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U.S. Cracks Down on Companies Moving Overseas

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says the steps will ensure that it's no longer financially beneficial for companies to use that tactic.

Starbucks Tests Coffee That Tastes Like a Guinness

You might not be able to get away with "beer for breakfast" but if Starbucks tests go right, you could get that Guinness flavor in your morning joe.

Billionaires Are Hoarding Mountains of Cash: Survey

A conundrum many of us wish we had: What to do with all that money?

Alaska Reporter Shows How Not to Quit a Job

Some people just give their two weeks' notice when they quit their job.

Number of Deaths Linked to GM Ignition Rises

The number of deaths linked to a faulty ignition switch in General Motors vehicles rose by two last week.

Hakuna Matata: 'Lion King' Is Box-Office Monarch

Something Disney can take real pride in.

In-Flight Dining at Home: Would You Pay $13 for This?

In-flight fine dining may sound like an oxymoron, but one airline bets its meals are tasty enough that customers will eat them when not flying.

Three Ways To Save During Open Enrollment

How to take action right now to save on health insurance during the open enrollment period.

Clean Heir Act: Rockefeller Trust Dumping Fossil Fuels

The family joins a growing movement of charities, pension funds, universities and other entities that have moved money out of fossil-fuel investments.

Germans Say 'Nein' to U.S. Companies

A series of damning espionage revelations and other developments have damaged the way Germans view U.S. corporations.

Apple: 10 Million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Sold

Apple says it sold more than 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, a record for a new model, in the three days after the phones went on sale.

Happy Hobbit Day! You Can Vacation Like Bilbo

For an unusual adventure, let a hobbit be your travel guide.

GM, Chrysler Announce More Auto Recalls

For GM, it's a parking brake issue. For Chrysler, it's a problem with fuel pumps.

Oops! Retail Giant Overstated Profit by $408 Million

British retail giant Tesco lowered its forecast for first-half profit by 250 million pounds ($408.50 million) after finding a fault in its accounts.

Fire to Floods: Can California's Economy Survive?

A diverse, $2 trillion economy is helping cushion the blow from fires, floods and quakes.

Dow Hits Record Close After Scotland Vote, Alibaba Debut

Alibaba surged in its U.S. trading debut after the company raised nearly $22 billion in the largest IPO ever.

Home Depot Hacked: How to Protect Yourself

Home Depot revealed 56 million of its shoppers' credit cards were stolen, the largest retail breach ever. Ben Popken explains how to protect yourself.

Cadillac to Launch Posh New Sedan in 2015

The as-yet unnamed flagship model will debut the maker’s new autonomous highway driving technology.

Opportunists Cash in on Delayed iPhone Launch in China

Regulatory hurdles mean the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus won't be available soon in China, the world's biggest smartphone market.

Open Sesame! Alibaba Makes Monster Trading Debut

The largest IPO in history, from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, opened at $92.70 a share.

Marriott Wants You to Vacation on a Virtual Beach

Marriott Hotels is betting the future of travel will be, at least in part, virtual.

Pass the Brewski? Pabst Sold to Russian Company

Pabst Brewing Company, which produces quintessential American beers PBR, Colt 45, Old Milwaukee and Lone Star beers was sold to a Russian company.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma on 'Ecosystems' and 'Forrest Gump'

Jack Ma talks about how Alibaba's "ecosystem" can help small businesses around the world, and how 'Forrest Gump' became a hero to him.

How College Can Screw Up Your Career

Call them the almost-grads.

Desperate Fishermen Driven to Piracy by 'Flag Hoppers'

It's a vicious cycle that people in government and shipping worry could become worse.

Plane Evacuated After Being Filled With Smoke

Busch Gardens Removes Props in Wake of Beheadings

Parks said that in light of recent events, some props may have had the unintended consequence of appearing insensitive.

College Costs Conundrum: Parents Fret About Retirement

A growing number of parents are concerned that paying for their kids' higher education will hurt their retirement.

Markets Cry 'Yes' After Scotland Votes 'No'

European shares opened sharply higher Friday after Scottish voters rejected independence.

SAP Will Buy Concur Technologies for $7.36 billion

SAP is offering $129 per share, a 20 percent premium over the Wednesday closing price.

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