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State Dept - Highlights 

Russian Convoy in Ukraine

NSC Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden (Aug. 22): "Today, in violation of its previous commitments and international law, Russian military vehicles painted to look like civilian trucks forced their way into Ukraine."

Death of Albert Reynolds

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 22): "It was with sadness that we learned of the passing of Albert Reynolds, former Prime Minister (Taoiseach) of Ireland."

Daily Press Briefing: Syria

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 21): "One year ago today, the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad launched a deadly chemical weapons attack on the suburbs of Damascus, where more than 1,000 people were killed."

Rewards for Justice

The U.S. Department of State's Rewards for Justice program is offering new rewards for information on four key leaders of the Haqqani Network terrorist organization and is increasing a previously announced reward offer for information on another leader of the group.

Murder of James Foley

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 20): "He was brave and bold, and no masked coward can ever steal the legacy of this courageous American who lived out the meaning of the word journalism." Statement by President Obama

U.S.-Colombia Security Cooperation

Aug. 19: The Governments of the Republic of Colombia and the United States of America reaffirmed their strategic partnership during a meeting of the Security Cooperation Coordinating Group.

Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

This week, 26 Iraqi high school students and their mentors are in Washington, DC, to conclude a four-week exchange program in the United States on civic education, leadership development, respect for diversity, and community engagement.

World Humanitarian Day

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 19): "We pay tribute today to the world's humanitarians – those unsung heroes who, despite the risks, work to save lives on the front lines of conflict and help victims of natural disasters pick up the pieces and rebuild their communities.

President Obama on the Latest Events in Iraq

Aug. 18: The President said that the American operation in Iraq has effectively protected our personnel in Erbil by stopping the terrorist group ISIL from advancing on the city of Erbil, and by helping Iraqi forces to recapture the largest dam in Iraq.

Terrorist Designations

Aug. 19: The State Department has designated Mujahidin Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem (MSC), Abu Mohammed al-Adnani and Said Arif as Specially Designated Global Terrorists under Executive Order 13224.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Aug. 15: The launch of a WECREATE Center in the Lower Mekong subregion underscores the State Department's enduring commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs everywhere, particularly in developing countries. DipNote

Eliminating Syria's Chemical Weapons Program

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 18): "Today, we mark a milestone in our unrelenting work to ensure the end of the Assad regime's deadly chemical arsenal: The U.S. has finished neutralizing the regime's deadliest chemical weapons aboard the Cape Ray."

Daily Press Briefing: ISIL

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 20): "Let's be clear that ISIL speaks for no religion. No faith teaches people to massacre innocents. As the President said, when people harm Americans anywhere, we will do what's necessary to see that justice is done."

Working To End Gender-Based Violence

Sixteen civil society leaders from Central America and the Dominican Republic visit the U.S. starting August 18 to participate in the Department of State's Mujeres Adelante ("Women Moving Forward") initiative.

Daily Press Briefing: Pakistan

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 19): "We are carefully monitoring the demonstrations in Islamabad. We urge all sides to refrain from violence, exercise restraint, and respect the rule of law."

Assistance to Iraq

USAID is deploying humanitarian response experts to key locations in the region to help manage and coordinate U.S. Government support of the Government of Iraq's humanitarian aid effort for those displaced by ISIL.

Daily Press Briefing: Russia

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 18): "We are deeply concerned about the sentences handed down to four more Russian protestors who participated in the Bolotnaya Square demonstrations in Moscow in May 2012."

Freeing Angola From the Impact of Landmines

U.S.-supported humanitarian demining has helped safely clear more than 24 million square meters of land, including 6,000 kilometers of bridges and roads in Angola since 1994. DipNote

Terrorist Designations

Aug. 18: The State Department has designated Abu Mohammed al-Adnani and Said Arif as Specially Designated Global Terrorists under Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism.

International Exchange Alumni

Aug. 14: The Department of State has selected Daniel Voda of Moldova as August's International Exchange Alumni Member of the Month.

Maliki Steps Aside and Supports Al-Abadi

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 14): "We commend the honorable decision by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to support Prime Minister-designate Haider Al-Abadi in his efforts to form a new government and develop a national program in line with Iraq's constitutional timeline.

Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

Liberia, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania, and the United States confirmed last week their intention to join the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture. The U.S. supports climate-smart agriculture globally through its Feed the Future and Global Climate Change initiatives.

Ordered Departure From Sierra Leone

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 14): "At the recommendation of the U.S. Embassy in Sierra Leone, the State Department today ordered the departure from Freetown of all eligible family members not employed by post." Travel Warning

Daily Press Briefing: Nominee Confirmations

Deputy Spokesperson Harf (Aug. 14): "Today marks day 400 since our ambassador was nominated to Sierra Leone, John Hoover."

Joint Statement on Libya

Aug. 13: The Governments of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States strongly condemn the ongoing fighting and violence in and around Tripoli, Benghazi, and across Libya.

Departure of Assistant Secretary

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 13): "After five years in the Administration, the last three as Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO), Ambassador Rick Barton has announced his resignation, effective September 30."

Visit to the American Guadalcanal Memorial

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 13): "I'm so proud that the United States of America is sending a message about the value of life and the value of those who give their life for their country." DipNote

U.S. Vision for Asia-Pacific Engagement

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 13): "I want to talk to you today about four specific opportunities: creating sustainable economic growth, powering a clean energy revolution, promoting regional cooperation, and empowering people." Trip page

Australia-U.S. Ministerial Consultations

Secretary Kerry (Aug. 12): "Though we live in different hemispheres and at opposite ends of the globe, the U.S. could ask for no better friend and no closer ally than Australia."

Ghazni Towers Virtual Exhibition

The U.S. Department of State used innovative methods to document Afghanistan's historic Ghazni Towers, one of the last standing monuments of this great empire that ruled over most of Asia during the 12th century. View the Virtual Exhibition

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