuela Could Raise Gas Prices

Though Venezuela's 1989 gas hike led to deadly riots, its 60 percent inflation rate is leading officials to talk of raising its bargain basement prices.

Peanut Butter Recalled for Salmonella Risk

They were sold under the brand names Arrowhead Mills peanut butters and MaraNatha almond butters and peanut butters.

NFL Wants Stars to Pay to Play Super Bowl Halftime

The proposition reportedly has returned frosty responses from the three final candidates: Coldplay, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Cartoon Water Bottles Recalled Over Laceration Risk

The bottles feature familiar characters such as Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, SpongeBob Square Pants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Stocks Rise on Positive Housing Data, Prices

Stocks climbed as strong economic reports offered a benign view on inflation and cast a better-than-anticipated light on the housing market.

U.S. Changing Rules for No-Fly List

The Obama administration says it plans to change the way travelers can ask to be removed from its no-fly list of suspected terrorists.

Microsoft's Ballmer Quits Board for Basketball

Former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer will leave the software company's board with immediate effect, to run the NBA's Clippers.

Ice Bucket Challenge Could Change Charitable Giving

The social media stunt may be unleashing a new model for the $300 billion-a-year business of charitable giving.

Uber Hires Former Obama Adviser David Plouffe

The company has brought on the former campaign manager and top adviser as a senior vice president of policy and strategy.

Aww Nuts! Could There Be a Nutella Shortage?

Spread the word, Nutella prices could be under pressure.

Bottles of Corona Extra Beer Recalled

Constellation Brands, which imports Corona beer from Mexico, is recalling select packages because bottles may contain small particles of glass.

For Sale (Soon): The World's Priciest Apartment

The penthouse has a kitchen on each floor, five bedrooms, a private home-cinema, sauna and a swimming pool -- and a whopping price tag.

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