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Crawler Product Overview

We strive to deliver the best service for all Crawler users...

At Crawler, our customer's satisfaction is our highest priority. This is why we constantly develop new products that deliver the best possible services to our users. Below is our complete list of products that will enhance your Crawler experience.

Crawler Email

Crawler Email

With Crawler free user-friendly Webmail you can send and receive attachments up to 20MB, easily organize your messages, quickly find archived messages, view full conversations by grouping received messages with their replies, compose and read messages even when you're not online and much more...

Crawler Photos

Crawler Photos

Photos module represents a convenient way to store, sort and share your photos with your friends and family. You can organize your photos into albums, set access rights for your photos to allow certain people to see only the photos that you want them to see, and upload multiple photos simultaneously with Crawler Toolbar's Virtual Storage feature...

Crawler Storage

Crawler Storage

Use 5GB of free online disk space! Safely store your images, documents, music, and other files just like on your own computer and access your Online Storage wherever you go. Synchronize your Online Storage with a selected folder on your computer, attach files from your Online Storage to your email messages with a single click and much more...

Crawler Organizer

Crawler Organizer

The Crawler Organizer feature enhances productivity by helping you organize your time, work more efficiently and improve your time and resource management. You can setup reminders for your events and tasks to help you remember an important meeting or occasion.

Crawler Notes

Crawler Notes

Don't forget important meetings, things to do, shopping lists, etc. With Crawler Notes you can create your own virtual Message Board right at your desktop and on your Webmail to help you remember important tasks.

Free AntiSpyware Software

Spyware Terminator

Think smart, surf safe, use Spyware Terminator!

Download free Spyware Terminator to prevent spyware from disrupting your browsing experience!

Block unwanted programs before they can affect your computer's performance! Keep your data in and intruders out! Stop unauthorized changes to your browser settings!

Internet Security

Web Security Guard

Web Security Guard is a free, easy-to-use application that helps to protect your computer from all kinds of Internet based threats such as spyware, adware, spam and viruses.

Web Security Guard informs you of potentially dangerous websites by displaying detailed information and users' reviews before entering the websites.

System Protect

System Protect

Is your computer really secure even with the latest antivirus and antispyware programs?

That's not always the case. Millions of computers have already been destroyed by other security applications. Use System Protect together with Spyware Terminator or another antispyware application and your computer will be protected! System Protect prevents deletion and modification of important programs, files and folders.

Online Vault

Can't remember all your passwords? Don't want to spend your time by filling in web forms?

No problem! Online Vault can do it for you! Avoid manually filling in of Web forms and logins on websites with free Online Vault. All data is safely stored on your computer and protected by a master password.

Crawler Parental Control

Get Perfect Control of User Activity on Your Computer!

Get perfect control of websites your children browse, programs they use, and time they spend on computer.

Prevent your children and other users of your computer from installing unwanted and potentially harmful software and uninstalling applications that you need to use.

Get detailed reports about online and offline use of your computer wherever you are.

Crawler Toolbar 5.1

Crawler Toolbar 5.1 allows you to get search results from multiple search engines at once. Crawler Toolbar 5.1 also includes many useful features such as popup blocker, form filler, browser skins & cursors, download manager, spellchecker and other useful functions.

Crawler Toolbar 5.1 is TRUSTe Whitelist Certified

You can be assured that you're receiving safe software. Crawler Toolbar 5.1 is leading the industry as one of the first products to be Whitelist Certified by TRUSTe.

You can extend Crawler Toolbar 5.1 with these free plugins:

  • Email Notifier
  • Fun Ball
  • Online Vault
  • Radio & MP3 Player
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • Slideshow Screensaver
  • 3D Aquarium Screensaver
  • Spyware Terminator
  • Desktop Weather
  • Desktop Notes
  • Web Security Guard
  • Crawler Smileys

Email Notifier

With Email Notifier you can access your email accounts with a single click, monitor multiple email accounts, receive notifications and previews of incoming messages, quickly compose new messages and much more...

Desktop Weather

Don't let the weather catch you by surprise! Check out the weather for your trip destination. Get current local and international weather information right on your desktop! View details about storms and traffic, graphic forecast, radar, maps and much more...

Internet Radio Player

Radio & MP3 Player

Listen to Internet radio streams and music on your computer while browsing the Web. Choose from our Radio Tuner or add your own favorite streams. Record your favorite radio shows and music, listen to them whenever you want. Play music even quicker thanks to "drag & drop" function. Start your ongoing music collection now.

Crawler Smileys

Crawler Smileys

Crawler Smileys lets you insert smileys into your email messages and instant messengers with a single click.

Crawler Smileys is compatible with ICQ® 5.1, MSN® Messenger, AOL® 9.0 Email and Browser, AIM®, Google Talk™ and webmail applications opened in Internet Explorer such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Crawler, and other webmails.

Desktop Notes

Don't forget important meetings, things to do, shopping lists, etc. With Crawler Notes you can create your own virtual Message Board right at your desktop and on your Webmail to help you remember important tasks.

Fun Ball

Have some fun! Pick your favorite ball and play right on your desktop. Directly control your Crawler Toolbar functions while playing ball. Choose from football, baseball, basketball or hot-air balloon designs. Toss it all around, it bounces back.

RSS Feed Reader

Catch the news right at your desktop! Add your favorite news source or select from our news database. Stay informed with current news delivered to your desktop. Automatically search for a news source on a Web page. Select how often you want to update your news.

3D Tropical Aquarium Screensaver

Turn your screen into a tranquil tropical aquarium!

Transform your desktop into an underwater tropical paradise so realistic, you won't believe your eyes! Download free Aquarium Screensaver and watch awesome marine life. You can even feed the fish and tap the glass to make them move!

3D Marine Aquarium Screensaver

Watch incredible dolphins, sharks and orcas!

Enliven your desktop with vibrant marine life, swaying plants and rising bubbles. Change the aquarium background and number of fish anytime you want. Enjoy the soothing sound of underwater bubbles.

3D Earth Screensaver

Fly around the planet Earth!

Download free Crawler Toolbar including 3D Earth screensaver and let your desktop take you on an incredible journey into space! Marvel at planet Earth, receive weather forecasts and view times anywhere in the world. Zoom or rotate Earth and watch storms from the safety of your home!

3D Fireplace Screensaver

Turn your desktop into a romantic fireplace!

Warm up your screen with free 3D Fireplace Screensaver. Listen to realistic sounds of a crackling fire and burning wood and enjoy the romantic atmosphere this wonderful screensaver brings to your home and office. Choose from our gallery of fireplaces and change your fireplace look anytime you want.

Slideshow Screensaver

Download free Slideshow Screensaver and enjoy an amazing slideshow of your favorite images right at your desktop. Create your personal screensaver using photos from your vacation and bring your memories to life, or enjoy the slideshow of your loved ones' photos. Download free images from our huge gallery with over 4,000 screensaver themes.

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