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Is Your Partner Cheating on you Financially?

Financial advisor and television host Suze Orman shares her tips for avoiding financial infidelity.

Apple Rings Up Strong iPhone 6 Sales

Sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus began in September, helping Apple chalk up a 12.2 percent jump in revenue last quarter.

Every Last Penny: The Booming Funeral Business

From the hearse to the casket, the average cost for a funeral can run up to eight thousand dollars. But a time of mourning doesn't have to be a time of spending, if you're careful.

The Royals Are Beating the Giants... on Ticket Prices

How do the two teams match up off the field as they prepare for the 110th Fall Classic?

KC Is Beating SF ... on Ticket Prices

How do the two teams match up off the field as they prepare for the 110th Fall Classic?

Digital Medicine? High-Tech Health Care On the Way

From month-long wait times to preventable diseases; from inefficient IT systems to complicated medicines, the sector is now innovating, fast.

Dallas Love Field Reboot Launches Airfare War

What the reopening of Dallas Love Field airport means for your ticket price.

Bogus, Man! Colorado Wants to Ban Pot Brownies

Health officials don't want them to be confused with regular food.

Two More Deaths Linked to Faulty GM Ignition Switches

So far there have been 184 death claims linked to faulty ignition switches that can slip out of the "on" position and cause cars to stall.

4.7 Million Should Fix Their Air Bags: Safety Watchdog

Safety regulators are warning owners of more than 4.7 million vehicles that have been recalled for air bag problems to get them repaired now.

Americans Will Spend $7.4 Billion On Halloween

Surveys show Americans will spend $7.4 billion on Halloween this year, the most ever. NBC's Mark Barger reports.

Unbeerable: Drought Hits California Breweries

How many bottles of water go in that beer on the wall? A lot.

Toyota Recalls 247K Autos For Airbag Issue

An air bag problem that has plagued the industry continues to expand.

Spotify Lowers Its Prices With Family Plan

Apple thinks streaming music should cost less. Spotify agrees.

Big Blues: How Buffett Lost $1 Billion Before Lunch

Warren Buffett does not like to lose money in general, so losing $1 billion before lunch on a Monday morning can't be going down well.

Three Big Expenses You'll Save on this Fall

As the leaves turn, so does your luck in dealing with these three big costs this fall.

With Apple Pay, Tech Giant Bets Big on Mobile Payments

Are consumers ready to cast off their credit cards in favor of a smartphone application?

Raises Are Rare Despite Strong Hiring: Survey

Businesses throw up a signal that they are under no pressure to increase pay soon.

Ebola Travel Ban: Health Officials Call It a Big Mistake

There are reasons the U.S. hasn't enacted a travel ban on Ebola-stricken countries: It could actually make things worse, health officials say.

Judge Voids Taj Mahal Casino Union Contract

The action raises hopes that the Atlantic City casino and its 3,000 jobs could be saved.

Hot Kitchen? GM's Top Attorney Stepping Down

Michael Millikin's department faced heavy criticism for how it handled GM's defective ignition switch that has been linked to at least 27 deaths.

Trees Beat Humans to Water In California Drought

Trees may be adding to the misery of California's extreme drought, soaking up a lot more water that normally might fill reservoirs, researchers say.

Employers Scramble to Address Ebola Concerns

Experts in workplace law say employers should act carefully to avoid discrimination complaints -- and protect their employees.

Which Country Has the Widest Wealth Gap?

If you think inequality in the U.S. is bad, consider Russia.

Raising the Dead: Cemeteries Are Headed Skywards

From Israel to Brazil, elevated cemeteries are providing the final resting place for thousands of people as space runs out at ground level.

Are You Helping Thieves Steal Your Identity?

An alarming number of people are putting themselves at risk by not taking simple precautions to guard their personal information.

Dow Soars to Snap Six-Day Losing Streak

Investors shake off fears of Ebola and of a stagnant global economy to focus on upbeat corporate earnings.

Dow Soars 300 to Break Six-Day Losing Streak

Investors shake off fears of Ebola and of a stagnant global economy to focus on upbeat corporate earnings.

Stocks Shake Off Ebola Worries; Dow Soars 250

Markets rally after Dow chalks up six-day losing streak.

Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service to Brooklyn is expanding its online grocery delivery program to Brooklyn's well-heeled Park Slope neighborhood on Friday.

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