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Family Raises Awareness for Pediatric Cancer

Natalie Gorsegner, a five-year-old with cancer, joins TODAY to talk about the more than 1,500 children who are diagnosed with cancer every year.

'Get Ready': U.S. Military Breaks Ground on Ebola Hospital

American troops have broken ground for an Ebola field hospital and the U.S. should have mobile labs up and running in Liberia this week.

Fire and Spice: What Parents of Teens Need to Know

Every school year brings dangerous trends that you may be clueless about but that your middle schooler/high schooler likely knows about.

Snacks Hit the Spot Globally -- and Replace Meals

A survey of global snack habits by Nielsen shows nearly half of respondents admit snacking instead of eating meals.

10 Denver-Area Kids Have Strange Muscle Weakness

Ten kids have shown up with a mystifying muscle weakness that may be related to an outbreak of enterovirus D68, doctors said Monday.

Forget Enterovirus: Another Illness Is Killing Kids

Enterovirus may be all over the headlines but there's another virus that kills kids every year that you may not even have heard of. It's called RSV.

Caffeinated Underwear? FTC Says It Lacks Buzz

Bras, girdles and leggings infused with caffeine and sold as weight loss aids were more decaf than espresso, U.S. regulators said on Monday.

'I Have HIV And I Want You to Know It'

In response to a viral essay by one mom explaining why she hides her daughter's HIV+ status, one teen with HIV discusses going public with her status.

Colorado Children Showing Polio-Like Symptoms

The CDC says it’s concerned about kids all suffering from polio-like symptoms, with no clear identification of their illness. NBC’s Hallie Jackson reports.

This Exercise Is the Superfood of Fitness, Experts Say

Fitness experts who stress daily movement over workouts and an active lifestyle over weekends of warrior games says walking is a superstar.

Child With Rare Lung Disease Helps Others

The family of a 4-year-old boy with a rare lung disease helps raise money for research and spread awareness of pulmonary hypertension. KPLC's Britney Glaser reports.

Health Expert: Pumpkins Are Healthy, Pumpkin-Flavored Lattes Aren't

While many foods that contain "pumpkin" are automatically considered to be healthy, some pumpkin-flavored foods may actually be quite the opposite. NBC's Erika Edwards reports.

Best Birth Control for Teens? Hint: Not the Pill

The best birth control to offer teenage women is an implantable rod, followed by an IUD, pediatricians say in new guidance.

New U.S. Ebola Case? Possible Patient Arrives at Hospital

An American doctor who may have been exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone is starting experimental isolation at the government's top medical research lab.

How to Calm Your Brain and Find Peace on a Busy Day

The positive power of meditation has made the news once again.

'Devastating': When a Miscarriage Can Turn Deadly

Miscarriages are common, but they can also be deadly. And for those who survive, there can be complications, including infertility.

Exposure: Five Babies Test Positive for TB Infection

Five babies have tested positive for tuberculosis infection after an employee at an El Paso hospital exposed hundreds of infants to the disease.

Exposure: Five Babies Test Positive for TB in Texas

Five babies have tested positive for tuberculosis infection after an employee at an El Paso hospital exposed hundreds of infants to the disease.

U.S. Doctor Exposed to Ebola to Be Admitted to NIH

The unnamed physician will be admitted to the National Institutes of Health's facility in Bethesda, Maryland, in the coming days.

Liberia's Top Doctor Goes Under Ebola Quarantine

Bernice Dahn said she did not have any Ebola symptoms but wanted to ensure she was not infected.

Kitchen Makeover: Easy Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating

What if you could shed pounds by making small changes at home and in other places where you spend your day?

Do I Have Enterovirus? What to Know About the Illness

You’ve got a fever and a cough. Or your child is down for the count. It’s probably that new virus that’s been going around. Or is it?

This Is One of the Most Under-Diagnosed Conditions in the U.S.

One doctor says Peripheral Arterial Disease often goes unrecognized because its symptoms mimic other conditions.

Inevitable Outbreaks: Can We Prevent Another Ebola?

Ebola's more than a humanitarian threat, it's a security threat, President Barack Obama says.

How To Save 60,000 People from Rabies? Vaccinate Dogs

Worldwide vaccination of dogs could virtually eliminate rabies in people, but world leaders just can’t be bothered to care about it, experts say.

What's the World's Deadliest Virus?

Ebola is getting a lot of coverage, but there's another disease that has claimed many more lives.

Junk Science: Male Sex Drugs Under FDA Fire

Turns out, bigger is badder as many products claiming to enlarge men’s genitals are potentially deadly, according to federal experts and doctors.

Kids Struggling to Survive, UNICEF Says

Fewer children are dying around the world, but 17,000 children under 5 still die every day, the U.N. children’s agency said Friday.

California Bans Sterilization of Female Inmates

Bill was introduced earlier this year after allegations women in prison had their tubes tied as a means of birth control without their consent.

Vaccinating Dogs Could Eliminate Rabies, Experts Say

Worldwide vaccination of dogs could virtually eliminate rabies in people, but world leaders just can’t be bothered to care about it, experts say.

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