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Boys and Girls Balance Out at Conception, Study Says

Scientists have known for centuries that more boys than girls are born, but newly published research suggests the numbers are equal at conception.

New Strain of Enterovirus May Have Caused Mystery Paralysis

A new strain of the polio-like EV-D68 may be causing the rare and mystifying cases of muscle weakness affecting some kids.

Being Poor Affects Kids' Brains: Study

Children raised in poor households have clear differences in the physical structures of their brains compared to wealthier children.

Monsanto Rep Claims Product Isn't Harmful But Still Won't Drink It

In the middle of an interview where he was claiming that the pesticide glyphosate was not causing cancer, a Monsanto rep still refused to sample the product saying "I'm not stupid."

U.S. Ebola Patient Improves

An American health worker being treated for Ebola has improved, the National Institutes of Health said Thursday.

Liberia Urges Ebola Survivors to Stop Having Sex

The death of an Ebola-stricken woman in Liberia has prompted officials to urge survivors to abstain from sex temporarily.

Is It OK to Eat Moldy Food?

You're famished for a bit of cheese, but you notice a blue spot on the chunk of cheddar in your fridge. Is it OK to slice off the bad part and eat the rest?

Oklahoma Gets Its First Measles Case in 18 Years

The Oklahoma Health Department confirmed its first case of measles in 18 years and the infected person is an international traveler.

Immune Therapy Offers Rare Hope for Ovarian Cancer

Researchers report on two possible new ways to help ovarian cancer patients live longer.

Immune Therapy Offers Rare Hope for Ovarian Cancer

Researchers report on two possible new ways to help ovarian cancer patients live longer.

Google, J&J Team Up to Build Robot Surgeons

Google is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to build robots that can help surgeons in the operating room

Could Better Screening Catch Suicidal Pilots?

Pilots rarely use their aircraft to commit suicide and even more rarely kill others along with themselves, experts say.

White House Releases Plan to Fight Superbugs

The White House released a five-year, $1.2 billion plan on Friday to fight drug-resistant "superbugs".

Oklahoma Reports First Measles Case in 18 Years

Oklahoma has its first confirmed measles case since 1997, state health officials reported Friday.

Want to Live to Be 105? Check Your Genes

Researchers find that more than 280 genes are involved in getting people to extreme old age — 105 and older.

NASA Astronaut Prepares for Record-Setting Year in Space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is headed to the International Space Station for a year in a one-of-a-kind science experiment.

House Passes 'Doc Fix' for Medicare Doctors

Congress may be mostly deadlocked, but the House of Representatives passed the so-called doc fix Thursday.

U.S. Ebola Patient Upgraded to Serious Condition

An American health worker being treated for Ebola has improved from critical to serious condition, the National Institutes of Health said Thursday.

CDC Smoking Campaign Aims to Make You Cringe

A new anti-smoking campaign features a parade of former smokers who want to save others from their humiliating health consequences.

Indiana Town Hit by HIV Epidemic to Open First Clinic

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence declared a public health emergency Thursday in Scott County amid an HIV outbreak that has infected at least 79 people.

'We Need Help': HIV 'Epidemic' Hits Small Indiana Town

An HIV "epidemic" fueled by needle-sharing opiate users has infected 72 people in one southern Indiana county, state officials said Wednesday.

Ebola Hits Youngest Victims the Hardest, Report Finds

Ebola takes hold quicker in the very youngest patients and kills more of them, a new report finds.

3 Drinks Give You Liver Cancer, But Coffee Protects

Researchers say they've narrowed down just how much alcohol you have to drink to risk giving yourself liver cancer: three drinks a day.

Could Sex Have Brought Ebola Back to Liberia?

WHO and the Liberian government say they are checking into the possibility that a woman caught Ebola from a survivor she was dating.

New Anthrax Treatment Helps Even After Infection

The FDA approved a treatment to help anthrax victims even after they've started showing symptoms - a time that's typically too late to save patients.

Supreme Court Sends UPS Pregnancy Case Back for Retrial

The Supreme Court has sent a pregnancy discrimination case filed against UPS back for possible re-trial.

Here Are the Biggest Distractions for Teen Drivers

Cellphones and talking to passengers appear to play a far greater role in teen crashes than previously thought.

Breast Cancer Signs Seen in 4,200-Year-Old Bones

Archaeologists have found what Egyptian authorities are calling the world's oldest evidence of breast cancer in the 4,200-year-old bones of a woman.

'Part of Life': Angelina Jolie Has Ovaries Removed

Angelina Jolie has had her ovaries removed after tests indicated possible signs of cancer, two years after she underwent a double mastectomy.

Ethicist: Why a New Alzheimer's Drug Isn't A No-Brainer

Bioethicist Art Caplan gives five reasons why good news is not all good news when it comes to a promising drug for Alzheimer's disease.

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