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MSDN Blogs 

Updated Event Hubs NuGet Packages

There are new client packages available for Service Bus today with an added focus on Event Hubs. Service Bus .NET Client 2.4.3*EventHub: add API to allow inclusive offset specification at receiver creation. *Messaging: improve RetryExponential constructor usability with updated API documentation Event Hubs EventProcessorHost

Microsoft Security Bulletins 

MS14-016 - Important: Vulnerability in Security Account Manager Remote (SAMR) Protocol Could Allow Security Feature Bypass (2934418) - Version: 1.2

News@Cisco: Top Stories 

Oracle Bloggers 

Using multiDelete for efficient cleanup of old data

In a recent project one of our field engineers ( Gustavo Arango ) was confronted by a problem, he needed to efficiently delete millions of keys beneath a key space where he did not know the complete major key path, which ended in a time stamp.   He quickly discovered a way to efficiently find these major key paths and then use them to perform high speed multi-value deletions without causing unus

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