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State Dept - Highlights 

The Top Tweets from Secretary @JohnKerry in 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, take a look back at some of our favorite tweets from Secretary of State John Kerry's busy year. DipNote

Changes in U.S. Policy Toward Cuba

Assistant Secretary Jacobson (Dec. 18): "A couple things about the State Department and next steps ... We will begin the process of restoration of diplomatic relations." Fact Sheet President's Statement and Video Dec. 20 Op-Ed

Continuing the Fight Against Ebola

Dec. 19: The State Department recently launched a new online audio series on the Ebola outbreak and efforts by the international community to help fight the virus and respond to the needs of those in the affected countries. DipNote

Executive Order on Crimea

Dec. 19: The E.O. is intended to provide clarity to U.S. corporations doing business in the region and reaffirm that the United States will not accept Russia's occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea. President's Statement Executive Order

Cyber-Attack by North Korea

Secretary Kerry (Dec. 19): "These actions are a brazen attempt by an isolated regime to suppress free speech and stifle the creative expression of artists beyond the borders of its own country."

Daily Press Briefing: Kenya

Spokesperson Psaki (Dec. 19): "We would urge the Kenyan Government to ensure that its counterterrorism efforts respect the rights of the Kenyan people and live up to the Kenyan constitution and rule of law." Statement

U.S.-Japan Joint Statement

Dec. 18: The Ministers affirm an unwavering mutual commitment to strengthen the Alliance further and to enhance deterrence in a complex regional and global security environment.

U.S.-Georgia Working Group

Dec. 18: Read the joint statement of the U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Commission Working Group on People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges.

Belarus and Human Rights

Spokesperson Psaki (Dec. 18): "It has been four years since the Belarusian Government launched a repressive crackdown on civil society, independent media, and the democratic opposition."

Nuclear Arms Control

Under Secretary Gottemoeller (Dec. 18): "As we push those nations to accept their own global and ethical responsibilities, the United States will maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear arsenal for the defense of our nation and our allies."

International Migrants Day

Spokesperson Psaki (Dec. 18): "The United States works bilaterally and multilaterally with the international community to make migration safer and the control of borders more humane." DipNote

Release of FRUS Volume

Dec. 18: The State Department has released Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977-1980, Volume IX, Arab-Israeli Dispute, August 1978-December 1980.

Terrorist Designations

Dec. 18: The State Department has designated the Egyptian Ajnad Misr group, and Ibrahim al-Rubaysh, an al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula senior leader, as Specially Designated Global Terrorists under Executive Order 13224.

Daily Press Briefing: Georgia

Spokesperson Psaki (Dec. 18): "The United States congratulates Georgia on the European parliament's ratification today of the EU-Georgia association agreement."

South Pacific: Weapons Destruction

Dec. 17: U.S. efforts reduce the humanitarian impact of abandoned World War II-era munitions caches across the region by funding survey and clearance operations as well as training missions.

Nuclear Disarmament

Special Representative Wood (Dec. 17): "There remains strong support among governments and publics for nuclear disarmament. ... The United States has led the international community in responsibly reducing nuclear arsenals."

Remarks at Holiday Reception

Secretary Kerry (Dec. 17): "I really am pleased to be able to say hello to the families of our Foreign Service Officers and other U.S. personnel who are on duty overseas during the holiday season. This is your reception."

U.S.-Angola Strategic Dialogue

Secretary Kerry (Dec. 17): "This is a moment of great opportunity for the U.S.-Angola partnership. ... We're making the right choices now, I think, on regional and global security, and the UN, and in our economic partnership."

Attack in Yemen

Spokesperson Psaki (Dec. 17): "The United States strongly condemns yesterday's bomb attack in Radaa, Yemen, which killed dozens, including at least 15 girls who were riding in their school bus."

Charting a New Course on Cuba

President Obama (Dec. 17): "Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba. ... We will begin to normalize relations between our two countries." Fact Sheet Secretary's Statement

Head of USAID To Depart

Administrator Shah (Dec. 17): "It was with mixed emotions that I informed President Obama and Secretary Kerry that I will step down as Administrator in mid-February 2015." Secretary's Statement

Daily Press Briefing: EU and Hamas

Spokesperson Psaki (Dec. 17): "We will continue to work closely with the European Union on Hamas-related issues. We believe that the EU should maintain its terrorism sanctions on Hamas."

Seafood Sustainability

Dec. 16: The recommendations released today include input from various stakeholders and aim to level the playing field for legitimate fishermen, increase consumer confidence in the sustainability of seafood sold in the U.S., and ensure the vitality of marine fish stocks.

Attack on School in Peshawar

Dec. 16: The U.S. strongly condemns senseless and inhumane attacks on innocent students and educators, and stands in solidarity with the people of Pakistan, and all who fight the menace of terrorism. DipNote

Global Counterterrorism Forum

Dec. 16: The GCTF's primary objectives are to counter violent extremism and strengthen criminal justice and other rule of law institutions that deal with terrorism and related security challenges. Read 10 things you should know about it.

The U.S. and Northeast Asia

Assistant Secretary Russel (Dec. 16): "The major Northeast Asian powers and the U.S. need each other ... to jump start the global economy, preserve regional stability, enhance global security, and protect the global environment."

Elections in Haiti

Secretary Kerry (Dec. 16): "As Haiti's political leaders work to resolve the issue of delayed elections, the United States supports the right of the Haitian people to go to the polls to determine their future."

Press Availability in London

Secretary Kerry (Dec. 16): "A focus of these conversations has been our deep concern about the situation on the ground in Israel and in the West Bank and the mounting calls from the international community to pursue diplomatic measures to try to address it.

U.S.-Angola Strategic Dialogue

Dec. 17: Secretary Kerry and Angolan Foreign Minister Georges Chikoti will hold a joint press availability following their meeting. Watch it here at approximately 3:30 p.m. EST.

Charting a New Course on Cuba

Dec. 17: Today, President Obama delivered a statement on changes in U.S. policy toward Cuba. Excerpts of President's Remarks Fact Sheet Secretary's Statement A video and transcript will be posted when available.

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