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Just Stop Doing It: Nike Chairman Knight to Step Down in 2016

Knight recommended that Chief Executive Mark Parker succeeds him as chairman. Parker has been CEO since 2006.

These Are America's Favorite Restaurants

The ASCI survey of U.S. diners shows that ratings for fast food are sagging, but Chick-Fil-A scores high.

Negotiate in Real Life like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's open letter to Apple is a crash course in Negotiation 101.

Not Just Whole Foods: Beware Supermarket Overcharges

How to make sure you're always paying the fair price at the supermarket.

JetBlue Starts Charging for All Checked Baggage

JetBlue, which had long touted its one free checked bag perk, started charging for the first piece of luggage Tuesday.

Court Agrees Apple Violated Antitrust Law in E-Book Entry

A federal appeals court in New York says Apple violated antitrust laws by colluding with publishers to raise electronic book prices in 2010.

Traveling to Greece? Great Prices, Big Problems

Many U.S. tourists are carrying extra cash in case the ATMs in Athens run dry.

PayPal Backs Down on Controversial Robocall Policy

PayPal's controversial new policy would have automatically "opted in" its users to receive robocalls and text messages from the company.

Stocks Dealt Worst Day of Year Amid Greek Crisis

The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 350 points, or 2 percent, to 17,596 Monday.

Got a New Plenti Card? Check the Fine Print

The new American Express card lets you earn points at one retailer and spend them at another — but right now you can only spend them at four stores.

Global Stocks Plunge As Greek Crisis Rocks Markets

U.S. stocks were poised to open down Monday as Greece's financial crisis roils global markets.

Global Stocks Plunges As Greek Crisis Rocks Markets

U.S. stocks were poised to open down Monday as Greece's financial crisis roils global markets.

Greeks Can Only Get $67 From ATMs; Banks Shut for Week

Greece imposed restrictions on money withdrawals and banking transactions to keep its financial system from collapsing due to a run on the banks.

CEO Who Boosted Workers' Wages GIves Kids Big Surprise

Seattle CEO Dan Price showed up to a sixth grade class in Irvine, California, after they wrote him letters.

Seeing Green: The Grass Business Is Big Money

Much of the grass on U.S. lawns originally arrived from somewhere else, but has now become a $40 billion industry.

Greece Debt Crisis: Finance Ministers Refuse Extension

Greece cannot have an extension to its bailout program, euro zone finance ministers decided Saturday, as the country's financial future spiraled into uncertainty.

For Onboard Wi-Fi, Not All Airlines are Equal

Airlines in the U.S. have committed billions to providing a better in-flight experience, but some are better than others.

Tunisia Attack Could Be 'Nail in the Coffin' for Tourism

It's already clear that terror attack in Tunisia will severely hurt the country's tourism-driven economy.

Americans Throw Away at Least $640 of Food Per Year

Americans think they throw away at least $640 of food per year, but it's actually more.

Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks for Your Safety

Disney World may bring a smile to your face but soon you can't use a selfie stick to capture it.

How SCOTUS' Same-Sex Ruling Impacts Couples' Finances

On a practical level, same-sex couples will see their financial lives dramatically simplified because of gay marriage.

Guess Who Brings More Debt to a Relationship?

When it comes to men and women, guess who brings more debt to a relationship?

Consumer Spending Surges As Americans Tap Gas Savings

The money Americans are saving at the pump is finally starting to burn a hole in their pockets.

Takata's CEO Apologizes for Faulty Airbags

"We are obviously considering how we can provide relief for the victims," said Shigehisa Takata.

Takata Ended Airbag Safety Checks Due to Cost

A new congressional report says the airbag maker stopped safety audits in 2009 for two years for financial reasons.

With Pensions on the Cutting Block, Are You at Risk?

When it comes to the recent improvement in state finances, one retiree's pain is another one's gain.

What Your Smartphone Says About Your Waistline

If you're sipping your lunch, you probably have an iPhone. If you're enjoying pizza from Little Caesars, you're probably on Android.

Lululemon Recalls Tops For Draw Cord Injuries

Lululemon is recalling about 318,000 women's tops, saying the hard-tipped elastic draw cords can snap back and injure the face or eyes of a wearer.

Google's Autonomous Car Takes First Drive on Public Roads

Google's prototype self-driving cars have made the leap from the test track to public streets, and are now cruising around Mountain View, California.

SAT Scores Affected by Misprint Released

SAT test scores are now available for students who took a June 6th test with a misprint.

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