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State Dept - Highlights 

The President's Trade Agenda

Ambassador Froman (Jan. 27): "We're working harder than ever to bring home trade agreements that will unlock opportunities by eliminating barriers to U.S. exports, trade, and investment while raising labor, environment, and other important standards across the board.

Iran's Nuclear Program

Deputy Secretary Blinken (Jan. 27): "We have been unified in pursuing a comprehensive solution that lays these concerns to rest, consistent with the President's firm commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon."

Holocaust Remembrance

President Obama (Jan. 27): "On the tenth International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the American people pay tribute to the six million Jews and millions of others murdered by the Nazi regime.

Address to the People of India

President Obama (Jan. 27): "My visit reflects the possibilities of a new moment. ... My commitment to a new chapter between our countries flows from the deep friendship between our people."

The U.S. and Cambodia

Assistant Secretary Russel (Jan. 27): "The rebalance to Asia also supports Cambodia regionally through our upgraded relations with the entire region, particularly with ASEAN."

Caribbean Energy Security Summit

Vice President Biden (Jan. 26): "When it comes to energy, we're living in a new moment –- not just in the Caribbean, but worldwide. ... It's up to us to seize this moment and seize it together because a great deal has changed. Summit Page DipNote

Russia and Ukraine

Ambassador Power (Jan. 26): "The only solution to this situation is a political solution, not a military solution. ... Only if Russia takes these steps will there be a chance for the political solution that is so desperately needed."

Compromise Electoral Law Adopted in D.R.C.

Spokesperson Psaki (Jan. 25): "The U.S. welcomes the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's approval of electoral legislation that sets the country on course towards timely elections in line with its Constitution."

Elections in Nigeria

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 25): "It's absolutely critical that these elections be conducted peacefully, that they are credible, transparent, accountable, so that the people of Nigeria can have faith and the world can have faith in the government that flows from it.

Zambia Presidential By-Elections

Spokesperson Psaki (Jan. 25): "The U.S. congratulates the people of Zambia for conducting another democratic election."

Caribbean Energy Security Summit

Jan. 26: The Summit highlighted ongoing efforts under the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative, including support for improved governance, enhanced access to finance, and increased donor coordination. Fact Sheet Summit Page DipNote

Murder of Haruna Yukawa

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 24): "The U.S. strongly condemns ISIL's despicable murder of an innocent Japanese citizen, Haruna Yukawa."

South Sudan Peace Negotiations

Jan. 23: The members of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway are gravely concerned with the continued lack of progress in the South Sudan peace negotiations.

The U.S. and India

President Obama (Jan. 26): "We're advancing the vision that I laid out on my last visit -- India and the United States as true global partners. And a core element of this vision is greater trade, investment and economic partnership."

U.S. Engagement in the Asia-Pacific

Assistant Secretary Russel (Jan. 26): "The United States is also a Pacific nation. We are a resident Pacific power, and our prosperity and our security is closely linked -- inextricably linked -- with that of Asia."

Attacks in Ukraine

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 24): "I join my European counterparts in condemning in the strongest terms today's horrific assault by Russia-backed separatists on civilian neighborhoods in Mariupol."

World Economic Forum

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 23): "Let me be clear: There are no grounds ... that will ever justify the murder of children, the kidnapping and the rape of teenage girls, or the slaughter of unarmed civilians."

Daily Press Briefing: Secretary Kerry's Travel

Spokesperson Psaki (Jan. 23): "The Secretary will travel to Lagos, Nigeria ... to emphasize the importance of ensuring the upcoming elections are peaceful, nonviolent, and credible."

Joint Press Availability in London

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 22): "Daesh is a global problem, and it demands a coordinated, comprehensive, and enduring global response."

Caribbean Energy Security Summit

Vice President Biden hosts the first ever Caribbean Energy Security Summit today. Watch the events live here or at beginning at approximately 2:00 p.m. EST.

UN Meeting on Anti-Semitism

Ambassador Power (Jan 22): "These attacks are not only deplorable in their own right and not only a threat to Jews worldwide; they are also a threat to some of the rights that we hold most sacred – the rights of freedom of religion and expression."

Death of King Abdullah

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 22): "The United States has lost a friend, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and the world has lost a revered leader."

Developments in Yemen

Spokesperson Psaki (Jan. 22): "The United States is troubled by reports of President Hadi and his cabinet's resignation. At this time, it is critical that all sides avoid violence."

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Deputy Secretary Blinken (Jan. 21): "The challenge posed by Iran's nuclear program has long been one of our country's foremost national security priorities, and it has been a primary focus of both the Congress and the Administration."

U.S.-Australia Partnership

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 21): " Our partnership at every single level simply could not be functioning more effectively, more comfortably, more easily. We are aligned on issue after issue."

U.S. Condemns Violence in Niger

Spokesperson Psaki: "The United States strongly condemns the violence that occurred in Niger on January 16 and 17 during protests against the depiction of the Prophet Mohamed in the French journal Charlie Hebdo...."

Daily Press Briefing: Israel

Spokesperson Psaki (Jan. 21): "We strongly condemn today's stabbings on a bus in Tel Aviv. There is and can be no justification for such attacks against innocent civilians."

World Economic Forum

Jan. 23: Secretary Kerry delivered remarks at the World Economic Forum. A video and transcript will be available shortly.

2014 U.S. Department of State Medal of Arts

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 21): "AIE was commissioned in 1963 under the very premise that American fine art could reach out to people thousands of miles away, people who speak different languages, practice different customs, worship different gods or perhaps not even any at all.

Travel to Belgium and the United Kingdom

Under Secretary Sewall travels to Belgium and the United Kingdom from January 19-21 to meet with European Union counterparts and participate in a series of bilateral meetings.

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